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ProtoTYPING: A ‘Perfect’ Product Idea

Some inventors strive to come up with good ideas, while others strive to find the perfect idea. Inventor Brandon Dierker has a perfect idea, and it is called the “Collar Perfect”. The Charlotte, NC resident has come up with a small format ironing device to help men and women do spot ironing of shirts, pants and skirts. He has teamed up with the Edison Nation design team to help develop the product idea, and after just a few months of design and development, is on the verge of taking his perfect idea to market.

product development

The Collar Perfect alpha prototype

Like many entrepreneurs and inventors, Brandon got his product idea from a struggle identified in his daily life. He has a demanding 9-5 job and deals with clients on a day-to-day basis. He needs to look fresh for meetings and he found that his polo shirts were not holding their crisp collar lines after a few wash cycles. After years of going to meetings with floppy collars and wavy plackets he decided to do something about it. He wanted to create a small iron that would warm up quickly and could be used to do touchup work on shirts and pants whether he was on a business trip or starting his day from home. After doing some research he found that some people were using commercial hair straighteners to iron their collars. He tried this method and it was helpful, but he found that the geometry of the device and the heat levels did not suit ironing clothing. He made some sketches of how to improve the iron to suit clothing and brought his idea, and wife’s hair straightener, to the EN shop to help him bring his vision to life.

When the EN design team met with Brandon and heard the idea, we knew it was going to be a great project. Brandon had an immense enthusiasm for the idea and the market for the device seemed really large and underserved. After hearing all of his research and prototyping work, two things were apparent. The first was that using heat to iron clothes is a well-established technology and we knew we would have plenty of existing products to use as inspiration. The second is that there was plenty of creative latitude to house the heating technology into a platform that would add value to the idea.
At the beginning of the project, the EN design team split up into two groups. The industrial designers set off to explore how to exploit the form of the device to effectively harness the idea, and the engineers delved into the nuts and bolts of the heating technologies. We looked at the existing market for hair straighteners, irons, and mini irons and bought about 10 different products. The designers used them to assess things like weight and ergonomics. When the designers were done, the engineers measured the temperature of each iron and disassembled each one to evaluate the mechanisms and electronics housed in each unit.

product development

Disassembly of a commercially available hair straightener

Once we had a baseline of the existing product, the real task of designing it could begin. The design group made a group of foam form models which explored different sizes and shapes to effectively iron the different areas of shirts and skirts. There were long and skinny versions, short and fat versions, and different tip geometries like wedges and paddles. These simple models were used to faux iron everyone’s shirts in the office. It became clear that it was easy enough to get a good shape to iron collars and between buttons, but we had no way to do any flat ironing. Then one of the industrial designers made a model with hinged tips that could be used similarly to a hair straightener to do collars, but would also fold out flat to iron on large surfaces. This made the product from a potentially niche laundry product, to a laundry solution. The EN team was excited by the break through and when presented to Brandon, he loved it too and decided that he wanted to the product to use that technology.


Early foam form model showing the hinging mechanism

The next step was to make a concept model of the device. This step was necessary to make sure that we could incorporate the electronics, buttons, heaters and hinges in the form factor that we wanted the product to have. We made some quick CAD models of a rough product shape, and printed them 1:1 on a paper printer. Then we used those prints to carve the shape out of machinable foam to get the right dimensions. Then we hollowed out the shape to make room for some electronics that we ripped out of a hair straightener and made some faux heat plates on the Omax waterjet. Then we added some hinges, and we had a crude 3D non-working prototype of what the product could be. This gave us a good baseline to know that it was big enough to house all of the elements. It also gave Brandon a tool to share with confidants for feedback and approach investors to fund further development.


product development

The concept model of the Collar Perfect

Now that we had a great concept for the product and a good idea of how all of the components would be packaged, it was time to design a proper alpha prototype. The design team came up with a modern looking “high tech white” form for the product, and the engineering team used the sketches to start creating the CAD model for the product. Kurt Jordan, the electrical engineer, designed the circuit board and fed the shape of the board back to the lead mechanical designer, Patrick Bailey. Patrick designed the components, integrated a nifty locking hinge for the flat iron function, and integrated all of the components into the design. The plastic parts were 3D printed, the heating plates were borrowed from a hair straightener and heat plates were cut and welded together from sheets of aluminum. Our prototyping guru, Chris Gabriel, gave it a professional paint job, and we presented it to Brandon.

invention idea

Alpha prototype build

Like any alpha prototype, it had a few issues. The LEDs for the heat settings are not bright enough, the main spring is not stiff enough, and there are improvements to be made to the way the parts all fit together. However, it was a great first shot at a fully featured product, and most importantly it was a great learning tool to take into the next steps of the development.

