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Tune in to Watch the Pilot Episode of Celebrity Inc.!

Introducing Celebrity Inc. with Mel B

Edison Nation’s promise to our community is to provide your ideas with the most opportunities to reach their greatest potential.

Brand Promise

As many of you are aware, Edison Nation was born from the television series Everyday Edisons. About a year ago, we announced that we were working on a new strategy for TV.

We’re excited to share that we’ll soon be testing out life in primetime on the Pop network. The pilot episode of Celebrity Inc is set to air on Monday, November 30 at 9pm ET/PT.

Here’s the official press release issued by Pop:


Follow Her Journey from Pitch to Production, Culminating in an EVINE Live Sale of Her Product on “Cyber Monday,” Immediately Following the Television Special

Mel B reviews an inventor's product pitch

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 18, 2015 – Pop takes viewers inside the multi-billion dollar industry of celebrity endorsements in CELEBRITY INC., a one hour television special highlighting how stars extend their relationship and credibility with audiences to build businesses and connect their personal brands with products they love.

Premiering on Monday, November 30 at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT, CELEBRITY INC. stars world renowned entertainer Mel B as she sets her sights on the business world and she meets with aspiring inventors to create, market and sell a self-endorsed product. A sneak peek of CELEBRITY INC. is available at:

In CELEBRITY INC., Mel B works closely with Edison Nation, an innovation marketplace that connects great ideas to companies and brands. Together, they will review and select a new product to launch that aligns with the music entertainer’s personal brand. The winning selection will be revealed during the special and then sold on “Cyber Monday” on TV and online on EVINE Live immediately following Pop’s television premiere.

“I am so excited for my fans to see this new and exciting venture in ‘Celebrity Inc.,’” said Mel B. “It’s been an absolute thrill to partner on the launch of a new product that reflects my interests and lifestyle.”

“Celebrity-branded products are a multi-billion dollar business and in our hyper-connected world, more culturally relevant than ever,” said Paul Adler, Senior Vice President, Original Programming and Development, Pop. “Our television special with Mel B will give viewers a fascinating first-hand look at how celebrity endorsed products are created from their inception to launch.”

If Celebrity Inc. is picked up for a full season, we’ll soon be working with more celebrities to pair innovative products for their brands, which means more opportunities for YOU at Edison Nation!

Be sure to tune in and check it out on Monday, 11/30, and we’ll continue to keep you posted on next steps for this and other opportunities!

Visit and use the channel finder at the bottom of the page. 

Why There is No Better Time Than Now to be an Inventor


Anyone in any place can become a successful inventor. As Alfred Nobel will tell you, all it takes is a dynamite idea. Because of innovation in the field of invention it is easier than ever to take a clever concept from its creator’s mind, fabricate a prototype, fund its creation, construct a product, and to bring that product to market.

Even a sketch on the back of a napkin can be transformed into a prototype. It has never been easier to fabricate a concept from its rawest state using the technology that inventors have available to them today. With the emergence of 3D printing, innovations in vacuum forming and laser jets, all it takes is a digital file to bring designs to life that would never have been possible just a decade ago.

In a recent project Honda has taken concept car designs from previous decades and fabricated them using an affordable “household” 3D printer in an effort to demonstrate how the most extravagant and unorthodox designs can be created in any imaginative person’s living room.

When we conjure a mental image of an inventor it is traditionally a wiry haired engineer locked away in a workshop struggling through the trial and error process of invention. However, today we have tools that allow you to access any other person on the planet via email, FaceTime, or even by a simple phone call.

Tools like Google Docs allow people who are countries and oceans apart to create and edit presentations, documents and data sheets simultaneously.

Companies like Edison Nation and Assembly help inventors to connect with developers, engineers, designers, marketers, writers and other creatives to help with any step between an idea’s conception and its sale on the market.

There is a surplus of resources available to help inventors and entrepreneurs that provide support and patent information.

Everyday Edisons, a television show that helps ordinary people take a simple idea and turn it into a product, offers methods of getting into contact with groups of inventors located near you for support and advice.

Web sites like IP Watchdog and Google Patents offer inventors information on patents, patent law, how and when to apply for a patent and much more so they can better protect their intellectual property.

Inventors are no longer solely responsible for the funding of their ideas. Entrepreneurs are not forced to turn towards banks for a loan or plead with big businesses for start-up money. Web sites like Kickstarter, companies like AKT IP Ventures and shows like Shark Tank are making it easier for anyone, anywhere to fund ideas that they believe in. Personal Bankruptcy is no longer as high a risk.

