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Jared Joyce Swims with Edison Nation After “Shark Tank”

As seen on tonight’s episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank”, we are excited to share that Jared Joyce and his Five Minute Furniture invention (also known as the “No-Tools-Required Furniture Joint System”) has found success with Edison Nation!

Jared may have walked away from the “Sharks” when the episode filmed last summer — but it didn’t end his journey. He and his invention were selected to move forward in the Edison Nation $25 Million Innovation Fund last December, an initiative launched to invest up to $250,000 into the ideas of independent inventors.

To learn more about Jared Joyce and our future plans for Five Minute Furniture, visit: www.5minutefurniture.com

Photo credit: ©(ABC/MICHAEL ANSELL)

Edison Nation Member, Jared Joyce, on ABC’s “Shark Tank” Tonight!

How many of you watch the ABC hit series “Shark Tank“? If you don’t, we encourage you to make an exception and tune in (or set your DVR!) because a member of the Edison Nation community will enter the tank tonight!

Jared Joyce will present his “Five Minute Furniture” invention for a chance at an investment from the panel of “sharks.”

If you’d like to make your “Shark Tank” viewing experience even more fun (and interactive), Jared is challenging the Twitterverse to jump online during the show and help him get 2,000 tweets in 2 hours. He will also host an online viewing party at www.JaredJoyce.com starting at 8:30p/7:30c. The live stream will include a Q-&-A session and some exciting announcements about the future of Five Minute Furniture.

“Shark Tank” will air tonight on ABC at 8pm/7c. To hold you over until then, check out this promotional video Jared created just for the episode!

My Exciting Ride to Becoming an “Everyday Edison”

Guest post by Eric Huber, Everyday Edisons Season 4

As an avid viewer of the Emmy Award-winning public television show, Everyday Edisons, I had watched the successes of the show’s winners, met the personalities behind the products, and always wondered in the back of my mind if someday it could be me and one of my inventions in the Everyday Edisons spotlight.

But after suffering through countless “Cattle Calls” back in the 80′s, during my acting and modeling days, I vowed that I would never wait in a long line again — unless it was at the DMV or Disneyland. So when it was announced that Season 4 of Everyday Edisons was going to be held online, I was relieved. I could participate in that kind of audition! The only problem was, I have a lot of ideas, so my next thought was, “If I audition in the traditional way, what idea or two will I present?”

Luckily, this proved not to be a problem at all. The broad nature of the casting call requirements gave me a great opportunity to submit ideas that did not fall into categories of previous Edison Nation Live Product Searches (LPS). I really didn’t know what they wanted, so  I thought “what the heck” and submitted about 50 ideas to the casting call, then crossed my fingers. Since I can’t determine what’s a good idea and what’s a loser, I knew Edison Nation could decide if any of my ideas were worthy.

Next came the all too familiar process of watching the Dashboard for the progress of my submissions. All of them went from stage one to three fairly quickly. The casting call deadline was fast approaching, and I expected that would be when the dashboards would really begin moving — and that was exactly what happened. Thirty-eight went out at the most ruthless of the stages, stage 4. The good news was that 12 still remained. Over the next week or so, two-thirds of those  12 went out at the next stage, but five were still climbing and had made it to G6. Now the stress began. What would happen with these last 5? Ninety percent of my submissions were out of the running, but a G7 would mean an all-expense-paid trip to Charlotte, a chance to pitch my product in person, and an opportunity to meet all the behind-the-scene people that make things happen.

On February 2nd I received the phone call we all wait for — the caller ID with a 704 area code. I was nervously anxious to speak to the person on the other end. Was this going to be a congratulatory call, or were they coming up with something new and making personal phone calls to say, “I’m sorry, but you get big, fat Red X’s.” Well, Mary Dickson introduced herself, and asked if I could bring  four of my remaining products to the Everyday Edisons judges. “Sure,” I said, still trying to keep my excitement in check, knowing that I was still a far cry away from being named an “Everyday Edison.”

