It’s a Dog Eat Dog World


Congratulations to Ryan D. from California, James F. from California, Linda A. from Florida, Kyle L. from Idaho, and Ken E. from Ohio for having their innovations chosen for commercialization by Bed Bath & Beyond for the Paws Life search!

Important to note: both Ryan and Ken submitted their innovations to two other Live Product Searches through Edison Nation. They both made it to the Finalist stage, but their ideas were ultimately turned down by the sponsors. This is a great example of why becoming an Insider (or even re-submitting ideas to different searches) can be beneficial.  Just because your innovation isn’t a perfect fit for one sponsor doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be for another sponsor. (There are plenty of sponsors in the sea!)

Also, I’d like to personally congratulate James F. for gaining his first G8!  James has been an active member of the Edison Nation in the forums and he has submitted to more Live Product Searches than I can count!  Congratulations James.  You deserve it!

About the Products
To protect the integrity of the inventions and to ensure the best product launch, we are unable to share specific details while they are in development. However, as soon as these products roll out into the market we will make the announcement right here on the Edison Nation Blog.

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