Collar Perfect alpha prototype in flat iron mode.

With the help of the Edison Nation team, Brandon is well on his way to getting the Collar Perfect on the market. There is still another round of prototyping and sourcing work ahead, and like any startup, funding is key to getting the product to the finish line. The Collar Perfect has now launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can view the video and support it if you like it.

Kickstarter Kickstarter

Kickstarter Kickstarter


Hidden in plain sight is a great way to describe many innovations, and the Collar Perfect fits perfectly into this category. Brandon had a problem in his life that kept popping up and he had the drive to go out and find a solution that works great and has a huge potential market. While there are plenty of challenges ahead, with the help of the EN team, we expect the Collar Perfect to be a great success.


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License Product License product License product

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Another Licensing Deal! Congratulations, Elizabeth Crouch!

Ellery Homestyle


Another Edison Nation licensing deal! Ellery Homestyles has selected a throw blanket concept invented by Edison Nation member, Elizabeth Crouch. This deal came just a month after the EN licensing team presented an impressive lineup of finalists at the Ellery Homestyles headquarters in New York.

Elizabeth was born and raised in sunny Sacramento County, California and later moved to Oregon where she currently resides with her husband Roy. Elizabeth has two daughters, two stepchildren, and eight grandchildren. Elizabeth has been working with the Spirit Mountain Casino in Oregon for about 12 years as a Finance Specialist, but enjoys looking at challenges and thinking of product ideas that match each challenge in her free time. One of these ideas became a greeting card subscription service for lonely elderly called Mail a Hug. Elizabeth says her experience with Mail a Hug taught her to take ideas a little slower and embrace the journey of growing fleeting thoughts to more concrete product ideas.

Following Mail a Hug, Elizabeth launched The Cupcake Rack and took the idea from conception to fruition including prototyping, patenting, market research, and manufacturing all on her own. You can read about her journey with The Cupcake Rack in her forum thread, ““Waiting for my ship to come in…”.

After realizing how expensive and complicated bringing a product idea to market alone can be, Elizabeth found Edison Nation.

Invention Idea“The community is my second family.  What I love most is that we inventors are all like-minded and cheer for each other’s success.  When one succeeds, we all succeed.  The community is genuinely interested in my journey, as I am in theirs; because they get it… they know what I’m feeling and experiencing.”

As a seasoned inventor, Edison Nation Insider, and member of the EN family, we asked Elizabeth if she has any advice to share with fellow Edison Nation members and aspiring inventors:

“Patience is definitely a virtue with inventing and the hopes of licensing.  EN has taught me to wait, be patient, and just live your life without giving too much thought to the process.  So I’m patient…I always dream big, hope for the best, and prepare for the worst… Thank you EN and thank you Ellery! And, I love my EN family!

While we are very excited to be teaming up with Ellery Homestyles and Elizabeth Crouch, scoring a licensing deal is just the first step in successfully bringing a product idea to market. Be sure to stay tuned for updates along the way!




 So far we’ve earned over $200 million in sales for our inventors, all at no risk to them. Is your idea the next big thing?

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Ten Obsolete Inventions that were Once Mainstays

In celebration of #TBT (throwback Thursday), we’re celebrating all those inventions that were once considered high-tech, but are now obsolete or on their way out.

With the brilliant minds of our Edison Nation community, we can only imagine that some day not too far away we’ll be laughing at the thought of MP3 players and plasma TV’s, too.

So, let’s all take a minute from our day, take a trip down memory lane, and honor these ten great inventions that have given way to modern technology.
1. Classic Radio
Obsolete inventions
Remember turning the knob of the radio, hoping to find clarity in all the static? Thanks to boom boxes and digital radios, you’d be pressed to find people still buying these relics anymore.


