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Inventing 101 – How to avoid product liability issues

There are different types of product liability to think about when perfecting your ideas.

We want to arm you with all the information you need to make your invention idea safe, reliable and irresistible to potential licensing partners.

According to Cornell University Law School, the legal definition of Product Liability is as follows:

The liability of any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product for damage caused by that product. This includes the manufacturer of component parts (at the top of the chain), an assembling manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retail store owner (at the bottom of the chain). Products containing inherent defects that cause harm to a consumer of the product, or someone to whom the product was loaned, given, etc., are the subjects of products liability suits. While products are generally thought of as tangible personal property, product liability has stretched that definition to include intangibles (gas), naturals (pets), real estate (house), and writings (navigational charts).


We do NOT require our community to have their products formally tested before submitting, and we do NOT expect you to give a guarantee that a product is safe. What we DO want to do, however, is ensure your product has the most opportunities for success, and part of that includes an effective pitch confirming the product will operate safely and as it is intended. That being said, let’s take a closer look at the types of product defects.

While liability law varies by jurisdiction, in ALL jurisdictions, the product must be proven as defective, and an injury must result from the defect itself, not user error.

There are three types of product defects that incur liability in manufacturers and suppliers:


These defects are the type you as an innovator should be mainly concerned with. Design defects are inherent; they exist before the product is manufactured. While the product may solve a larger problem well, a flawed feature(s) may cause it to be unreasonably dangerous to use. To prove liability, in many jurisdictions, it must also be proven that the risk could have been significantly reduced or avoided by the adoption of an alternative design that was feasible, cost-effective and performed the same functionality.

While design defects are possible in ANY category of product, the Review Team often cites product liability concerns around products for babies and children.


Here are some examples of design defects:

  • a particular model of car that has a tendency to flip over while turning a corner
  • a type of sunglasses that fail to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays
  • a line of electric blankets that can electrocute the user when turned on high


Manufacturing defects occur during the construction or production of the item, either in the manufacturing process or due to a larger issue at the factory. This type of defect is obviously not in your control, and is the responsibility of the partner who will be making your product.


Here are some examples of manufacturing defects:  

  • a swing set with a cracked chain
  • a tainted batch of cough syrup containing a poisonous substance
  • a moped missing its brake pads


These defects are due to improper instructions and/or failures to warn consumers of latent (non-obvious) dangers of the product.  

Warning Signs

Here are some examples of defects in marketing:

  • an electric tea kettle that is packaged without sufficient warning concerning its oddly positioned steam valve
  • a cough syrup that does not include on its label a warning that it may cause dangerous side effects if taken in combination with another commonly taken drug such as aspirin
  • a corrosive paint-removing chemical that is sold without adequate instructions for safe handling and use

Before you click “Submit”, here are some tips to ensure your idea is safe:

  • You have eliminated any foreseeable danger wherever possible by designing the danger out of the product
  • If it is not possible to design danger out of the product, you have guarded the user against it
  • Where it is not possible to either remove the danger or guard against it, give warnings and instructions so the product can be used safely

As an Edison Nation innovator, you are submitting an “idea”, and it is likely not a finished product. This post is to provide you with guidance and tips to take into consideration when submitting your idea to avoid having your idea declined due to potential product liability. When the team reviews your idea, we need to be able to justify to potential licensing partners that the product can be made quickly and easily within the realm of their capabilities.

The Patents Matter Hangout

Congress is considering sweeping changes to the U.S. patent laws.

#PatentsMatter Hangout to discuss patent reform

The Innovation Alliance and Save the Inventor are hosting a Google Hangout on Wednesday, October 7, at 3PM EST to discuss pending patent legislation and the dangers they pose for American inventors. Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) and Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) will participate in this bipartisan online hangout to discuss their concerns with patent legislation (S. 1137 and H.R. 9) currently under consideration in Congress. The members will take questions from online viewers via Twitter.

Gene Quinn, patent attorney and the founder of IP Watchdog, will moderate the following panel of patent experts:

  • The Honorable Chris Coons, U.S. Senator (D-Delaware)
  • The Honorable Thomas Massie, U.S. House Representative (R-Kentucky)
  • Louis Foreman, Inventor and founder of Edison Nation

The panel will discuss pending patent legislation that threatens to undermine the U.S. patent system and the inventors it was designed to protect.

