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Jim Siegrist and Greg Myracle selected for ASOTV

Let’s congratulate community members Jim Siegrist and Greg Myracle on the selection of their products in our As Seen on TV Search (ASOTV) search! Learn more about these two innovators below.

Jim SiegrisJim_St
Jim Siegrist is a Chicago native living in California with his wife and three children. As a professional artist, Jim’s paintings are sold all over the world — but when he’s not working on his art, he’s coming up with great ideas. Jim’s current ASOTV idea came about while working on a project with his friend, Peter Senatore. The two put their suggestions together to create a new kitchen gadget, which has been selected by Edison Nation ASOTV for testing.

GreGM_2g Myracle
If Greg Myracle’s name sounds familiar, it’s likely because of his previous selections in our product searches. A sales professional by day, Greg is well on his way to becoming an equally successful inventor. Greg came up with his most recent idea by channeling a fun food activity he’s done with his kids for years. When he noticed that the idea was becoming a trend, Greg decided to create a product to make it easier, cleaner and more efficient.

Congratulations Jim and Greg!


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Coleman Kao & Jennie Hanaoka selected in ASOTV

ColemanEdison Nation member Coleman Kao and his wife, Jennie Hanaoka, are the newest community members selected in our As Seen on TV (ASOTV) search! Originally from Taiwan and currently California residents, Coleman and Jennie both work in the real estate industry. It was Jennie’s love for fashion, however, that prompted their ASOTV product idea. Jennie noticed an emerging fashion trend that she loved, but when attempting to re-create the look on her own, she ran into several challenges. The duo, then, came up with a solution that would make creating this look both easier and more versatile. They submitted their idea to Edison Nation ASOTV and it was selected by our team to move forward into testing.

We asked Coleman and Jennie what advice they would offer to the Edison Nation community, and they responded:

“Never give up on an idea and always keep your eyes open. You never know when and where the next million-dollar idea is going to come.”

Congratulations to Coleman and Jennie!



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Three New Ideas Selected for ASOTV

Three inventors in the Edison Nation community have just received the news they’ve been waiting for – their invention ideas have been selected for As Seen On TV (ASOTV) testing! Please help us congratulate Greg Myracle, Richard DePaul and Myra Benefield, plus learn more about these three below!


GregMyracle2Greg Myracle: Living in Orange, VA with his family, Greg works as a sales professional, but with a previous Edison Nation licensing deal (plus one of his own under his belt), Greg has made quite a name for himself as an inventor. Greg’s most recent ASOTV idea came to him while grilling out with his family during the 4th of July holiday. Greg credits the help of fellow EN community member, John Vilardi, and the Edison Nation ASOTV team for helping his current idea reach this stage.


Richard DePaulRichard DePaul: A San Diego native who now resides in Whitestone, NY, Richard DePaul has a diverse background as a musician and golf professional, and now adds professional inventor to that list. Putting his golf industry experience to good use, Richard has come up with many golf-related ideas over the years, for which he’s created prototypes. One of those ideas caught the attention of the Edison Nation ASOTV team and it will soon be tested on air.



Myra BenefieldMyra Benefield: As a furniture and bedding sales representative, Myra Benefield’s idea was born from a need within the industry she’s a part of every day. Myra’s idea seeks to solve a common issue facing bedding consumers. Toying around with the idea on her own, Myra came across an episode of Everyday Edisons and knew that Edison Nation was just the help she needed to bring her idea to market in a big way.

Congratulations Greg, Richard, and Myra!



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Meet Perfect Bacon Bowl inventor, Thom Jensen!

Perfect Bacon Bowl

You’ve seen the infomercial, you’ve laughed at the quips on late night TV – and admit it – you’re DYING to have one of your own! The Perfect Bacon Bowl has recently taken the foodie world by storm thanks to the Edison Nation As Seen On TV submission of one Mr. Thom Jensen!

By trade, Thom is a Research Histologist living in Salt Lake City, but when it comes to food, he’s a breakfast-lover with a creative mind. In fact, that’s exactly how the Perfect Bacon Bowl came to be!

“I was cooking breakfast one Saturday morning for my family and was playing around trying to create a bacon turtle,” Thom shared. “I wove a basket out of the bacon trying to make the body and through the process I thought of the Bacon Bowl pan. I made a crude prototype and submitted my Bacon Bowl pan idea to Edison Nation.”

The Perfect Bacon Bowl TV spot began airing nationwide in December 2013 and has been the subject of bacon-lovin’ chatter ever since! Be on the lookout for this product to debut in a retail store near you next month.

Please join us in a HUGE congratulations to Thom on all the buzz surrounding the Perfect Bacon Bowl! In case you’ve been living under a rock, check out the Perfect Bacon Bowl TV spot!


Plus, see what celebrities are saying about Perfect Bacon Bowl on social media and TV:



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Ninette Holbrook’s ‘Steel Bar’ Now Available for Purchase!