2. Road Map

Obsolete Inventions
The days of pulling out the trusty map from the glove compartment and struggling to get the darn thing folded back up are gone. GPS or smartphones are all you need to get from Point A to B.


3. Rotary Telephone

Obsolete inventions
With more than 90% of adults now using cell phones and more and more households ditching their landlines, old wind-up rotary telephones are surely a thing of the past.


4. Instant Film Camera

Obsolete inventions
In 2008 Polaroid discontinued their beloved instant film after digital cameras and smartphones took its place. For Polaroid diehards, you can still buy vintage Polaroid cameras and film from Urban Outfitters.



Obsolete Inventions
Gone are the days of Blockbuster and recording your favorite shows onto VHS tapes. DVD players have been outselling VCR’s since 2002, and now with the proliferation of online TV…sorry VCR and VHS, but your time has come and gone.


6. PDA Phone

Obsolete Inventions
PDAs were the “it” thing back in the ‘90s, but what happened? PDAs fell to the reign of the Blackberry, which quickly became the predecessor to the touchscreen smartphone.


7. Pager

Obsolete Inventions
Again, the smartphone has made a once beloved gadget redundant and unnecessary. Formerly used in businesses, pagers have been since replaced by the speed and effectiveness of email, SMS, and other messaging apps.


8. Typewriter

Obsolete inventions
Fun fact: Thomas Edison built the first electric typewriter in 1872, but the first typewriter capable of storing text did not appear until 1978. In 2009, the typewriter went officially extinct when Godrej and Boyce, the last typewriter manufacturer, sold off their last units.


9. Audiocassette

Obsolete inventions
In the never-ending battle for audio supremacy, the audiocassette rose to power in the 50s, largely replacing vinyl records. By late 1980s CDs had dropped in price and the audiocassette quickly fell out of popularity.


10. Portable CD Player

Obsolete Inventions
Just like every other audio player and media storage device, Portable CD players have given way to MP3 players and smartphones. Who else had one of those obnoxious and bulky fluorescent yellow CD Walkman?

Are you surprised to see any of these gadgets on the list? What current mainstay do you think is on the way out? Let us know in the comments below!



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Dave Beane Scores Licensing Deal with J&H International!

Invention Idea
Exciting news from the Edison Nation HQ! Two weeks ago we announced to our Insiders in Room 5 that Edison Nation community inventor, Dave Beane, scored a licensing deal with J&H International, the leading manufacturing and distribution partner for one of the country’s largest retailers. After weeks of anticipation, we’re excited to finally announce it to our entire community!

Dave grew up in the Detroit area in Rochester, Michigan and has been a Northern Michigan resident for the past 23 years. Although his professional career has been almost entirely involved with sales and marketing, Dave enjoys thinking about specific problems or needs of the general population and conjuring hypothetical product solutions in a meditative way.

Dave said he came up with his invention idea after focusing on the reuse of waste materials and Edison Nationasking himself “is there an item in the waste stream that everyone would reuse in some specific, practical and simple way?” After considering this concept for at least a year, the answer was yes. Dave submitted his product idea to our Open Search and was licensed to J&H International in less than two months!

So how did Dave do it? In addition to undying support from his wife and son, knowledge gained from his favorite business reality TV shows such as Shark Tank and The Profit, Dave says that ultimately, it’s about the marketability of your product idea and having patience:

“Ideas are easy – access to capital, manufacturing and distribution are hard. The first three products that I developed, I actually had manufactured and I sold them with limited success. The lesson that I learned was that although my ideas were good, the markets were very limited. I recommend focusing on product ideas to solve everyday problems for the average person. Have extreme patience and don’t give up!”

Dave, who is not an Insider member, was unable to see the outpouring support from our community members in Room 5 the other week so please, even if you did already, join us in another huge congratulations…



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Let’s Get Edison Nation CEO, Louis Foreman, to SXSW 2015!

SXSW Interactive

Louis Foreman has devoted himself to helping independent inventors bring their ideas to market. He formed Edison Nation after realizing how many ideas existed locked up in people’s heads that didn’t have resources to bring it to market itself. To date, Louis has helped hundreds of people like you bring those ‘aha’ moments to store shelves.