Screen shot 2015-10-06 at 10.03.40 AM

Join the #PatentsMatter conversation on Twitter by sharing:

#HappeningNow: #PatentsMatter Hangout w/ Sen. @ChrisCoons @RepThomasMassie @louisforeman @ipwatchdog! Watch:

Join the #patents convo #happeningnow! Submit your questions using #PatentsMatter. Watch: 

#MustRead: Sen.@ChrisCoons – #patents are about American Dream via @ipwatchdog #ICYMI #PatentsMatte

.@RepThomasMassie pens open letter to protect American small inventors: #ICYMI #PatentsMatter #IPmatters

VIDEO: @RepThomasMassie  #Patents are Currency of Invention #PatentsMatter #ICYMI

#ICYMI @edisonnation @louisforeman in @theHill: #patents legislation will hurt inventor #PatentsMatter

Couldn’t make it to Atlanta for the Amazon Inventions Tour?

We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a recap of the innovators, startups and teams that brought it all together.

Edison Nation teamed up with Amazon to host the first ever Amazon Inventions Tour that took place this past weekend in Atlanta (Friday, 9/25 and Saturday, 9/26). Innovators and startups from all over traveled by car, plane and Greyhound bus to get to Atlanta. Just how far did they come? We’re glad you asked. Here’s a handy heat map:

Where in the world did our inventors travel from?

Where in the world did our inventors travel from?

Clifford May with his son

Clifford May and his family road tripped all the way from Arkansas to Atlanta.

Sheila didn't let popemania get in the way of her trip to Atlanta.

Shelia Cockburns Chinatown bus from New York City was delayed by Pope Francis’ visit, but even #Popemania couldn’t keep her from Atlanta.

Friends and inventors Adam Adams and Bill Ward

Adam Adams flew from San Francisco to meet his friend and inventing partner, Bill Ward in Atlanta.

On Friday morning at 7am, the doors opened to the Amazon Inventions Tour. All attending innovators and startups were asked to first check in at registration where Michelle Sartori and myself greeted each one and handed out individual presentation times.

Entrance to the Amazon Inventions Tour

Entrance to the Amazon Inventions Tour

Upon check-in, all of our attendees were invited to listen in on Friday’s lineup of speakers, which included Tom Charron from 3D Systems, Mitch Cohen from PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Suzanne Oldham from Suzanne Oldham Consulting, Matthew Hoffman from Greenberg Traurig, Jessica Mindich from the Caliber Collection, Geert Christiaansen from Philips Design, Paul Earle from Farmhouse, Louis Foreman from Edison Nation, Jim Irvine from Cyndx Advisors, Dr. Jean Wright, M.D. from Carolinas HealthCare System, Bradley Leong from Tandem Capital, Dan Dimezza from Sequential Brands Group, Jason Feldman from Amazon, Jonathan Wood from Bridgestone Americas, Marco Carvalho from Toys Talk and Renee Finley from GuideWell.

The weekend’s full speaker series was sponsored by Philips.

Geert Christiaansen Senior Director Design Innovation, Philips Design, talks to the crowd.

Geert Christiaansen, Senior Director Design Innovation, Philips Design, talks to the crowd.

Amazon's Head of Global Innovation, Jason Feldman, shares how customers come first at Amazon

Amazon’s Head of Global Innovation, Jason Feldman, shares how customers come first at Amazon.

CEO of Toys Talk, Marco Carvalho talks toys to the group

CEO of Toys Talk, Marco Carvalho talks toys to the group.

On Friday evening, event sponsor Budweiser hosted the “Budweiser Brew House” happy hour and networking reception for all. Attending innovators and startups were invited to enjoy free drinks and food, as well as the chance to catch up with the Edison Nation team, meet the Amazon innovation team and participating speakers and sponsors.

IMG_5459_edited-1 IMG_5445_edited-1

Cold beer tasted awfully nice for those innovators and startups who made it through the first day of pitching and presenting. If eating and drinking wasn’t your thing, you could network, play Cornhole and spark conversations with those around.