In 2012 smartwatch creators developed the idea for Pebble, a watch that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Pebble creators knew they had a great idea, they just didn’t know how to fund it. Pebble turned to Kickstarter, a website that allows anyone to donate any amount of money towards an idea they believe in and pitched their ideas to the public. After receiving a record-breaking response, Pebble received over 10 million in funding.

Advertising/Marketing Channels.
All you need is a hook and websites like Facebook and Twitter provide a free platform for exposing a catchy idea to the masses. Social media is making it easier than ever to get information to people.

A recent 2014 campaign to raise money for ALS, the ice bucket challenge, utilized social media to relay their infectious message. It was seen by 440 million people.

You have the potential to reach a drastic amount of the population with a successful product video, campaign, slogan or design without spending a dime.

Because of technology, collaboration, resources, funding, advertising and marketing channels it is faster, easier and more effectual than ever to successfully execute the production of an idea.


 Have you ever thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”?

License Product License product License product
We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves, all at no risk to you.

Michael Diep’s Emery Cat Scores Licensing Deal with PetStages

Edison Nation Member and Season 2 Everyday Edison, Michael Diep, has come a long way since first pitching his invention idea, Emery Cat, to Everyday Edisons in 2007. Almost eight years later, Emery Cat is breathing new life – this time through licensing.

Edison Nation has many channels to bring product ideas to market. When an idea is selected, you can ensure we will pursue every avenue for its best chance of success. When a product runs it course through As Seen on TV, licensing opportunities are almost always pursued.

Everyday Edisons

As with most things in life, good things take time. Bringing product ideas to market is no different. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and revisit Emery Cat’s timeline of events—from Everyday Edisons to present day.

February 2007: Emerycat inventor, Michael Diep presents his prototype at the Everyday Edisons casting call

June 2008: Everyday Edisons season 2 debuts featuring Michael Diep as one of 15 inventors

November 2009: Emery Cat As Seen on TV commercial airs nationwide

April 2010: Emery Cat is featured on QVC’s My Time with Mary Beth

January 2014: Edison Nation Licensing begins exploring licensing avenues for Emery Cat

February 2014: Emery Cat is presented to PetStages for a potential licensing deal

April 2014: PetStages expresses an interest in licensing Emery Cat

May 2014: The deal is officially signed; Emery Cat has been licensed to PetStages!

September 2014: Production begins

November 2014: Anticipated launch for product to be offered online and in stores at major retailers

Be sure to stay tuned for updates and keep an eye out for Emery Cat’s return to store shelves.

Everyday Edisons


 So far we’ve earned over $200 million in sales for our inventors, all at no risk to them. Is your idea the next big thing?

License Product License product License product

Even if you don’t have an invention idea right now you can still join Edison Nation for free and learn from our community why we’re the trusted source for bringing product ideas to market.

What Does It Mean to be “First to Market”?

Everyday Edisons

Here at Edison Nation, we strive not only to help our inventors succeed in commercializing their product ideas, but also to aid you in being “First to Market.” Being First to Market means that an innovative product is the very first of its kind to reach the marketplace, providing consumers with a truly unique item that cannot be found anywhere else. One important advantage of being First to Market is initial brand recognition in the minds of buyers. Without the distraction of a multitude of competing products, consumers often begin to associate a type of product with a particular brand. For example, Kleenex manufactures and sells tissue paper, however people often ask not for a tissue but instead as for a “Kleenex.” The product and brand have become synonymous, which can increase market share. This means that your product may become the go-to item for many consumers, greatly increasing your product’s success.

Can My Invention be First To Market?

Absolutely! A truly new and innovative product may change an entire industry by introducing a concept that has never before been available on the market, which in turn opens the doors to a host of new products and ideas that can alter the course of that industry as a whole. Throughout history, inventors have changed the world through their ingenuity, from the building of the first Model T by Henry Ford to the creation of the light bulb by our namesake, Thomas Alva Edison. What began as a passion for inventing led to incredible breakthroughs in science and technology, paving the way for future inventors to use their creativity in an inspiring and productive way. These advances in technology make it easier than ever for inventors across the globe to connect with one another and share their mutual love of inventing. Countless inventors have made their mark while also making the world a more amazing place to live, work and play.

What Do I Need To Do?

Always protect your idea. Once a secret is out there’s no getting it back. Ideas and concepts work the same way. If you have an innovative concept or prototype and wish to market it to the public, begin by seeking the advice of an licensed Intellectual Property attorney prior to any disclosure of your invention. This will ensure that your invention is protected and less vulnerable to others who may wish to capitalize on your idea.