SXSW (South By Southwest Interactive Festival) is an annual music, film, and interactive conference that is held in Austin, TX. In 2007, SXSW launched PanelPicker, an innovative online tool developed to enhance community participation in the SXSW Interactive Festival, and allow the community to have a voice in the conference activities.

SXSW PanelPicker

Edison Nation’s own Louis Foreman is in the running to speak at the event on consumer-centric innovation and we need YOUR help to get him there!

All you have to do is vote for Louis:

  1. Click here to visit Louis’ page on SXSW Interactive PanelPicker
  2. If you do not already have an account click ‘Sign In’ in the top right corner of the page
  3. Below the blue ‘Sign In’ button, click ‘Create Account’
  4. Once you have created the account you have to visit your email inbox and click the ‘Confirm my account’ link the email
  5. Once you have confirmed your account, return to Louis’ PanelPicker page
  6. On the right side of the page it says ‘Cast Your Vote’, click the thumbs up icon­

Extra credit: Share Louis’ PanelPicker page on Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn with hashtag #SXSW and #PanelPicker. Be sure to tag @EdisonNation so we can see!


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Visit NASA Google+ Hangout with Edison Nation for a MindShift


Want to invent for NASA? If you haven’t already heard, Edison Nation and NASA have teamed up and are holding a search to find consumer solutions for MindShift.

NASA Langley Research Center will host a Google+ Hangout on Wednesday, August 6, at 3pm EST to discuss MindShift, a training and entertainment technology that mimics reality.

Have you submitted an idea to the NASA Challenge? Are you hoping to learn more about how the technology works?

Here’s how it will work:

When: Wednesday, August 6 at 3pm (EST)

How long: 3pm – 4:30pm 

Where: NASA Google+ Hangout. To join visit this link 

  • What is a Google+ Hangout? It’s an instant messaging and video chat platform that allows people to connect. You’ll be able to watch and join in the conversation with NASA Mindshift inventors, as well as Edison Nation members, from around the world!
  • Why are we all hanging out? If the NASA Challenge has perplexed you, excited you or has stumped you, now is the time to ask the NASA team your MindShift questions. We’ve officially extended this first NASA Challenge to close on Monday, August 11, so don’t be shy! Join the conversation and get thinking of your own ideas for MindShift.
  • The Hangout will be broadcast on NASA Langley’s Google+ and YouTube pages.
  • Panelists include the MindShift inventors: Alan Pope, Chad Stephens and Nina Blanson.
  • NASA social media followers can submit questions for the Hangout on Google+ or Twitter in advance and during the event using the hashtag #askNASA
  • Before the Hangout begins, NASA Langley will open a thread on its Facebook page where questions may be posted.
  • All of the questions you submit through these social media channels will be moderated by NASA.

We hope you’ll spend time with NASA and Edison Nation on Wednesday, August 6!

The NASA Challenge closed on Monday, August 11 but we are always looking for new products idea. Check out our list of current searches to see what we are looking for!



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Community Members on the Move!

We love playing a role in the success of our community members, be it directly or indirectly, and it always excites us when our members are making moves. Two of our Edison Nation community members, Jamal Rollins and Jonathan Smith, have launched their own Kickstarter campaigns to support their fitness-themed inventions.

Calf Fit Kickstarter

Calf Fit

Jamal Rollins’ project is a new innovative portable exercise device, specially designed to strengthen the soleus muscle. We’d be thrilled to see Jamal succeed, and if you would too, be sure to visit, support, and share the campaign below.


Check out the Calf Fit campaign.


If you want your very own Calf Fit, you can support the campaign by pre-ordering! There are a variety of reward tiers to choose from.


By clicking here, you can send out a pre-populated Tweet about Calf Fit to your followers to let them know about the Calf Fit Kickstarter campaign.

Or, click here to share Calf Fit with your friends on Facebook.


The Spyder 360 Kickstarter

The Spyder 360

You may recognize Jonathan Smith’s name as the inventor of “Bed Lifts” which was licensed to Bed Bath & Beyond and is still sold online and in retail outlets nationwide. Now, Jonathan’s at it again with The Spyder 360, a fitness product that allows you to get a full body workout with just one versatile device. We’d be thrilled to see Jonathan succeed, and if you would too, be sure to visit, support, and share the campaign below.