Indiegogo's Kate Drane talks to the crowd about what makes for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Indiegogo’s Kate Drane talks to the crowd about what makes for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Saturday kicked off a new day of pitches, presentations and speakers. On the line up? David Donovick from Pivotal Living, Dipanjan Nag from Prediqtus, Craig Sampson from Farmhouse, Peter Hardigan from Theranova, David Harkins from the Boy Scouts of America, Erik Feingold from Sharecare, Tony Knight from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Jill Schmidt from JillSchmidt PR, Kate Drane from Indiegogo, Greg Johnson from Orbital Socket, Chris McIntire from Agent Authority, Milton Tjin from United Sales and Marketing, Kristi Gorinas from the Kristi G Company, Kimberly Duva from Amazon Media Group, Eric Huber from Edison Nation, Nicholas Chaillan from Nesting Partners, Brandon Adams from the University of Young Entrepreneurs, with closing remarks and a Q&A with Jason Feldman of Amazon.

Greg Johnson shares his insights.

Greg Johnson shares his insights from Orbital Socket.

Kristi Gorinas tells her story of being a mompreneur inventor

Kristi Gorinas tells her story of being a mompreneur inventor.

Eric Huber shares how to come up with your own "aha!" moment

Eric Huber shares how to come up with your own “aha!” moment.

While the Philips Speakers Series was happening in Hall A, innovators and startups were quietly being called back to make their pitches and presentations to either the Edison Nation or Amazon teams. We queued up inventors five to eight at a time, and they got to know each other in a short line outside of the presentation rooms.

Innovators wait outside their respective pitch rooms.

Innovators waiting outside their respective pitch rooms.


Each pitch room had four judges waiting to hear about that innovator’s great idea. Upon arriving into the room, each individual had about two minutes to prep their invention, five minutes to present, as well as some closing time for dialogue with the judges.

This father and son inventing duo walked out of their pitch looking impossibly fresh, don’t you think?

Father & son inventing pair at the Amazon Inventions Tour.

Amazon’s head of global innovation, Jason Feldman, took the stage for the final presentation on Saturday evening. As he wrapped up his talk, he kicked off a Q&A with the crowd. To everyone’s delight, the first question asked was, “This event was awesome. When and where will you do it again?”

Amazon's Jason Feldman closes the weekend with a presentation and Q&A.

Amazon’s Jason Feldman closes the weekend with a presentation and Q&A.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates from the first Amazon Inventions Tour, as well as plans for future events with Amazon. In the meantime, if you have a bright idea to share, Edison Nation is always on the lookout no matter where you are!

Have you ever thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”?

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InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with Thom Cicchelli

InvENtorSpotlight-TCicchelli - resized

For our September Inventor Spotlight, we’re highlighting Thom Cicchelli (or as some of you know him, Thom C)! Thom has been an active Edison Nation member and Insider since 2008!

We wanted to get to know Thom a bit better to learn about his background and his EN experiences so far…

Where is your hometown?

Until age 10, I grew up in the “exotic” lower-middle class city of Blue Island, Illinois.

Where do you currently reside?

I currently live in the Beverly Hills/Morgan Park neighborhood on the City of Chicago’s far southwest side.

What is your professional background?

I have been a Senior Graphics/Packaging Designer for an international manufacturing business for 20+ years.

How did you initially hear about Edison Nation?

In 2008 there was a “cattle call” in one of the Chicago newspapers for this NEW “inventors TV show” (we stood in lines and sat in hallways for over seven hours). In their defense, they had no idea that several thousand people would show up, the concept was so new. I remember them ordering pizza for everyone at one point.

Have you ever collaborated with another inventor(s) on a project? If so, how was that experience for you?

No, I have not, but much admire some of the forum posts with two or more innovators having their single concept move through the stages. However, I have a couple of EN Insider friends that on occasion, will trade PDF’s for submissions that have made it past Stage 5 or 6 in a given Innovation Search. We exchange honest critiques. A fresh set of eyes can be very extremely helpful!  

