About a Blog

Hey everyone!

Check out this new blog by our friends at the Edison Innovation Foundation.? It’s a great resource for inventors! Make sure to check back frequently for updates.

In order to highlight and encourage new developments in science and technology, the Edison Innovation Foundation (?EIF?) has created a new Blog .? A copy of the lead page of the Blog is attached and hopefully it will persuade you to click on the full Blog at www.EdisonMuckers.org .

It is no surprise to us at EIF that many of the current developments in science and technology have evolved out of the inventions of Thomas Edison. For example, our opening Blog discusses the electric vehicle ( ?EV?) which has been on the front page or screen of all media giants for the last 12 months.

Edison was a big fan of alternative energy .? He was driving? an EV in? West Orange,? NJ in 1912? ( over 100 years ago) ; see the? photo on page one of? the Blog, but unfortunately was unable to convince his friend Henry Ford, that,? going forward an? electric engine was better than a gas powered combustion engine. However, Edison did have enormous success with his inventions of the light bulb, motion picture camera and the phonograph.

Our Blog author , Harry Roman,? will be covering current developments in science and technology in? periodic Blogs.? Harry is an inventor, author and teacher with a huge store of information and stories about Edison and I know he will keep you interested.

So please sign on to www.EdisonMuckers.org and check back frequently. We have created fan pages at Twitter and Facebook? so that you can tell your friends about our Blog and discuss some of the issues raised by the Blog.