The EmeryCat joins the expanding pet product industry

EmeryCat As Seen on TVI wanted to share with our inventor community some exciting news about EmeryCat’s national launch.?Invented by “Everyday Edison” Michael Diep – a Vietnamese refugee now living and working in San Diego – the EmeryCat is a stylish, innovative new product for owners that combines a cat scratcher with a toy for cats. The secret is the EmeryCat’s patented, gritty-honeycomb surface that works like a nail file, gently dulling claws just like a traditional nail file as kitty scratches.

?I never thought that my product would make it to store shelves,? says Michael Diep, a Vietnamese refugee and successful entrepreneur based in San Diego. ?And now all cat owners ? and their furniture ? can reap the benefits of having their cat?s claws filed safely and more often.?


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12 Comments The EmeryCat joins the expanding pet product industry

  1. Chris Anderson


    This is great and only the beginning for you! Here’s to you going global with EmeryCat!

  2. Sharon Stewart

    In these economic times, I am so proud to see that someone is moving forward!!!

    I have a great idea, too, Michael; just have not made the “connect” yet. It is coming!

  3. Pam Tavernese

    Michael, I am over-joyed at your success and can only imagine how you and your family must feel. Yes, your invention ROCKS!! HERE’S TO YOU AND ALL
    THAT COMES WITH IT. Enjoy every success that comes your way and I know EN is at the very heart of what success is all about. EN makes this possible for you, for all of us. Thanks EN. I’m so pumped, I think I’ll dance! It’s great being in a positive environment!! Inventing is the greatest!!!!

  4. Suzanne Rolle

    Congrats Michael!! I am so happy for you. May you have all the success your heart can take. Creative minds make the world go around.

  5. Marla Ball

    Hello Suzanne, I am happy to tell you that the EmeryCat is available for sale at most major retailers and manufactuers!


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