What are some general industry trends you have noticed recently?

I’m amazed at the under $20 culinary market right now. A plastic 2″ X 3″ Kale “stem and leaf separator” for seven bucks?

Do you find that invention ideas come to you or do you have to go after them?

Naturally my thought process tends to gravitate towards innovation searches that I have some knowledge or interest in, but every once in awhile, I’ll take a stab at something like the Power Surge Protector/Extension Cord Search, armed with only an open mind and a stack of “What if’s”. In that search, I made it to presentation (G7) and an eventual R8.

Starting from the first day of a given Innovation Search announcement, the challenge plays over and over in my head (kinda like that songs you can’t shake). As ideas, concepts, potential product names, functions, all swirl in my mind (much like a scene from the movie Poltergeist), I will scribble, sketch and notate key words on a small pad (I keep a pocket sketch pad at my desk, keep one in the car and one in the night stand). This process has and can continue while I sleep, especially if I have hit a roadblock. My mind will keep configuring solutions much like a Rubik’s Cube at times. By the way I don’t recommend this process, even if it is a voluntary action, you can wake up exhausted at times.

Beyond this “hocus pocus” approach to inventing, I will then research and compare “like products” taking into account all the criteria that EN reinforces to us.

What advice would you tell others hoping to score a licensing deal?


Try and shoot down your idea before EN does. Don’t be afraid to investigate if your innovation has legs. “Hoping & wishing” is not enough. If your “greatest invention ever” gets the thumbs down at some point during the process, get MAD for one day, and then “GET OVER IT” and move on to another opportunity and find inspiration!

What are some other fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share with the
EN community?

I created the winning design for the 2003 Illinois State Quarter/Part of the U.S. Mint’s 50 State Quarter program.

Thom IL Qrtr _1 - resized

Telling people that I am color blind is always followed by 10 minutes of “What color is this? What color is that?”

I’m currently a finalist in the Chicagoland McDonald’s “Burger Build-Off,” thanks to some heavy ballot box stuffing by my fellow EN members!

I have always (with few exceptions) stopped at any kid’s Lemon aid stand along the way. There are too many great points to make about what a positive impact this can have on a child.


What inspired you to start inventing?

Being a creative person, inventing was a natural progression. I mainly focus on “use” instead of something visual. I’m inspired by the challenge of envisioning and making something that can only be found in my head and putting it down on paper.

You have been an EN member since 2008, can you provide us with some details around your experiences and journey to date?

Well, there was a rather large gap between 2008’s “cattle call” and around the spring of 2013, I believe.

HSN was coming to the Housewares show and EN had presentation tie-ins here at Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center. My submission for this Innovation Search started a long string of having either a G7 or awaiting presentation results continually for well over a year, with a self-imposed rule of no more than two submissions for any given search.

I do submit to about 50% of the calls. Currently I do have a few horses on the track past Stage 4. Speaking of Stage 4, I refer to that stage as the “Wall”. It’s the hardest to get over. I refer to Stage 6 as the “trench” because you’re well on your way, and can suddenly get tripped up!

Any additional details you’d like to share?

Not a detail, but advice. I would encourage EN members to “participate” in the forums. There is a wealth of knowledge and perspective that can be shared, why not add to it? These are the people whose eyes don’t glaze over when you start talking about your big ideas. . .

Happy inventing!

Have you ever thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”?

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5 Amazon Launchpad Success Stories

As if the ability to order your groceries online, a food delivery service, the Kindle and offering every product ever created online wasn’t enough, Amazon is branching out into the world of startups. Amazon Launchpad is a unique program that showcases cutting-edge products to millions of Amazon customers. Amazon’s Launchpad has the resources to build your brand with features like the “about the startup” Q&A video, get noticed fast by displaying products strategically across all Amazon websites, grow your business with access to Amazon’s infrastructure and plan for global expansion by leveraging Amazon’s presence in the marketplace. The Launchpad experience is proving to be yet another great resource for budding innovators and inventors.