A few days later, the presentation tips and guidelines were received, giving me about two weeks to prepare for the face-to-face audition. I had ten minutes for each of my products, five minutes for set-up, and five for the actual presentation. The tips seemed straight forward.. (1) State the name of your invention; (2) Give a brief description of it; (3) Discuss what problem it solves or the opportunity it addresses; (4) Identify the target market; (5) Define the size of the target market; (6) Demonstrate how your invention works; (7) Answer the judges’ questions to the best of your ability.

I made an outline for each presentation, wrote a script and prepared my prototypes. Like presentations I’d done in the past, I knew that preparation was key. I found that writing out a complete script, including descriptions of product demonstration, works best for me. I did this for each of the four products. After practicing and reviewing each a few times on video, I was ready. Just like a test or an interview, the better prepared I am, the more relaxed and confident I feel when it’s time for the actual presentation.

My products were going to travel cross-country to Edison Nation before me via UPS, so I packed everything needed for the presentations, plus tools and supplies in case of an emergency. Duct tape, dental floss, bubble gum… you know, the typical MacGyver (Oops! UPS broke it) Preparedness Kit.

Upon arriving at Edison Nation, the auditioning guests were welcomed at a dinner reception, with nearly 100 in attendance. I’ve never felt comfortable “working the room” or making small talk with strangers, but as soon as I walked in I felt like I was amongst friends. I found myself engaged in lively conversations with people whose interests shared the common thread of innovation and discovery. It all seemed like a world away from my tinkering in the garage in solitude. I was reluctant to leave the fun and excitement of the evening, but I knew I had a big morning ahead. So I retired to my hotel room to relax with some light, albeit repetitive reading — my scripts for the next day’s audition.

The Edison Nation/Everyday Edisons offices make their home in an amazing, converted, old brick grist mill. The auditioning facilities were set-up inside, complete with a “Green Room” located just outside of Anna and Daniel’s offices, the nerve center for all the ASOTV successes. My boxes had been delivered to the Green Room with their contents unscathed, so it was time for hair and make-up. No joke, my wife had packed me my own make-up in my MacGyver Kit!

I took a moment to review the schedule and noticed that I was one of the first to present, and that I’d been given an hour between each of my four presentations. What a relief! I didn’t want a “back-to-back-to-back-to-back” presentation. I didn’t want the judges to get bored of me. Michael Cable, the host of Everyday Edisons, came in to give me a few tips and words of encouragement… then, I was called…it was my turn to audition… it was show time!

Upon entering the set, I was fitted with a wireless mic, spent a few minutes setting up my presentation, and then enthusiastically introduced myself. Over the years, my experience has taught me to leave my notes behind, and to pay attention to my audience.

In this case, the judges were:  Louis Foreman (CEO of Edison Nation and Creator of Everyday Edisons), Jon Dudas (the former director of the U.S. Patent Office), Christine Aguilera (CEO of Sky Mall),  and many others from Edison Nation and Everyday Edisons. I covered my points, looked for a reaction from my audience, and most of all, I was myself and just had fun.

After the audition, we took tours of Edison Nation. Amazing! I could go on and on about this place, but let me just give you a visual — Edison Nation is like Disneyland for inventors. The audition day ended with a bite to eat and a great opportunity to hang-out with the Everyday Edisons staff; some notable inventors, including the ‘Mister Steamy’ guys; Michael Diep of ‘Emery Cat’ fame, and the Shepards who invented the ‘Gyro Bowl.’

The next morning it was time to go home. Replaying the events of the weekend in my mind made the 6-hour flight home go quickly, but it was just the beginning of what seemed like an eternity of anticipation, waiting and wondering which 15 products would be chosen as finalists out of the 50 that were presented.

A month later I got a call from (my now favorite) 704 area code. One of my ideas was selected for the final 15. While this was exciting news and I was thrilled to hear it, I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. I knew that I’d have to wait awhile for the “final 10 countdown” to begin. That would be the exciting part of the rollercoaster ride.

A few months later, the first inventor was selected… then the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th, …the 8th… then I started doing the math, figuring my probability of being chosen, and began to worry. Eventually, I got a call from the 704 area code. But it wasn’t a “Congratulations, you made it” call, rather it was a caller saying, “I have no idea if you made it. I’m just calling to schedule a Skype call for you with Mr. Foreman.” Ugh!… pins & needles, pins and needles… what was he going to say?

