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The Story Behind the Gyro Bowl

If you’ve been around this community long enough, you’re likely very familiar with EN inventors Brad and Melinda Shepard, and their top-selling product, the Gyro Bowl – but do you know the entire story?

Brad and Melinda

Brad and Melinda were recently featured in the Huffington Post, where they shared their journey of inventing the Gyro Bowl, from messy crackers to millions of sales. Read the full Huffington Post article.


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David Gustafson’s Idea Selected in the Lunch Hour 2 Search

dave_gustafsonWe recently shared that two ideas have been selected from our Lunch Hour 2 search, and announced the first, Michael Carpanzano. Now, we’re pleased to introduce the inventor behind the second selection, David Gustafson!

A resident of Plymouth, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis), David has been married to his wife Dana for over 23 years and together they have a 15 year old daughter. Though David’s professional background is in marketing, advertising and promotions, his invention dates back to a time when he worked in the restaurant industry. During this time, David noticed a task that was a struggle for many of the servers that he worked with, so he came up with an innovation that would make this task easier. Through market research, David learned that there was an audience for this product not only in restaurants, but for home use, as well. Being a self-professed “invention junky,” David was familiar with Edison Nation and decided to submit his first innovation. That one idea was all it took, as David’s idea moved quickly through the review process and has now been selected by our team!

Congratulations, David!

Two New Ideas Selected for ASOTV

Two new ideas have been selected from our Quarterly ASOTV search! Congratulations to Melanie Climo and Joeri & Anneke Franck! Learn more about these inventors and how they came up with their ideas below. If these stories inspire you, it’s not too late to see your own ASOTV idea come to life. Be sure to submit your ideas to our Quarter 3 ASOTV search before it closes Monday, October 7 at Midnight PST!

Joeri_and_AnnekeJoeri & Anneke Franck: Residing in Mortsel, Antwerp, BELGIUM, Joeri and his wife, Anneke, run a small beauty and garment import company. One day, while working with one of their products, Joeri and Anneke accidentally discovered that the product could serve an entirely new purpose and solved a common consumer problem. While researching ways to improve upon the idea, the couple learned of Edison Nation and submitted their idea.

Favorite Quote: “Marriage is about becoming a team”  from Nicholas Sparks – it says everything about us!

Melanie ClimoMelanie Climo: After growing tired of the New Hampshire cold, Melanie and her family relocated to sunny Florida, where Melanie stays home with her two boys. One day while loading the dishwasher, Melanie saw a segment on TV featuring an Edison Nation inventor who had submitted an idea that is now on store shelves. Not long after, Melanie was working on a project outdoors and was becoming increasingly frustrated. Realizing she’d had the same problem several times before, she thought about all the wacky ways she’d worked around it in the past and thought, “Why don’t I make something that does that?”  Melanie then remembered the TV segment and submitted her idea to Edison Nation.

Favorite Quote: “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”-Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

What did you do on your Lunch Hour today?

Last week, we shared the news that 5 of your fellow Edison Nation members were selected from the anonymous BBQ search.

Why stop at 5? Let’s be ambitious. This same company has since licensed a 6th invention from our community!

While we can’t quite share who this individual is, we can tell you that he/she submitted their idea earlier this month to the Lunch Hour 3 search. In just a few short weeks, we’ve arrived at a licensing deal that is going under agreement today.

We want to keep the Lunch Hour 3 excitement going. To celebrate, this search will be open for one more week! 

Live Product Search update:

Joy Mangano’s search closes tonight at 11:59pm (PST)

Lunch Hour 3 closes on Monday, October 7, at 11:59pm (PST)

ASOTV closes on Monday, October 7, at 11:59pm (PST)

Worldwise closes on Monday, October 7, at 11:59pm (PST)

Rexon’s Quick Hit search closes on Monday, October 28, at 11:59pm (PST)

We hope these searches are challenging you to come up with great new product ideas. Happy inventing and don’t delay in submitting!


Five BBQ Search Licensing Deals: Meet the Inventors

Remember the news of five new licensing deals we shared last week from our search for BBQ Innovations? We’re excited to finally introduce you to the (6!) lucky inventors behind those five ideas. Get to know a little about each one below, then join us in congratulating them by leaving a comment!

Matt CMatt Caughey: A graphic, industrial, and exhibit designer by trade, Matt currently runs a home business while also serving as a stay-at-home dad to his 14-month-old son. Matt’s idea came to him while grilling a batch of steak and veggie kabobs. Frustrated with the mess that grilling skewers can sometimes cause, and having learned of Edison Nation through Everyday Edisons, Matt came up with the perfect solution and submitted it to the BBQ innovation search.