EN member, Ninette Holbrook, (along with dogs, cats, and pet owners everywhere!) will be exceptionally cheerful this holiday season! Ninette’s idea, Steel Bar, which was licensed from our Live Product Search with Life’s Abundance, is now available for sale!

Steel Bar is a stainless steel, odor removal tool that provides pets with a relaxing massage, while simultaneously neutralizing odors.

See Ninette’s finished product in all its glory — and check Fido off your gift list while you’re at it!

Steel Bar

Congratulations, Ninette!

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Jonathan C. Smith: My “Bed Lifts” Journey


I vividly recall when I first heard about Everyday Edisons and Edison Nation. I was driving home from work in 2008 when I heard an interview with Louis Foreman on NPR. He said there was a casting call this weekend at McCormick Place in Downtown Chicago.  From that moment traffic couldn’t move fast enough! The 23 miles I had left to drive seemed like it took forever! When I arrived home I checked out the site and saw the details of the event. My next step was to call my boss and ask him if I could take the next day off. It was a Thursday and the event was on Saturday. I used that next day to prepare some renderings for the presentation of a concept I had for crutches after observing the challenges users had getting in and out of vehicles.

I spent the rest of the night and the following day preparing my presentation boards. I thought about whom I might meet and the conversations that might be had and the friends I might make. I arrived early but I was clearly not early enough! The line was very long, but I wasn’t outside! After my number was called for the initial presentation I sat and waited for a long time to see if I was selected to go on to the next round, which I was! I then presented my collapsible crutches concept to a panel of people, each of who represented different companies. I was again selected to present to Louis and a panel of judges. The presentation would be recorded and may be included in the show, even if the idea wasn’t selected.

At the end of the day the idea was not selected by Everyday Edisons to be on the show, nor was it selected to move forward into production. But it was an awesome experience! I know that is the nature of product development and I wasn’t going to give up. After all, developing products is what I do for a living and I feel very fortunate that I am able to live out my passion.

Just a few months later, I was laid off from my job and was looking for work when I decided to see if Edison Nation was hiring. Unfortunately they were not, but I saw Bed Bath & Beyond’s Students of Invention search for back-to-school inspired inventions. Something that stuck in my mind from college was how little storage space there was in my room. Because of that problem I decided to get a loft bed so that I got back that floor space. Another thing that stuck out in my mind was that many people had lights in their rooms. When I asked them why they had them, they said it served as both a night-light and as decoration lighting.

Thinking on this further I thought about combining the two into a solution that would give them more storage space, something that is a premium in college dorms, and a convenient night-light that could have a pedal switch to easily turn the on and off. That day I sketched up some concepts, looked at the USPTO.GOV website and did some patent searches, then looked online for other examples of products in that category. There wasn’t anything that currently existed so I decided on one of my sketches and built a 3D model on my computer. Once I completed the design I combined it with the sketch I drew and submitted it to EN. I then got back to my job hunt.

 Bed Riser Sketch
Original sketch

Original 3D model

A few months into 2009 our lease ended. So we packed up all of our belongings and moved most of them into a storage unit and moved to Texas to live with my parents. There wasn’t any option at this point. I had a few telephone interviews and some face-to-face interviews but nothing solid. By this point I had completely forgotten about my submission to Bed Bath & Beyond’s search.

I later received an email/phone call telling me that my idea had been selected by Bed Bath & Beyond from this search! I was very excited and it took me a second to realize what they were talking about, the previous year of looking for work took a lot out of us, so this news couldn’t have come at a better time.

When they told me about the concept and how it had changed from a light-up bed riser to a USB bed riser, I was grateful that they had taken my concept and turned it into something that resonated with the retailer and aligned with consumers’ needs. My idea wouldn’t have been selected without their efforts to evolve the idea into what it has become.

From 2009 until 2011, may seem like a long time, but that is how product development progresses. Even if the retailer likes it a lot, the focus group or individuals that assess the product might not like it or see a use for it at all. So this all could have gone another direction. In 2012, things really took off for Bed Lifts. It was featured in select stores for a test run. I later learned that it sold out in the test run! So then in 2013 they decided to sell it in all of their stores during the back to school campaign! I have a feeling that the individuals at Edison Nation had something to do with its success and growth. Setting sales hurdles and negotiating with the buyer at Bed Bath & Beyond must have played a role in its success.

BBB_July_Circular_BedLifts_v2Bed Bath & Beyond July 2013 circular

I was very excited to see what would happen and if the product would live up to their expectations. I received a call in September of 2013 telling me that it did exceptionally well and that BBB has decided to sell them year round in 600 stores across the U.S., and in all of their stores (again!) during the Back to School campaign! WOW, we are very excited to say the least! The team at Edison Nation has certainly played a role in taking this concept from a sketch for a product that hadn’t seen any innovation in its category for years to something that really resonated with consumers!

Three New Ideas Selected from ASOTV Quarter 2

Four members recently received the great news that their ideas have been selected in our ASOTV Quarter 2 search. Congrats to Stephanie Beck, Don Darnell and inventing partners, Kasey Corwin and Aaron Sallee! Check out their brief bios below to learn more about these members.

