Your Live Product Search questions answered: Interview with Sportcraft

SC Logo_COLOR_HorizontalI had the opportunity to speak with our contacts at Sportcraft about our media outreach, and I decided it would be a good opportunity to do a question and answer session with their staff.  Read more below:

Sportcraft decided to pair up with Edison Nation because, like most companies, they’re on the hunt for new and innovative product ideas. They realized the inventor community is a big component in new product development, and that some of the best ideas come from independent inventors like you, but they couldn’t quite figure out how to manage their company AND inventor submissions.  That’s where Edison Nation came in.

Q1. Sportcraft is known for such games as ladder ball and bocce ball (portable, beach and tailgate ready) and stationary products like foosball and ping pong.  Are there any size limitations for the ideas being submitted?

A1.  No size limitations

Q2. I was interested to learn that your company has been around some 80 years.  What other interesting little tidbits about Sportcraft might interest our community?

A2. We were the first company to introduce the 4-piece table tennis game, to sell electronic dartboards at retail, to bring badminton to America, and to sell 84-inch billiard tables below $1000 and still hit a $300 retail price point.

Q3. If people are submitting games, should they have all the rules and regulations completed or would you offer some leniency on them to be altered later?

A3. Completed rules and regulations would be great, but not necessary

Q4. I noticed you currently don’t have any water activities items for sale; are you hoping to create a new line of products with this search?

A4. Yes, we are launching water/pool games

Q5. Would you consider an item that isn’t necessarily “fun” or game-related but brings function to your customers at the beach or at the pool (i.e., a variation on a cooler, or an easier to install umbrella)?

A5. Yes

Q6. I was just at the beach and played ladder ball; would games like this be appropriate or are you looking more for games that are to be played specifically in the water?

A6. Both, beach and water

Q7. You mentioned interest in integrating emerging trends into these products, such as the ability to maneuver in the water, fly or light up.  Are there manufacturing constraints to factor in? Would you be willing to consider high-tech items if they had a higher MSRP than you request in the search ($30)?

A7. Yes, we would sell items over $30 and welcome your ideas.

Learn more or submit your idea here.

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  1. Doug Young

    Very good approach to have some additional insight, and that extra communication with a representative of the manufacturer. Well done Edison Nation!

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