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Jason Watson Moves Forward in the Innovation Fund Process!

Today, we’re excited to announce a new success for one of our EN community members! Please join us in congratulating Jason Watson on the selection of his idea from the “Pet Category” of our Innovation Fund searches!

About Jason Watson

Working in sales throughout most of his career, it was Jason Watson’s love for pets, dogs in particular, that launched him into the world of inventing. Coming up with his first idea in 2006, Jason created a dog collar made of a non-pourous polymer, which he named “The Original All Style, No Stink” collar. From there,  Jason decided to dive into the business of pet accessories full-time by launching his own company, the Dublin Dog Co., a website selling dog collars, leashes, toys, and tags.

It was an unexpected incident in the car, however, resulting in a quick tumble and an injured chin for Jason’s German Shepard puppy that led him to invent a device to prevent a similar situation from occurring again and keep dogs safe in cars. Jason took initial steps to pursue his idea, naming the device a name and even obtaining a patent, however, still needed assistance moving the product forward.


I simply never had the time, energy, or resources to get this product off the ground, said Jason. I came across Edison Nation one day and I noticed there was a pet innovation fund, so I entered my idea on a whim.

Jason’s quick decision paid off, with our team selecting his idea to move forward into our Concept Research Phase. There, we will further research the landscape of his idea to work toward bringing it to store shelves!

When asked what else he would like the Edison Nation community to know about him, Jason shared:

“The wonderful thing for me about this entire process was that it came about out of a need, as most products on the market today come about. As such, I became so passionate about this idea and the process of inventing that everything I began to think about revolved around pets, specifically dogs. It was because of this one incident that my entire life changed. I quit a well paying job in the hi-tech marketing field to begin making products for dogs full-time, yet never in my life had I untapped that side of my brain. Once I did, it was as if I had opened the faucet to a stream of creativity and unconventional thinking that I had not fully realized. While I never had the time or resources to take this initial idea to market due to all of the new areas in my life, it was this particular event and passion project that has led me down the path to where I am today.”

Congratulations, Jason! We look forward to working with you as you continue down that path!

May #InventChat: How to Turn a Million Dollar Idea Into a Million Dollars

It’s time for our May #InventChat tweet chat! This month we’re hosting a special “National Inventors Month” edition with Edison Nation CEO, Louis Foreman. Louis will share his expert tips on the topic “How to Turn a Million Dollar Idea Into a Million Dollars,” and as always, will be available to take your questions all hour long.

The chat will take place Tuesday, May 8 from 2-3pm ET. Be sure to follow @EdisonNation, @LouisForeman, and of course, use the hashtag #InventChat to participate.

Learn more about our monthly #InventChat here.

See you there!


Justin Elledge Receives “G8″ in ASOTV Search!

We have some of our favorite kind of news to share today. Please join us in congratulating member, Justin Elledge! His idea from our As Seen On TV (ASOTV) 2011, Quarter 3 search has reached “G8″ status and will be developed by one of our ASOTV partners!

Meet Justin Elledge:

Growing up in Costa Mesa, CA., Justin Elledge’s love for inventing has provided him with no shortage of exciting opportunities! Like famous inventors, Thomas Edison and Dean Kamen, Justin studied Industrial Arts in high school, where he acquired skills in welding, machinery, woodworking, drafting, and electronics. In the 1980’s, Justin developed a wood model sculpture company, which focused on building exotic wood model cars. Later, Mattel, Inc. took notice of Justin’s work and hired him to build Hot Wheels® and Barbie® parts for production. Justin’s wood models received additional accolades and attention, being featured in Road and Track Magazine and one particular model, a Satellite Tracking Station that was being proposed to the Vatican for a worldwide television network, was presented to the Pope in 1985.

Today, Justin teaches Industrial and Product Design at the Art Center College of Design – Ground Zero. A self-professed “serial inventor,” Justin has conceptualized 40-50 products, including the commercially developed Wonderweight, a hand-held exercise device currently in use by Major League Baseball for training and rehabilitation.

As a constant idea person, it was only natural that an annoyance Justin experienced when getting in and out of bed during the night became an instant “ah-ha” moment. Justin submitted his idea to our ASOTV search, and after several months of research and testing, Justin’s product can now be added to his list of accomplishments as it moves forward into development.

Congratulations, Justin! We look forward to continuing our work with you and can’t wait to see where this product takes you!

National Inventors Month Giveaways All May Long!