As a part of the Edison Nation network of inventors, your ideas are provided with a platform that allows them to be seen and considered by some of the top corporations and investors in the world. Because we value you and your hard work, Edison Nation works tirelessly to keep your ideas confidential and protected. This is all part of our goal in helping you, the inventor, have the opportunity to see your invention be the First to Market.


 So far we’ve earned over $200 million in sales for our inventors, all at no risk for them. Is your idea the next big thing?

License Product License product License product

Even if you don’t have an invention idea right now you can still join Edison Nation for free and learn from our community why we’re the trusted source for bringing product ideas to market.

The Story Behind the Gyro Bowl

If you’ve been around this community long enough, you’re likely very familiar with EN inventors Brad and Melinda Shepard, and their top-selling product, the Gyro Bowl – but do you know the entire story?

Brad and Melinda

Brad and Melinda were recently featured in the Huffington Post, where they shared their journey of inventing the Gyro Bowl, from messy crackers to millions of sales. Read the full Huffington Post article.


Have you ever thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”?

We can help you get your great ideas on TV and in stores, at no risk to you.

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Remembering Chuck Foley: Co-Inventor of Twister and an Everyday Edison

Chuck Foley_EE2

This morning our team was saddened to learn that Chuck Foley, co-inventor of the classic party game, Twister, has passed away at the age of 82. While Chuck is best known for his iconic contribution to pop culture, he was also a life-long inventor and holder of multiple patents. We had the pleasure of working with Chuck on one of his inventions during our very first season of Everyday Edisons.

Chuck came to us with an idea that ultimately became The P.O. Barx™ Shredding Dog, a militaristic toy geared toward children of men and women serving in the armed forces. As a father of ten who saw how impersonal communication was becoming with each technological advance, Chuck hoped to get kids back into the art of letter writing.

Chuck Foley_EE1

Louis Foreman, CEO of Edison Nation and executive producer of Everyday Edisons, remembers Chuck fondly:

“Chuck loved to invent. I could see that the very first time I met him. He had a passion for discovery and figuring out ways to solve everyday problems or create joy. He had a youthful enthusiasm that was contagious. He will be missed.”

As an “Everyday Edison,” Foley wasn’t looking for the proverbial “second chance” or big paycheck — he just hoped to be able to make families and children smile again. We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with such a creative and beloved inventor. We send our deepest condolences to his family. Lights Up the Scene on Everyday Edisons

There’s a new addition to our office… but it’s not what you think! When production begins on Season 5 of Everyday Edisons, you’ll see new inventors, new innovations, a new office space (more on that to come!), and you’ll also see snazzy, new decor courtesy of our friends at

It’s the Anglepoise Giant 1227 Vermillion floor lamp to be exact – or just “Giant Orange” as we affectionately call it.

A huge thanks to for supporting our mission of bringing ideas to life – and sprucing up Edison Nation/Everyday Edisons HQ in the process!


Meet the EN Team: Larry DeLeon

Q1. What is your position and what does it entail?

A. Supervising Producer of Everyday Edisons. I have managed the TV show and video operations since November 2006.

Q2. What do you enjoy most about working at Edison Nation/Everyday Edisons?

A. I learn something new every day. We see such a variety of ideas, challenges, and projects that it never gets old.

Q3. What’s your favorite food?

A. Italian

Q4. What are 3 items you can’t live without?

A. Air conditioning, modern medicine and my computer.

Q5. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A. A pilot

Q6. If you could live someone else’s life for just one day, who would it be?

A. Richard Bramson

Q7. Who are you often told is your doppelganger?

A. Eric Clapton and Steven Spielberg

Q8. If your life had a soundtrack, what’s at least one song that would be on it?

A. Hotel California

Q9. What’s a favorite funny EN office memory?

A. 2006 office Christmas Party. Daniel Cordero and Michael Cable sumo wrestled in fat suits. Hilarious.

Q10. What do you think is the greatest invention in your lifetime and why?

A. The combination of the integrated circuit and microchip. These led to modern computers, which increased the pace and progress of virtually every area of innovation, and made the ability to create and innovate accessible to everyone from governments to big companies, and the independent inventor.

Be sure to check back next month to meet another member of the Edison Nation/Everyday Edisons team.

Greg Bruce Update: Cardio Poles by Axersport HSN Debut

We have an exciting update on Everyday Edisons Season 4 inventor, Greg Bruce and his Cardio Air Tubes invention. We’re thrilled to share that Greg’s completed product, now known as “Cardio Poles by Axersport,” will debut on HSN this Tuesday, September 25 at 6:30am and 3:30pm ET, so be sure to tune in!

Several weeks ago, Greg came to Edison Nation HQ to film a television spot for Cardio Poles. Check out a few photos from the shoot below!