Free Submission with Feedback

Louis Foreman 2009It is time for the?February giveaway!

We had a such a great response to the opportunity to win a free submission with feedback compliments of Louis Foreman, that we?decided?to bring it back!

How do you enter for the chance to win?
Simply become a facebook fan of Edison Nation and post ?I am an Edison Nation inventor? on the wall for a chance to win 1 free submission to a product search of your choice (

If your idea?is selected through the product search, your will receive $2,500 and a market leading percentage of sales. If your idea?is not selected the co-founder of Edison Nation, Louis Foreman, will set aside 15 minutes to provide you with feedback and we will send you a signed copy of his book ?The?Independent?Inventors Handbook.?

To learn more about Edison Nation?s Live Product searches, or to see a list of current searches please visit our website,?

I will announce the selected inventor right here on the blog and on Facebook on Tuesday February 23, at 2:00pm!

Best of luck!

2 Comments Free Submission with Feedback

  1. Shirley Shepard

    I have an idea for the cookware, but don’t have the $25.00 entrance fee. So I am applying for the free Giveaway.
    I often cook bacon and eggs for breakfast. You either need 2 skillets or use the oven for the bacon and stovetop for the eggs. It would be nice to have them done at the same time. So I thought it would be nice to have a double stacked skillet or saucepan. One on top of the other, hooked by a prong on the end. Bacon could be cooked on the bottom, eggs on the top with a lid ( could be one with holes or a screen for those that like sunnyside up. This would conserve energy, get everything done at the same time. Could be used for a number of things, spegetti and breads, vegtables etc. Just an idea.

  2. Marla Ball

    Congratulations to Holli Homan who won a free Live Product Search submission with Feedback compliments of Louis Foreman!

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