Fun Fact: Matt and his wife have a baby girl due in November!

Mogie PillayMogie Pillay: A Native of South Africa and a current resident of New Zealand, Mogie tapped into his love of outdoor BBQs in both cultures (they’re called Braais in South Africa), plus a little Food Network inspiration to come up with his innovation. Seeing that the foods people choose to grill are becoming more and more diverse, Mogie came up with an idea to accommodate the growing foods that are becoming a part of the family BBQ.

Fun Fact: Mogie has a dog named Bear Grylls.

RandyRandy Stein: A freelance product developer in Brooklyn, NY, Randy has been inventing since he was 9-years-old. Randy’s BBQ idea came to him in a pretty unexpected way. While researching a recipe, Randy came across a famous chef who had developed his own BBQ ingredient. Randy decided to try and create his own, and stumbled upon a whole new idea.


Fun Fact: Within the last 8 months, Randy learned design programs Sketchup, Rhino and VRay, quit his day job and took the plunge to become a full-time freelance product designer/developer.


Scott AndersonScott Anderson: Living in Alexandria, VA, Scott is a Finance Officer (Major) and has spent 23 years in the Air Force. He currently serves at the National Guard Bureau in Washington, D.C. Throughout his career, Scott has also owned restaurants, taught culinary arts on the high school level and even hosted his own cooking show on the local CBS affiliate in Cheyenne, WY. Only actively inventing for a few months, Scott’s BBQ idea is one he’d been thinking about for a while. Scott always used a makeshift solution to achieve specific flavors when grilling, but after upgrading his grill, his old solution would no longer work. Scott came up with an idea to help him achieve his desired results, but in a new and improved way.

Fun Fact: Scott has competed for castings on Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef, and was bio’d by Al Roker Productions for the series Recipe for Success. He wasn’t selected for any of them, due to lack of drama in his life, he jokes. He’s willing to share videos upon request!

SnowTumaKeith Snow & Daniel Tuma: Keith and Daniel partnered up to create their BBQ innovation. Keith retired from the City of Long Beach (CA) Gas and Oil Department after 30 years of service in 2009. Having worked as a seafood chef earlier in life, his grilling idea stayed with him over the years. Keith teamed up with his friend Daniel, an electrical and mechanical engineer and together they created a prototype. Keith had learned of Edison Nation through seeing Everyday Edisons on TV and has been submitting this product idea to relevant searches ever since. His persistence has paid off!

Fun Facts: Keith is a Master Falconer, licensed by the State and Federal Government. He’s been hunting with hawks and falcons for over 20 years. Daniel has always had a knack for seeing something in his mind and bringing it into reality!



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Michael Carpanzano’s Submission Selected in Lunch Hour 2


We announced last week that we’ve currently selected two inventions from our Lunch Hour 2 Search, and we’re excited to introduce one of those inventors – Michael Carpanzano! Michael has invented an electrical product that is set to become an instant household staple, especially as the number of devices used by individuals and families continues to grow.

Learn a little about Michael:

Growing up in Connecticut, Michael’s dad was a scientist and engineering-tinkerer, giving Michael lots of tools and resources at his disposal. Michael came up with his first invention at the age of six, and began to take his ideas a bit more seriously at 14, when he came up with a stroller idea. Earning a degree in business, Michael continued to invent over the years and began prototyping what he felt were his best ideas. When asked what advice he has for other inventors, Michael said, “Have lots of ideas. You have to go through a lot of bad ideas before you get to a good one, and sometimes the one you don’t think is the best, turns out to be the best.”

Ideas selected in our Lunch Hour searches can take many different routes to commercialization. Michael’s invention is set to take the DRTV route and will soon begin ASOTV testing.

Please join us in congratulating Michael!

Search Update: Lunch Hour 2

Great ideas can come at all times of the day, but often the Lunch Hour is the time we seem to be able to work on “our ideas.” Well the EN community certainly showed us that they have made their lunch breaks productive!

Our teams have worked through the review process, which culminated in an intense final meeting last Tuesday where we used a blind scoring process to tabulate submission grades, and we have been very impressed with the quality and potential of the submitted ideas. We have two submissions that will be announced as selected innovations for the Lunch Hour 2 Live Product Search, but we didn’t think that was enough. We have a second tier of submissions that we feel have potential and are deserving of recognition. For that reason, we will opt these ideas into the Insider Licensing Program FREE of charge.