Here are five Amazon Launchpad success stories:

1. Fenugreen Freshpaper
Fenugreen was founded in 2010 by Kavita Shukla. Her company began after she transformed her grandma’s home remedy into an effective way to keep food fresh. Fenugreen partnered with Amazon Launchpad and the start-up took off. It began flying of the “internet shelves” until it eventually sold out. The product’s newfound success prompted attention from from the New York Times and the Washington Post. The product was even supported by HBO’s late night host, John Oliver and Kavita went on to promote the product on the Queen Latifah Show.

2. The Petzi Treat Cam
The Petzi Treat Cam is a device that connects to home Wi-Fi and contains an HD camera, high-quality audio, and the ability to remotely dispense your pet’s favorite treat at the touch of a button via the Petzi app. In addition, the iOS and Android apps allow owners to interact with other animal lovers and their pets, as well as share their pet pictures and videos via social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the company’s own, soon-to-launch social “Petwork.”

After partnering with Amazon Launchpad, the product rapidly began to gain the fame that lead to $130,000 dollars funding money raised from 735 backers.

3. Sphero
Sphero, a robotic IOS app controlled device, has begun to pick up serious steam in part due to its partnership with Amazon’s Launchpad. All kinds of doors opened after the product was displayed on Amazon’s website. Sphero has even worked with Disney as a result on the newfound success as consultants for one of the droids in the upcoming Star Wars film. The product is now used in over 1,250 schools, and most recently, the company partnered with Apple and has continued to expand into more countries around the world.

4. Canary Security System
Canary is a complete home security system packed into a single device, which has been cultivated as a small security company turn Amazon Launchpad success. Canary has received design awards from iF, Reddot and Inc. Magazine Best in Class. The company has also been praised by The Verge, Adweek and more.

5. The Bluesmart Carry-On
The Bluesmart carry-on, a suitcase that connects wirelessly to your smartphone so that you can remotely locate it, lock it, and even weigh it, has partnered with Amazon Launchpad and Indiegogo to raise money for production and marketing. The partnership helped to broaden the product’s following and over 2 million dollars has been raised.


The Amazon Inventions Tour is coming to Atlanta on Friday, 9/25 and Saturday, 9/26. Have a great invention idea or ready to sell product to share with Edison Nation and Amazon?

Learn more and register at!AmazonTour-blog

Second idea licensed to Norpro, Congratulations Aubrey Avila!


As a busy mom, Aubrey Avila is always looking for ways to simplify everyday tasks. When she was experimenting with a new type of dessert and found it difficult to make, she saw a challenge, got to work on a prototype and did not stop until she perfected it. The folks at Norpro agreed almost immediately after the idea was pitched to them and licensed Aubrey’s idea.

This is Aubrey’s first Edison Nation licensing deal and the second deal between Edison Nation and Norpro! Back in 2012, Norpro licensed Kenny Orr’s Sizzling Pepper Griddle!

Aubrey initially submitted her idea to the Edison Nation ASOTV search, where it was chosen for testing and awarded a G8. Unfortunately, following testing, the idea did not meet the criteria required to push to retail launch on the platform. But as you know, the Edison Nation team does not give up in our efforts to find the best path of commercialization. The product idea was transferred to the Licensing Team and they found a home for it with Norpro.

“Don’t give up!” Aubrey tells inventors looking for that first deal, “For me it’s taken hard work, patience and persistence. Inventing is like raising children, it’s fun, it’s challenging, some days you love every second of it and other days end in tears, but you keep at it because you love it! Just like parenting, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding. And you hope that this little idea you gave birth to, will grow into something fabulous one day, and you can send it out into the world, and it will be successful.”    

Usually one idea leads to another. You never know where inventing will lead you.”  

Congratulations Aubrey!

Have an idea you’d like to submit to an Innovation Search?



 Have you ever thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”? We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves, all at no risk to you.

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10 Resources for Inventors to Transform an Idea into a Product

The days of cantankerous, electrical-socket-haired inventors locked away in their workshops are over. Modern invention hinges on the collaboration and funding that comes with the resources that are available today. Innovative apps, websites and programs are being created to help inventors receive funding, advice, production, marketing and more. These resources make it easier than ever for inventors to transform an idea into a product.