May is National Inventors Month and today marks the first day of our month-long celebration here at Edison Nation! We think a lot of inventors, whether those from the past whose creativity has shaped our world today, or our current inventor community, who we fully believe will change the way we do things in the future!  To commemorate this special month and celebrate what it means to be an inventor, we’re giving away some great prizes throughout the month of May! Connect with us in the social space for chances to win all month long!

Is National Inventors Month important to you? Tell us about it! Tag us in a Facebook post about why you think National Inventors Month is important, and you’ll automatically be entered into our daily prize drawings throughout the month of May for a chance to win:

- A free submission good for any Edison Nation Live Product Search
- A copy of “The Independent Inventors Handbook” signed by its author (our CEO) Louis Foreman
- A 3-month Insider Membership.
- A chance to be dubbed “Inventor of the Week” and have your photo, along with your winning post shared on our timeline!

This one’s for all of our Inventweeps! ;) Simply create a tweet completing the statement #IfICouldInvent… with your own thoughts! Responses can be funny, practical, or whatever you like! Be creative! All respondents will be entered into our daily Twitter drawings to win one of the following prizes:

- A free submission good for any Edison Nation Live Product Search
- A copy of “The Independent Inventors Handbook” signed by the author (our CEO) Louis Foreman
- A 3-month Insider membership.

P.S. Want to share the news about National Inventors Month? The official hashtag is #InventorsMonth! Plus, don’t forget to follow @EdisonNation!


On Google+? Add us to your circle in the month of May; it’s as simple as that! On May 31, we’ll randomly select one lucky winner to receive a 6-month Insider membership!


Have you caught pinning fever? So have we! :) Follow our pinboards on Pinterest and repin one (or more) of our pins. On May 31, we’ll draw one winner to receive a 6-month Insider membership. Each repin increases your chance to win – so pin away!

Happy National Inventors Month!!

Meet the EN Team: Rich Holmes

Q1. What is your position and what does it entail?

A. My primary role is Assistant General Counsel, but I’m also responsible for handling our inventor relations.  As Assistant GC, I do whatever Chris Clark, EN’s General Counsel, tells me to do.  I’m usually involved with every legal document that comes through the building, from drafting licensing agreements, confidentiality agreements, master agreements for our Live Product Searches, and even the legal agreement that governs our use of the Coca-Cola® Freestyle machine.  I also oversee our intellectual property infringement program that identifies counterfeit products in the marketplace and initiating the appropriate action against the infringing party.  In terms of handling EN’s inventor relations, I’m in regular contact with our inventors who have licensed products to keep them up to date on the status of their invention, and I also respond to all support site and telephone inquiries for members having technical difficulties or who are just getting introduced to EN. So not much, really. ;)

Q2. What do you enjoy most about working at Edison Nation/Everyday Edisons?

A. It seems like everyone who is asked this question invariably says the people and that’s the obvious answer for me as well, but I think a more complete answer is the anticipation and excitement of what the people here are going to achieve together. What is truly inspiring about working here is building something with a talented group of creative, hard-working individuals who have invested in the vision of our company. The best part is knowing that we are on the verge of exploding on a global scale and that I’m going to have a front row seat when it happens.

Q3. What’s your favorite food?

A. My mother’s chicken cordon bleu.

Q4. What are 3 items you can’t live without?

A. A comfy pair of flip flops, my MacBook, and my Clinique face soap (I have really sensitive facial skin and it never leaves me feeling tight or dry).

Q5. What’s on your DVR right now?

A. My 3-year old son, Thomas, probably knows the list better than I do. Dozens of “Thomas the Train,” “Curious George,” “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” episodes, and NASCAR races (he likes the M&M’s car), and for the grown-ups “The Office” and “East Bound and Down.”

Q6. If you could live someone else’s life for just one day, who would it be?

A. Will Ferrell

Q7. What are 3 things on your bucket list?

A. Become a certified yoga instructor, train for and participate in an MMA fight, and attend a full Ryder Cup tournament on foreign soil with an American flag draped around my shoulders (the second and third ones could happen simultaneously).

Q8. If your life had a soundtrack, what’s at least one song that would be on it?

A. “Stronger” by Kanye West

Q9. What is one of your favorite quotes?

A. “If we chase perfection – we can catch excellence.”  –Vince Lombardi

Q10. What do you think is the greatest invention in your lifetime and why?

A. The Internet. The speed at which information is shared around the world is remarkable when you compare where we were just 100 years ago with the horse and buggy method.  Also, the variety of information you can stumble upon is equally as amazing. Just the other night I was working on a school project with my son about panthers, Googling different information about where panthers live (he learned what “habitat” means) and looking at different pictures. Ten minutes later we’re watching YouTube videos of different breeds of dogs giving birth to puppies. Crazy.