The licensing team has already been hard at work on many of the ideas submitted. We’ve created licensing presentations that have been deployed and shared with potential commercialization partners, and with the announcement of the selected inventors, we will also share some exciting news about the deals that are in place or are close to being finalized for those products to go to market.

We are confident that many of the ideas in this next tier may also end up with the right partner and with a great deal. We will soon be contacting the inventors behind those ideas to confirm their acceptance of our free opt-in offer for the Insider Licensing Program.

A momentum has been building with more and more licensing deals getting secured here at Edison Nation, and we are excited about the deals that will blossom out of the Lunch Hour series!

This Just In: Five New Licensing Deals Signed Today!

We have some exciting news to share! If you had stopped by Edison Nation HQ this morning, you would have heard our inner-office bell ring loudly and proudly five times :)

You may remember a blog post we wrote about why some search sponsors choose to remain anonymous when hosting a Live Product Search.

The message we hoped to convey was this: just because a company wishes to keep their name hidden, doesn’t mean they aren’t serious about wanting to find new product ideas.

We’re excited to tell you that this morning, our team signed five licensing deals with the host of the anonymous BBQ search. Scott and team are making contact now to give the news to your fellow community members, so more details to come on these inventors and their inspirations soon.

Inventing food for thought: this anonymous manufacturer behind the BBQ search? They are also behind the first Quick Hit search for new can openers. We hope today’s news “opens” up some new inspiration for you all!

Bed Lifts Proves to be a Back-to-School Success

During the 2012 Back-to-School season, we announced the debut of Jonathan C. Smith’s Bed Lifts in select Bed Bath & Beyond stores. We’re excited to share that last year’s testing period proved to be a huge success! Due to such a strong performance, Bed Lifts are now rolling out in all Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide!

Bed Lifts appear in Bed Bath & Beyond’s July 2013 Back-to-School circular:


…And they’re even making news! Read about Bed Lifts on Gizmodo.

Congrats to Jonathan C. Smith on this product’s continued success!


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Six New ASOTV Selections

Congrats to five members (and their six ideas!) that have been selected for As Seen On TV testing! Meet the lucky inventors below, then leave a comment to congratulate them on this big step toward success for their ideas.

Kitty StallingsKitty Stallings: Born in Marks, MS, but currently a resident of Burbank, CA, Kitty Stallings has been everything from a professional singer in a band and a hairstylist, to a computer draftsman and live theater performer. It’s through this diverse professional portfolio that she has developed a tremendous creative spark. Kitty’s love for music and talent for innovation helped her come up a toy idea that should bring giggles to kids everywhere.




Andy MeekerAndy Meeker: Working to oversee props in a hit Broadway show has made Andy particularly adept at creating whole new worlds when needed. Born in Tigard, Oregon, this New York City resident has always been an idea person — he gets that from his mother — and spends his days on the set dreaming of ways to solve everyday problems. He also carries a passion for children and used his big ideas mentality to create a cool new product, hoping to encourage creativity and wonder in children, whom he feels are falling prey to a digital world.



Brandy MaraffiBrandy Maraffi: Born in Hertford, NC but currently residing in Charlotte, NC, Brandy’s membership in Edison Nation seemed to be fate. Brandy repeatedly came across articles about Edison Nation or heard the name at conferences, so decided to go to the website and take a look at the searches. That curiosity led her to find a search opportunity that was perfect for her love of beauty products and problem solving. Brandy has now created a product that helps make a common beauty process easier for women.



David Yakos

David Yakos: As an engineer by trade and inventor by nature, David loves constantly trying to reinvent the world. Starting with Popsicle stick wonders and cardboard spaceships, David moved on to indestructible dog toys and valves for NASA as a co-owner of Salient Technologies. This resident of Bozeman, MT used his penchant for creation and passion for innovation to create two inventions that have both caught the attention of the ASOTV team.



Susan VSusan Van Volkenburg: Born and currently residing in Boca Raton, FL, Susan calls herself an “accidental inventor.” As a physical therapist, Susan spends her days working with geriatric patients rather than inventing – but while one day planning to purchase an item to solve a problem for her two young daughters, Susan quickly realized it didn’t exist, so she decided to create it herself. After showing it to her engineer father, she soon realized the manufacturing challenges that had prevented the product from being created. Susan didn’t let this stop her; she decided to find a solution so the product could become available for her family and other parents with small children.

Please join us in applauding these five inventors and wishing them success as their ideas prepare for on-air testing!