Check out The Spyder 360 campaign.


If you want your very own The Spyder 360, you can support the campaign by pre-ordering! There are a variety of reward tiers to choose from.


By clicking here, you can send out a pre-populated Tweet about The Spyder 360 to your followers to let them know about the The Spyder 360 Kickstarter campaign.

Or, click here to share The Spyder 360 with your friends on Facebook.

The more people that visit, support and share Calf Fit and The Spyder 360, the more visibility Jamal and Jonathan will receive!

Are you a community member who is making moves? Send us a note at with the subject line “Member on the Move,” and we may just spotlight your project within the community.

The Edison Nation / NASA Challenge on NPR’s Tell Me More

npr edison nation

NASA Explores a New World: Crowdsourcing Ideas

NASA’s David Lockney joined NPR’s Tell Me More this morning to tell listeners what kind of ideas NASA is hoping to find that are inspired by the MindShift technology.

In case you missed it, listen to the story here!

What creative ideas and products come to mind as you consider Alan Pope and Chad Stephens’ MindShift technology?

Be sure to submit your ideas before August 4 at

ASOTV Winning Categories: Storage & Organization

This is the fourth post in a series where we will explore what we believe to be the 10 chief categories that comprise the ASOTV industry. It is important to note that while most ASOTV products fall into one of these categories, it is not all encompassing.

The ten categories that we will be including in this series are health & beauty, pets, kitchen, storage & organization, tools, exercise & weight loss, bath, and children’s toys. Each week we’ll dive into one of these categories and take a look at some of the all-time top products in that category and explain why we believe they make great ASOTV products. In our industry, we typically consider an ASOTV product that sells over 2 MM units a good product. Great products (mega hits) can sell 10 MM units or more. However, actual financials and sales data for ASOTV products are typically unknown, so for the purpose of our blog we will define success by whether or not it made it to retail.

This week, we’ll take a peak into the ‘storage and organization’ category and review some successful products, past and present.


 Mr. Lid ASOTV productMr. Lid

Position: The only container of its kind with an attached lid.

With so much competition, food storage is a tough category to crack, but Mr. Lid’s simple solution to a universal problem is a no brainer. This is definitely one of those products that make you question, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The creative is a little over the top and identifies every single possible use for the product, but it works. The bottom line? Mr. Lid encapsulates every criterion we typically look for in ASOTV products. Plus it is one of only a few storage ASOTV products, that I am aware of, that has ever rolled out to retail.



Wonder Hanger ASOTVWonder Hanger

Position: Instantly triple your closet space! Wonder Hanger is the ultimate solution to any crowded closet.

This wasn’t a completely novel concept, per say, but the magic is in the creative, and the spot does a great job convincing you how well this product works. Closet space is a premium for many people, so this spot knocks mass marketability out of the park. As for the offer, the bendable hangers and stick up lights are two great items that certainly sweeten the deal. One important question you should ask yourself when assessing whether or not your idea is suitable for ASOTV is “Is it dynamic enough?” In this case, the visual demonstration of Wonder Hanger is something that can be easily understood and is visually captivating. For these reasons, as well as its small retail footprint and price, Wonder Hanger makes a great ASOTV product.



Swivel Store ASOTVSwivel Store

Position: The space saving organizer that conveniently keeps all your spices in less than 4 inches of space.

This is another one where the magic is in the creative. The before and afters that show the cluttered mess transforming into a sleek open space is a great and powerful demonstration that resonates with anyone who has ever been frustrated by a messy spice cabinet. Space-saving solutions in the kitchen are a toss up, but this product meets all criteria that we typically look for when it comes to ASOTV: mass marketability, demonstrability, easy to understand, small retail footprint, and low price.



Have a great storage and organization product idea for As Seen on TV? We’re always looking for the next big thing. Submit your idea today!

Now Hiring! Edison Nation is seeking a Senior Rails Developer

Know of any great Rails Developers out there? We’re always growing and we need to add one to our team. Please share this page and let them know about this opportunity!

Senior Rails Developer

Do your apps change people’s lives? Ours do.

Our users’ product ideas have generated more than $200 million in retail sales and our work touches millions of people from more than 180 countries.