Here are ten resources that are helping inventors become successful:

1. Inpama
logo (1) is a marketplace to sell inventions and patents. Its goal is to provide inventors a platform to sell and market their inventions on their own. Inpama does not charge any commission or fees from inventors or invention seekers.

2. Google Docs and Spreadsheets
Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.11.30 AM
Google Docs and Spreadsheets allow multiple users to access and edit a document or spreadsheet at the same time from any location.

3. Zoho DB
Zoho allows you to create a complex database online that helps you to track every detail regarding your invention including contacts, documents, drawings and more.

4. Taking the Mystery out of Copyrights
The Library of Congress recently conducted an informative session available on their website for students and teachers to explain the complex process of obtaining a copyright.

5. Google Patents
Google patents is a search engine that allows you to search through a database of patents.

6. Kickstarter
Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.18.42 AM
Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform that allows anybody to pledge money to any project or technology that they believe in.

7. Assembly
Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.23.10 AM
Assembly allows users to start and grow a community that gets things done. Assembly helps you to find and stay connected, discuss ideas and share goals with your new friends.

8. IP Watchdog
Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.24.39 AM is the leading Intellectual Property Law Blog on the Internet.

9. AKT IP Ventures
AKT IP Ventures is a 360° incubator that takes a disciplined approach to transforming innovative ideas, based on patents, into successful businesses.

10. Sparks by Edison Nation
The Sparks app is the fastest and easiest way for innovators to record new product ideas. The top product ideas are pitched for licensing opportunities, and if a licensing deal is reached, the inventor receives 50% of all royalties.

You can take advantage of this inventor’s resource right now by visiting and download the Sparks app to begin sharing your revolutionary ideas with Edison Nation today!

New product search with Swiss+Tech

You never know when you’ll need a pair of scissors, a sharp edge, serated knife, wire cutter or a bottle opener. Things break and repairs are needed on the go all the time. It’s in these moments when having a multitool product is extremely useful, because let’s face it… we’re not all like MacGyver.

Swiss+Tech® produces high-quality, lightweight tools that combine Swiss craftsmanship with American innovation. The original Swiss+Tech® Micro-Tech™ 6-in-1 created the Key Ring Tool category. The company has since gone on to break new ground in the multifunctional tool department with such additions as the Utili-Key® 6-in-1 and the Micro-Max® 19-in-1.

MicroTech COMBO-1     Micro-Max on keys

To date, Swiss+Tech generates all products internally, but the market demands for them to be at the forefront of innovation. This is where the Edison Nation community can step in.

Swiss+Tech’s product offering goes beyond key ring tools today. Flip through this catalog and you’ll find a focus on emergency preparedness, mobile technology, USB-powered tools and a new line of larger, “palm grip” tools. Swiss+Tech is searching for innovations that can be marketed under their brand, which can include multitools and/or products that carve out a whole new category or product line.

Your ideas should:

 Have a “wow” factor and be useful and cool

 Appeal to a wide consumer audience and demographic

 Have everyday applications

 Be an impulse buy

Keep in mind:

Any innovations considered by the Swiss+Tech team will be analyzed to ensure they are economically viable. What does this mean? Impulse buy products typically retail for $9.99, $14.99 and $19.99. Your ideas should feature an all-in manufacturing cost of $4 to be a viable option for Swiss+Tech.

Have a new product idea? Submit your ideas to Swiss+Tech today:

 Have you ever thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”?

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Introducing the Amazon Inventions Tour!

Do you have an invention idea that would be perfect for
Edison Nation and Amazon want to hear it at the Amazon Inventions Tour!


Amazon and Edison Nation are teaming up to host the “Amazon Inventions Tour” in Atlanta, GA on September 25-26 ( At the Amazon Inventions Tour, startups and innovators are invited to privately pitch their invention ideas in-person to Edison Nation’s evaluation team for possible funding and further development. Edison Nation has secured a $50 million investment commitment to fund the launch of selected products, including new product inventions and ready-to-scale companies that may require financial support to potentially make their products available on

Inventors with ready-to-sell products will have the opportunity to present directly to Amazon for possible inclusion in Amazon Launchpad, a new program that makes it easy for inventors to launch, market, and distribute their products to Amazon customers worldwide.

