New Live Product Search! As Seen On TV Quarterly: The best of the DRTV (infomercial) industry are looking for their next big hits.

as_seen_on_tv_logoEdison Nation is partnered with the leaders in the?DRTV (infomercial) business to host quarterly As Seen On TV product searches to help them find great new products to launch in the more than $200 billion direct response television market.

These are the same folks who brought you Bendaroos, Collagen 5, Floam, Hooked On Phonics, Mighty Putty, Mighty Mend It, Omelette Pan, SmartSpin, Strap Perfect and many more. Now they are turning to you to find the next great?DRTV product.?
The best of your submissions will be presented to these partners for their possible selection as?DRTV products following the search?s close this summer and beyond.

The world of?DRTV has grown exponentially and we want to help you find your niche within this multi-billion dollar industry. Today, more than 63% of Americans watch infomercials. Over the years, the most successful?DRTV products have come from the following product categories:

? Toys
? Fitness
? Beauty and Health
? Weight Loss
? Kitchen Gadgets
? Household Cleaning Products
? Pain Relief
? Pet Products
? Self Improvement
? Sleep Aids (Snoring remedies)
? Lawn & Garden

When developing your submission, there are some key questions to consider ? the same key questions that Edison Nation?s partners will ask as they review your submission:

? Does your product solve a common problem or fulfill a dream?
? Does your product transform your lifestyle?
? Does your product appeal to impulse buying? Does it hit hot buttons?
? Can the product be easily explained or demonstrated in a visually interesting manner?
? Does your product have mass market appeal?
? Does your product have a fascinating story to tell about its development and/or use?
? Is your product?s perceived value at retail 5 times greater than the cost to manufacture?
? Is your product an incredible value ? a bargain that cannot possibly be missed?
? Does the product have the potential for on-going sales (refills, supplies, etc?)?

With all of our quarterly?ASOTV searches, the following system applies:

1.) All G8?s (when the exclamation point on your dashboard turns green) whose ideas are selected will have their ideas tested through a new cutting-edge platform that we?ve created. These tests will run on television networks throughout the?USA. We?ll pick up the bill for everything ? including creating the infomercial, whatever product development is needed, paying for the television advertising, etc?

2.) Based on the resulting metrics of these media tests, products will be selected to take to market. Each product selected will be awarded the $2,500 advance and we will launch a full-blown?DRTV campaign for your product nationwide. If you?re product is tested but doesn?t pass, we?ll give you?EVERYTHING that we created in the testing process so that you can give it a shot on your own if you desire.

3.)?ASOTV media testing and the associated metrics have been refined to a science by the industry. If an idea meets the target metrics, it?s nearly guaranteed to be a success and we can put significant resources behind it very quickly through our network of?DRTVpartners.

There is no limit to the number of ideas that may be selected for each search.

Your submission must be unique and protectable. We encourage you to submit a visual representation of your product (i.e., sketch or photo). While not required, we highly encourage you to submit video of yourself demonstrating a prototype and explaining the features and benefits of your submission. Please be as detailed as possible in telling us about your innovation.

Each idea costs just $25 ($20 for Edison Insiders) to submit and, as long as you maintain Edison Insider membership, your idea may be submitted to as many searches as you would like at no additional cost.?Click here for more details on Live Product Searches.

Learn more or submit your idea here!

1 Comment New Live Product Search! As Seen On TV Quarterly: The best of the DRTV (infomercial) industry are looking for their next big hits.

  1. Kenneth Hawk

    I believe I have a lucky charm idea, that will be so sought after, it will consume half the market. I have researched this for two years. I do not have a patent on this one yet and I am leary of losing it. It’s simple yet very, very unique. I know it will surpass any product you have presently. Their is no charm any where remotely close. The idea is to sell luck, hope and happiness in a way that the consumer will buy the product for these resons. It will be refered as the worlds luckiest charm. That possistion is not held by any charm on the market. It will become common knowledge with mine. It has no certain design yet and can be produced with minimal cost. contact me. you will be glad you did.

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