Well, I’m happy to say that it was good news! I am Everyday Edisons’ Season 4 Inventor #9!

I’m getting ready to run back to get in line for the next rollercoaster ride. Woohoo! Here I come Season 5! Who’s with me?

Anne Daniels’ Wheelchair Cover Launches on Sure Fit Website

In March 2011, we launched a Live Product Search with slipcover & home solutions providers, Sure Fit. In September, we shared with you the exciting news that as a result of that search, Edison Nation member Anne Daniels’ wheelchair cover was selected for licensing.

Now we are even more pleased to announce that as of this week, Sure Fit has launched Anne’s Wheelchair Cover on its website! The Wheelchair Cover can be viewed and purchased by clicking the image below!

We couldn’t be more happy for Anne! Congratulations on this success!

Happy 165th Birthday, Thomas Edison!

This Saturday, February 11, will mark what would’ve been the 165th birthday of Thomas Edison. If our name hasn’t clued you in, we kinda like Mr. Edison in these here parts! ;) So in celebration of one of the greatest innovators of all time, Edison Nation will host “A Week of Edison” from Wednesday, February 8 – Wednesday, February 15.

Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for a week of interesting invention facts, inspiring Edison quotes, and Edison-inspired trivia that could earn those history-sharp inventing enthusiasts a chance to win a free submission to any of our searches or a signed copy of our CEO Louis Foreman’s book, The Independent Inventor’s Handbook.

And since we’re reflecting on the life and work of Thomas Edison, there is no one who has put this into better perspective than he himself:

“I never did a day’s work in my life, it was all fun.” – Thomas Edison

Peter Wachtel Receives “As Seen On TV” Option!

Exciting news! We are pleased to announce that as a result of our “As Seen On TV: Take 3″ Search, Edison Nation member, Peter Wachtel, has had his submission selected for an option period with one of our DRTV partners!

Please join us in congratulating Peter!

To learn more about the ASOTV Option and the next steps for Peter’s invention, be sure to check out our post The “As Seen On TV” Option: What Does it Mean?

Shark Tank’s Daymond John & Edison Nation Partner to Invest in Independent Inventors

We’re only four weeks into 2012 and can already say it’s off to an exciting start here at Edison Nation. We’ve turned things up a notch with several unique, new searches and have many more on the horizon that we can’t wait to reveal! One such search is our newest Innovation Challenge with sought-after speaker; founder of the iconic apparel brand, FUBU; and one of the “Sharks” on ABC’s hit series, Shark Tank, Daymond John!

The Daymond John $1 Million Innovation Challenge has been a particularly exciting collaboration for us, not only because of the opportunities it presents for our members, but also because of its similar roots to birth of Edison Nation. As many may know, Edison Nation was established because of the great ideas of many of those who are now our members. Our team came in contact with so many inventors with fantastic ideas during each season’s casting calls for our partner TV show, Everyday Edisons. However, with the ability to choose only ten ideas for the show, that left out many others with great market potential — not to mention those inventors never making it to a casting call at all, due to travel restrictions and other circumstances. That’s where the idea for Edison Nation came in. We decided to create a platform where inventors from all over the world could, not only submit ideas right from the comfort of their homes, but connect with opportunities from major retailers and manufacturers seeking specific innovations.

As a judge on Shark Tank, Daymond has shared a similar experience. He and the rest of the show’s team of “Sharks” encounter several ideas, with only a small percentage able to be brought to primetime television. That’s why Daymond has joined forces with Edison Nation to create an avenue that will allow those additional innovative product ideas to have a shot at licensing and success in the market.

“I’m excited to work with an innovative community such as Edison Nation to share a critical path for everyday people’s ideas that can be brought to market and find commercial success,” says Daymond John.

This search is an open innovation challenge, meaning any product category is eligible and there is no limit to the number of ideas that could be selected. For those ideas that are chosen, Daymond and Edison Nation will invest up to $1 Million to develop and bring them to market.

To learn more about this search, watch the message below from Daymond, then head over to www.edisonnnation.com/DaymondJohn to submit an idea.

The Boy Scouts of America & Edison Nation Launch Opportunity for Young Inventors

Calling all kids, ‘tweens, teens, and college students… Show us your inventing skills!