Stay tuned for next month’s installment of “Meet the EN Team” where you’ll meet another member of the Edison Nation crew!

Boy Scouts of America Innovation Challenge Ends May 7

Time is winding down on our Boy Scouts of America Innovation Challenge! Do you know a young inventor, age 7-21, with great ideas? Don’t let him or her miss out on this exciting opportunity. Or maybe you’re a young inventor yourself. If so, what are you waiting for? Get inventing! :) For the ideas chosen from this search, Edison Nation will invest up to $1 million to develop and make those ideas real products on store shelves!

We know – Getting started is always the hardest part. That’s why together with Boy Scouts of America, we’ve put together this Kickstarter Guide to help get your ideas flowing and you on your way to success.

Once you’ve worked through the guide and have your great ideas ready to go, head over to edisonnation.com/boyscouts and submit them before the search closes on May 7 at 11:59pm PST.

Still want to know more? Watch the video below, then don’t procrastinate – innovate!

Q & A with Boy Scouts of America

You shared your questions with us, and we passed them on to the team at Boy Scouts of America. Below, find out straight from the source the answers to your questions about our Boy Scouts of America young inventor Innovation Challenge.  Don’t forget to submit your idea(s) – or assist a young inventor in your life – before the search’s deadline: Monday, May 7 at 11:59pm PST.

Q. Who will Edison Nation be presenting the final product selections (G7’s) to? Is there a team of Boy Scouts of America members who will review the G7 products?

A. The Boy Scouts of America will review all submissions with Edison Nation, but Edison Nation holds the final discretion as to which products it chooses to take to development.

Q. Will selected product ideas be sold under Boy Scouts of America branding?

A. It is possible that selected products falling into the camping and outdoor categories could carry the Boy Scouts of America’s brand and be sold directly to its membership via BSA’s channels (e.g., Scout Shops, scoutstuff.org, etc.). Other products may also be developed by a manufacturer and licensed under the Boy Scouts of America brand to be sold outside of the BSA’s channels; however, those arrangements would be made separately between a manufacturer and the BSA.

Q. Will the selected products be marketed/promoted by the Boy Scouts of America?

A. If the Boy Scouts of America chooses to develop a product from the search, it will market and promote the item through its retail store and online merchandising channels.

Q. Do you have to be a Boy Scout to participate?

A. The Edison Nation/Boy Scouts of America Innovation Challenge is open to all boys and girls, age 7 to age 21, and is not limited to just members of the Boy Scouts of America’s programs.

Q. Why do Boy Scouts receive a discount on submissions, but not Girl Scouts or other youth organizations?

A. As a licensed program of the Boy Scouts of America, the Edison Nation Boy Scouts of America Innovation Challenge offers this discounted submission fee to encourage participation by current members.

Q. Are former Boy Scouts (e.g. those closer to the 21 age mark) eligible to receive the submission discount?

A. Only current members of the Boy Scouts of America are eligible to receive the discount.

Q. If someone over the age of 21 submits an idea and EN & BSA really like it, will it be considered?

A. The Edison Nation/Boy Scouts of America Innovation Challenge is only open to boys and girls, age 7 to age 21. Submissions by individuals over the age of 21 will not be considered for this challenge. Edison Nation conducts several other searches to which adults over the age of 21 may submit product ideas. To view such opportunities, please visit www.EdisonNation.com/searches.

Q. Do submitted ideas have to be related to Boy Scouts in any way?

A. There is not a requirement for submitted ideas to be related to the program of the Boy Scouts of America in order to selected.

Q. Will ideas that are related to Boy Scouts receive preferential treatment over those that are not?

A. Edison Nation, in its sole discretion, will select those ideas that it believes to be most innovative, regardless of whether the idea is submitted by a Scout or non-Scout.

Q. Is there a preferred demographic that ideas should target?

A. The Edison Nation/Boy Scouts of America Innovation Challenge is searching for the most innovative ideas by youth inventors. There are no target market restrictions or preferred demographics.

Meet the EN Team: Kara Sheaffer

Q1. What is your position and what does it entail?

A. I am Executive Assistant to Louis Foreman (CEO of Edison Nation and Executive Producer & Lead Judge of Everyday Edisons™). My role changes constantly, from identifying and securing partners for the show (like Coca-Cola, Hitachi, Epilog, Autodesk, etc.) to booking airline flights for finalists, giving tours to guests, calendar management, assisting with Live Product Searches, and all the way to cleaning out the frozen yogurt machine!

Q2. What do you enjoy most about working at Edison Nation/Everyday Edisons?