Do you get excited about learning and using the latest technologies in a production environment? That’s how we roll and we want you to roll with us.

Edison Nation is seeking a highly-skilled and self-motivated Rails developer with excellent communications skills and the ability to excel in a fast-moving, creative environment. The desires to teach and learn in an ego-free environment and a good sense of humor are critical.

About us

We own innovation. Our members submit product ideas to us and we design, engineer and commercialize the best, sharing an industry-leading royalty with the inventor.

Did you catch Everyday Edisons on PBS or Hulu last night? That’s our Emmy award-winning television show. It’s about us and members of our site. It airs in over 60 countries around the world.

Are you sick of the late-night ads for Bacon Bowl, Eggies, Gyro Bowl and Mr. Steamy yet? Those are all ours, too. So is that new Kathy Ireland Stemáge collection.

We’re taking over the world as the online engine that brings consumer-driven innovation to market. And we want you to help lead us into the future.

Charlotte or anywhere

We’re located in beautiful Charlotte, NC. If you are here – or would like to relocate here – that’s fantastic. If you’re more the telecommuting type and already love the city you’re in, we’ll consider a telecommuting position for the right candidate – half of our team works remotely. We use Google Hangouts and Campfire to keep the team connected, regardless of location. We also have a daily 15-minute standup at 2pm EST to keep everybody up-to-date and from going stir crazy at home.

A look around the office

Note: click the photos above to view an around-the-office gallery from a previous post.

More about you

You should be comfortable working on large web applications. You should understand the ins and outs of working with dev, staging and production servers with multiple developers. You must have an extremely high attention to detail and the ability to deliver consistently while working independently and without constant supervision – although the rest of our team is always willing and ready to jump in and help when you need it.

Day-to-day, you will work with our team of front-end and back-end developers to code new features and improve the user experience for members of our giant community. You will also work with our other internal product development teams to build apps that help them be more efficient in developing, licensing and bringing physical real-world products to market.

You’re a self-motivator and you’re always on the lookout for opportunities to refactor code… and you don’t wait around for permission to make it happen. You’ll be a driving force behind the magic that makes people really enjoy using our site.

You absolutely crush Ruby on Rails and you’re excited about learning and using newer technologies like AngularJS.

You can work on our full technology stack and will have the ability to shift your focus – depending on your evolving interests – from the front-end to back-end to devops. No two days at Edison Nation are the same and you’ll never get bored.

You will hold your own on a mid-sized team that is expected to always deliver. Your boss is awesome (he’s also writing this) and knows his most important job is to filter out the noise so you can stay focused.

You will be given the opportunity to drive the development direction by choosing the tools you feel best solve the everyday challenges of a quickly-growing site. We’re looking for someone we can trust to make important decisions and own them.

Required skills

  • Ruby & Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL experience (on occasion, you will analyze a slow query and speed it up)
  • JavaScript (jQuery experience at a bare minimum)
  • Ability to interact with third-party APIs (Campaign Monitor, Hubspot, etc…)
  • Über-high attention to detail
  • At least 2 years of commercial development experience
  • Excellent communication and writing skills


If you have the communication skills and maturity of a university graduate, we could care less where – or if – you went to school. On the other hand, if you went to a really nice school, we’ll make a point to sound impressed when you tell us about it. With the cost of higher education these days, it should at least get you something.

Benefits & perks

  • Salary based on experience
  • Excellent healthcare/dental insurance
  • Work with a diverse A-level team
  • Enjoy training + conference budget
  • Appear on our television show and your parents will finally understand what you do for a living!
  • Free Coca-Cola Freestyle, Froyo, Espresso, coffee, popcorn & beer

How to apply

Please send a very solid cover letter, a resume/cv if you have one, a link to your GitHub account and URLs for your best sites/apps to

Seriously, if you’ve got the skills, you’ll win or lose the job based on your cover letter so please take the time to tell us why you think you’re a great fit.

  • No Recruiters
  • No Contractors
  • No Outsourcing Shops

If you are a recruiter, contractor or body shop, we’re just going to mark your email as spam if you send it to us. Your witty email isn’t going to change that, either. We’ll just figure out a way to click the spam button twice.