Do you have a child, Scout or know of a particularly inventive kid who always seems to come up with exciting new ways to do things? Maybe they’ve dabbled with making, breaking and prototyping new product ideas that could change the way we live, the way we work and the way we play?

The Boy Scouts of America and Edison Nation are excited to host a special Innovation Challenge to discover cool, new products. We challenge those Scouts and non-Scouts, boys and girls, ages 7 to 21, to get inventing and submit ideas you think should be made and sold in stores! If selected, Edison Nation will invest up to $1 million to develop the products and make them a reality.

Watch the video below to learn more, then submit ideas at www.EdisonNation.com/BoyScouts.

Boy Scouts of America®, the Universal Emblem, and all related marks are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Boy Scouts of America in the United States and/or other countries. Used under license from the Boy Scouts of America. All rights reserved. “Plug” and “Axel” Characters © 2009 Colman, Brohan, Davis, Inc. Used under license to the Boy Scouts of America. All rights reserved.

For more information about the Boy Scouts of America visit: www.scouting.org

How To Turn Your Idea Into a Product on Store Shelves

By: Andrea Simon
Social Media Manager, Edison Nation

How do you turn an idea into a product? If I’d had the answer to this question say, twenty years ago, I might’ve sealed my fate as my parents’ favorite child! You see, I was raised in a house full of ideas — which makes it destiny, I believe, and so rewarding to now work for an invention community. It seems every other day my parents were coming up with some new innovation and researching how to bring it to market.

I can even clearly recall one instance where they actually secured a meeting with a major ceiling fan manufacturer to present one of their ideas. They sketched out their vision for the product to the best of their ability, planned a presentation, and drove across state lines to the company’s headquarters to meet with representatives. By the end of the meeting, much to my mom and dad’s excitement, there was interest in the idea and they were told that if they could come up with a working prototype, the company would be willing to meet with them again. Unfortunately, that’s where the story ends.

Ultimately, my parents were unable to find the resources to develop a working prototype and the product found its way into the “idea graveyard” — perhaps alongside many of your past ideas. While it didn’t end the way they’d hoped, it was somewhat of a win in the fact that they’d at least gotten a face-to-face meeting — and furthermore interest — a feat not easy to come by, as in many other cases, they were simply told that the company did not accept ideas from outside of their organization.

I have to imagine that some aspect of my parents’ experiences sounds familiar to many of you. For them, a prototype was their roadblock; for you, it may be something else. While bringing a product to market on your own certainly can (and has!) been done, I witnessed firsthand in childhood, and now from the stories of inventors I interact with every day, that it’s often not without many trials (and many dollar signs!).

I’m sure any independent inventor would agree that it would make a world of difference to have an advocate with established relationships with retailers and manufacturers. One that could not only tell you what specific innovations companies are seeking, but put your ideas in front of those very companies for consideration. A company that will cover the expenses of patenting your idea and creating a prototype if needed, then develop, secure licensing, and market the product all for nothing more than an initial submission fee. Sound like a familiar company model? ;)

If you’ve ever asked the question “How do I turn my idea into a product?” and this is your first introduction to Edison Nation, or if you’re already an Edison Nation member and just need a refresher on how EN works for the independent inventor, let the video below serve as your guide!

… And in case you’re wondering, my parents are now proud Edison Nation members! :)

Bandai America & the Edison Nation Community bring cheer to needy children this holiday

In September 2011, we launched a Live Product Search with Bandai America, Inc., the licensing giant and toy maker behind Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers®, Ben 10™, ThunderCats™, Tamagotchi® brands and more. Bandai looked to the Edison Nation inventor community to find “the next big idea” in kids’ toys and interactive entertainment.

As the holiday season approached, we expanded our partnership with Bandai to include an endeavor benefiting children in need — for each idea submitted to the search, Bandai agreed to donate one of their signature toys to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. In turn, the Edison Nation team had the chance to personally deliver toys, driven by the ideas of the Edison Nation community, to Toys for Tots to brighten a child’s holiday this year!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Bandai America for their generous donation and to the Edison Nation Community for making a difference with each idea you submitted!

Enjoy a short video and slideshow below to see what YOU made possible!