Not quite ready to pitch?

Highlighting the event will be a number of high-profile speakers including venture capitalists, innovation experts, and industry leaders. This portion of the event is open to the public and free of charge. Speaker topics will include raising capital for your new business, protecting your intellectual property, manufacturing, digital marketing, brand building, healthcare and consumer product innovation and more. In addition, event attendees will have the opportunity to network with speakers, other inventors and attendees, and with team members from the event hosts and sponsor organizations.

What we’re looking for:

At the Amazon Inventions Tour, Edison Nation is looking for physical consumer product innovations including consumer goods and electronics, consumer health items, wearable technology, Internet of Things products, aging-in-place products, problem-solving inventions, and more. The Amazon Inventions Tour is not the right venue to present new business solutions, new ideas for services, process improvements, technologies, or digital solutions. Product pitches ranging from early-stage invention concepts all the way to startups with manufacture-ready products are welcome. Amazon is looking for physical products that could potentially be sold through its e-commerce platform and will be working directly with Amazon Inventions Tour registrants who fit the appropriate criteria. Select inventors may receive an invitation to participate in the Amazon Launchpad program.

So what’s this all about?

Amazon’s desire to foster a dynamic ecosystem of creativity and innovation for startups and inventors led to the collaboration with Edison Nation for the Amazon Inventions Tour. Edison Nation has more than 14 years of experience in uncovering, validating, developing, and commercializing inventions from individual innovators around the world. Edison Nation’s marketplace model, which is grounded in the protection of intellectual property, has generated hundreds of millions in retail sales.

The speaker series and networking portion of the event is free and open to the public. Presenting a ready-to-sell product to Amazon is also free to inventors. There is a $25 registration fee per invention for those interested in pitching an invention idea to Edison Nation. Space is limited and all attendees must register in advance at  

See you there!

10 Benefits of Composting

America is changing. Our increasing awareness and education regarding our environmental health is causing us to alter our individual lives. Hummers are being replaced with hybrids. Many of us have begun to add grass-fed beef, reclaimed wood, recycled materials and other green products to our shopping carts. However, few of us are aware of the benefits of composting. Composting is one of the most effective environmental protection measures we can take.

Here are ten benefits of composting:

1. Reduces Landfill Waste
images (1)
Yard and food scraps make up 25-50% of what we throw away. The EPA estimates that one fourth of waste in our landfills could have been composted. Composting not only removes content from our landfills but utilizes that content.

2. Creates Nutrient Rich Soil
download (1)
Composting increases the quality of soil by increasing the amount of organic materials and micronutrients. Farms and gardens will thrive with the addition of compost.

3. Helps to Reduce Gross Greenhouse Gas Emissions
One of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases, specifically methane, is our landfills. If we composted the organic portion of our waste, we could drastically reduce those emissions.

4. Positively Affects Air Quality
Many people who don’t compost incinerate their yard waste. Burning yard waste can release the harmful chemicals found in fertilizers, weed killers and bug sprays into the air. Many of the chemicals can lead to health problems such as asthma.

5. Averts Garden Pests
Many of the micronutrients in compost have a pesticide-like effect on garden pests. In turn, composting reduces our dependence on harmful chemical pesticides.

6. Neutralizes Soil
download (2)
In many cases soil is too acidic or basic for plants to grow properly. Adding compost to soil helps to regulate the acid and alkaline levels in your soil.

7. Increases Biodiversity
Composting attracts many kinds of worms, bacterias, birds, fungi and insects that are beneficial to the crop growing process.

8. Reduces Erosion
Compost helps to reduce erosion by aiding the soil’s ability to hold water. Erosion leads to nutrient lacking soil and polluted water sources.

9. Cheap
download (3)
Going green can be expensive. Buying local foods or making the decision to purchase products made in America can cost significantly more than their less-environmentally-friendly counterparts. Composting may only require a purchasing a receptacle to recycle your waste.

10. Cost effective
In many places, in both homes and offices, we are charged based on the amount of trash that we need disposed. If we were able to reduce that amount of trash by composting, it would help to save money.


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