Stephanie Beck: Stephanie BeckInventing is certainly not a new concept for Stephanie Beck – creating ideas with the hope of saving lives is something she’d seen demonstrated in her family. Stephanie’s great uncle invented a medical device to help his ill son-in-law, so inventing naturally came to mind for Stephanie when her son, Joshua, was born with Trisomy 18, also known as Edwards syndrome. Stephanie credits her dream of inventing something that would help Joshua as getting her through the tough times. When Joshua passed away, he had lived to be the oldest boy ever with full Trisomy 18. Stephanie, then, knew it was time to make her dream a reality and invent something in Joshua’s name. Stephanie drew from her own experience to come up with an idea that will not only benefit someone who is ill and in need of lots of rest, but will also be useful to their family members.


Don Darnell
Don Darnell
Don Darnell began inventing as early as the age of seven, but it wasn’t until he retired from his career as a software engineer in 2005 that he began inventing full-time. For anyone who has ever considered YouTube videos to be nothing more than a way to pass the time, Don’s story may just change your mind! It was while watching an entertaining YouTube video one day that Don had a spark of inspiration. He realized there was an opportunity to create a product that consumers would love and that would be perfect for ASOTV viewers.



aaron and kasey_smaller







Kasey Corwin & Aaron Sallee: For Kasey Corwin and Aaron Sallee, their path to inventing started as a fun activity for the two friends and neighbors. Aaron suggested that he and Kasey get together regularly for beers and to brainstorm new product concepts. The meetings took on a life of their own and soon Kasey and Aaron started the process of developing one of their ideas. After months of tinkering, revising, and starting from scratch, the pair realized how much risk and time was involved in doing it on their own, so when Kasey learned of Edison Nation, they decided to give it a try. In the end, the Edison Nation ASOTV route seemed the perfect match for Kasey and Aaron’s idea, which will now go into on-air testing.


Want to congratulate and encourage these inventors as their ideas move into testing? Be sure to leave a comment below!

The Story Behind the Gyro Bowl

If you’ve been around this community long enough, you’re likely very familiar with EN inventors Brad and Melinda Shepard, and their top-selling product, the Gyro Bowl – but do you know the entire story?

Brad and Melinda

Brad and Melinda were recently featured in the Huffington Post, where they shared their journey of inventing the Gyro Bowl, from messy crackers to millions of sales. Read the full Huffington Post article.


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David Gustafson’s Idea Selected in the Lunch Hour 2 Search

dave_gustafsonWe recently shared that two ideas have been selected from our Lunch Hour 2 search, and announced the first, Michael Carpanzano. Now, we’re pleased to introduce the inventor behind the second selection, David Gustafson!

A resident of Plymouth, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis), David has been married to his wife Dana for over 23 years and together they have a 15 year old daughter. Though David’s professional background is in marketing, advertising and promotions, his invention dates back to a time when he worked in the restaurant industry. During this time, David noticed a task that was a struggle for many of the servers that he worked with, so he came up with an innovation that would make this task easier. Through market research, David learned that there was an audience for this product not only in restaurants, but for home use, as well. Being a self-professed “invention junky,” David was familiar with Edison Nation and decided to submit his first innovation. That one idea was all it took, as David’s idea moved quickly through the review process and has now been selected by our team!

Congratulations, David!

Two New Ideas Selected for ASOTV

Two new ideas have been selected from our Quarterly ASOTV search! Congratulations to Melanie Climo and Joeri & Anneke Franck! Learn more about these inventors and how they came up with their ideas below. If these stories inspire you, it’s not too late to see your own ASOTV idea come to life. Be sure to submit your ideas to our Quarter 3 ASOTV search before it closes Monday, October 7 at Midnight PST!

Joeri_and_AnnekeJoeri & Anneke Franck: Residing in Mortsel, Antwerp, BELGIUM, Joeri and his wife, Anneke, run a small beauty and garment import company. One day, while working with one of their products, Joeri and Anneke accidentally discovered that the product could serve an entirely new purpose and solved a common consumer problem. While researching ways to improve upon the idea, the couple learned of Edison Nation and submitted their idea.

Favorite Quote: “Marriage is about becoming a team”  from Nicholas Sparks – it says everything about us!

Melanie ClimoMelanie Climo: After growing tired of the New Hampshire cold, Melanie and her family relocated to sunny Florida, where Melanie stays home with her two boys. One day while loading the dishwasher, Melanie saw a segment on TV featuring an Edison Nation inventor who had submitted an idea that is now on store shelves. Not long after, Melanie was working on a project outdoors and was becoming increasingly frustrated. Realizing she’d had the same problem several times before, she thought about all the wacky ways she’d worked around it in the past and thought, “Why don’t I make something that does that?”  Melanie then remembered the TV segment and submitted her idea to Edison Nation.

Favorite Quote: “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”-Ellen Johnson Sirleaf