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The EmeryCat joins the expanding pet product industry

EmeryCatScreenShot copy

I wanted to share with our inventor community some exciting news about EmeryCat’s national launch at www.emerycat.com and at select Walmart stores. Invented by “Everyday Edison” Michael Diep – a Vietnamese refugee now living and working in San Diego – the EmeryCat is a stylish, innovative new product for owners that combines a cat scratcher with a toy for cats. The secret is the EmeryCat’s patented, gritty-honeycomb surface that works like a nail file, gently dulling claws just like a traditional nail file as kitty scratches.

“I never thought that my product would make it to store shelves,” says Michael Diep, a Vietnamese refugee and successful entrepreneur based in San Diego. “And now all cat owners – and their furniture – can reap the benefits of having their cat’s claws filed safely and more often.”

To see the EmeryCat in action or purchase please visit www.emerycat.com.