A. Hands down- the people! Everyone here is very smart and talented and just the nicest people under one roof you would ever want to meet. Creativity is endless! Everyone is very passionate about what they do and it shows in their work. I have worked in Radio, TV and Concert Promotion, all very vibrant industries, but I must say this is my favorite job of all time!

Q3. What’s your favorite food?

A. New York Style pizza with EXTRA cheese.

Q4. What are 3 items you can’t live without?

A. Cell phone, TV & lipstick. (I could live without them, but it wouldn’t be pleasant for anyone else!) :-)

Q5. If you had to pick one color to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A. Red

Q6. If you could live someone else’s life for just one day, who would it be?

A. This may sound corny, but I would pass. I don’t think anyone has a charmed life. I am blessed with a wonderful family and friends, so I wouldn’t want to miss one day of being me.

Q7. What are 3 things on your bucket list?

A. I only had one bucket list wish and I made it come true years ago: I was a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune”! Ironically there is a Wheel of Fortune pinball game here at our facility — I took that as a “sign” when interviewing. I would love a family trip to the Gulf of Mexico and Disney.

Q8. If your life had a soundtrack, what’s at least one song that would be on it?

A.  Jeff Buckley’s “Last Goodbye”

Q9. What is one of your favorite quotes?

A. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.”

Q10. What do you think is the greatest invention in your lifetime and why?

A. The Time Travel machine….duh!  (Oh no! Did I just breach my own NDA?)

Ok, that’s a tough one! I am going to have to say the cell phone. While computers with internet access, instant on-line information and connection to the rest of the world is phenomenal and continues to change the way we communicate, the human voice is more important to me. Being able to call from your car and get directions, or have a conversation with an old friend while your child plays in the park is so wonderful.  Plus, many seniors in my life that I need to stay in touch with are not as computer savvy, and yet I can stay updated on what’s going on in their lives. Most importantly it’s portable- so my son can call me from HIS cell phone any time day or night (He’s 11!). I don’t have an iPhone, but obviously cell phones are now becoming hand-held computers. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Stay tuned for next month’s installment of “Meet the EN Team” where you’ll meet another member of the Edison Nation crew!

Join us for a Tweet Chat with Daymond John March 13!

It’s time for our March #InventChat and we’ve got another exciting special guest!

This month Shark Tank‘s Daymond John will be with us to answer your questions about finding success for your inventions/ideas. The 1 hour chat will take place Tuesday, March 13 at 2PM EST!

To ask Daymond a question, simply tweet @TheSharkDaymond, @EdisonNation during the chat and be sure to use the #InventChat hashtag.

Or — if you’d like to ask your question in advance, simply post it in the comments below by Friday, March 9 and Daymond will answer during the chat.

We can’t wait to see you there!

**Please Note: Daymond will not be able to offer advice or provide feedback on specific inventions or business ideas. For those interested in pitching a product idea to Daymond, please do so by way of the Edison Nation/Daymond John product search found at: www.edisonnation.com/daymondjohn

Meet the EN Team: Lewis Dameron

We may be in the business of innovation, but hang around our office long enough, and you’ll notice pretty quickly something that’s not so innovative — the names of our staff members! :) Currently in the office, we have two Daniels; two Matts; a Jeff and a Geoff; three who answer to the name of Chris; and as you’ll learn today, our CEO Louis Foreman isn’t the only one bearing the name!

So, with the premiere of Everyday Edisons Season 4 on the horizon, and Season 5 casting calls recently announced, we thought it only appropriate to introduce you to one of our EN team members who works each day to make our TV show possible.

Meet Edison Nation/Everday Edisons team member, Lewis Dameron!

Q1. What is your position and what does it entail?

A. I am the Senior Editor for Everyday Edisons, as well as “general video guy” around the office. I handle all final picture, graphic, and technical elements for the show. I also work directly with our writer and producers to develop story line for Everyday Edisons. I have been with the show since season one.

Q2. What’s your favorite food?

A. Beer Can Chicken.

Q3. What are 3 items you can’t live without?

A. (1) My ever-growing 40,000 song library; (2) My iPhone; (3) Coffee.

Q4. If you could live someone else’s life for just one day, who would it be?

A. Papa John – Founder of Papa John’s

Q5. What are the 3 things on your bucket list?

A. (1) Get a “Face-Cake” for my birthday; (2) Have my self-portrait painted; (3) Work with film-maker, Wes Anderson.

Stay tuned for our next installment of “Meet the EN Team” where you’ll meet another member of our crazy office crew! While the monikers may not be unique, the people behind them always are!