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Jared Joyce Swims with Edison Nation After “Shark Tank”

As seen on tonight’s episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank”, we are excited to share that Jared Joyce and his Five Minute Furniture invention (also known as the “No-Tools-Required Furniture Joint System”) has found success with Edison Nation!

Jared may have walked away from the “Sharks” when the episode filmed last summer — but it didn’t end his journey. He and his invention were selected to move forward in the Edison Nation $25 Million Innovation Fund last December, an initiative launched to invest up to $250,000 into the product ideas of independent inventors.

To learn more about Jared Joyce and our future plans for Five Minute Furniture, visit: www.5minutefurniture.com

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Jared Joyce Moves Forward in the Innovation Fund Process!

If you thought we were done rolling out Innovation Fund selections, we’re only just getting started!

Today, we’re excited to announce that Jared Joyce and his No-Tools-Required Furniture Joint System will be moving forward in our Innovation Fund process!

About Jared and his invention

A formally trained architect, Jared Joyce has always had a penchant for creative conceptualization and design. In fact, as a career inventor, Jared has run a research and development firm in Bozeman, Montana since 2004, which focuses on the design, development, and commercialization of consumer products.

In 2003, Jared began subscribing to Inventors Digest where he read about Edison Nation and became a member shortly thereafter. In 2008, Jared attended the San Jose casting call for Everyday Edisons, and though his idea wasn’t selected at the time, he continued to work on new inventions and stayed active within the Edison Nation community.

Ultimately, it wouldn’t be one of Jared’s new innovations that would gain the attention of the Edison Nation team. Instead, it was an idea that had been a long time in the making – proving that it pays to never give up on a great idea. While in college studying Architecture, Jared worked his summers at a local Bed, Bath & Beyond store. Right away, he knew he saw things differently than his coworkers. The combination of his desire to invent and attain financial freedom mixed with his Architectural education, Jared began to pull inspiration from the store shelves he stocked every day.

In Jared’s final summer working in the store, back-to-school season approached with the best-selling product being a foldable bookshelf with the ability to be stored underneath the bed when not in use. That’s when Jared’s idea hit him – he would tackle ready-to-assemble furniture, but in an all new way. True to his inspiration, he began with a bookshelf, working to perfect a system that would not only make the product convenient for customers, but also for stores as they stacked layers upon layers of product both on the sales floor and in the stock room.

Jared made tweaks and changes to his idea over the next few years, spending the after-hours of an architectural internship working on his invention. His hard work paid off, when one day he finally reached his goal. Not only did he crack the code on his vision for the bookshelf, he realized that he’d simultaneously created a system that could be applied to any four-sided object, without any tools required. Jared named his invention the No-Tools-Required Furniture Joint System.

Now that Jared’s system has been selected to move forward in our Innovation Fund, it will enter into our Concept Research Phase. The Edison Nation team is excited to work with Jared as we further research the landscape of his product, perhaps ultimately landing it on the very store shelves where he first found his inspiration!

Congratulations, Jared!