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Tune in to Watch the Pilot Episode of Celebrity Inc.!

Introducing Celebrity Inc. with Mel B

Edison Nation’s promise to our community is to provide your ideas with the most opportunities to reach their greatest potential.

Brand Promise

As many of you are aware, Edison Nation was born from the television series Everyday Edisons. About a year ago, we announced that we were working on a new strategy for TV.

We’re excited to share that we’ll soon be testing out life in primetime on the Pop network. The pilot episode of Celebrity Inc is set to air on Monday, November 30 at 9pm ET/PT.

Here’s the official press release issued by Pop:


Follow Her Journey from Pitch to Production, Culminating in an EVINE Live Sale of Her Product on “Cyber Monday,” Immediately Following the Television Special

Mel B reviews an inventor's product pitch

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 18, 2015 – Pop takes viewers inside the multi-billion dollar industry of celebrity endorsements in CELEBRITY INC., a one hour television special highlighting how stars extend their relationship and credibility with audiences to build businesses and connect their personal brands with products they love.

Premiering on Monday, November 30 at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT, CELEBRITY INC. stars world renowned entertainer Mel B as she sets her sights on the business world and she meets with aspiring inventors to create, market and sell a self-endorsed product. A sneak peek of CELEBRITY INC. is available at:

In CELEBRITY INC., Mel B works closely with Edison Nation, an innovation marketplace that connects great ideas to companies and brands. Together, they will review and select a new product to launch that aligns with the music entertainer’s personal brand. The winning selection will be revealed during the special and then sold on “Cyber Monday” on TV and online on EVINE Live immediately following Pop’s television premiere.

“I am so excited for my fans to see this new and exciting venture in ‘Celebrity Inc.,’” said Mel B. “It’s been an absolute thrill to partner on the launch of a new product that reflects my interests and lifestyle.”

“Celebrity-branded products are a multi-billion dollar business and in our hyper-connected world, more culturally relevant than ever,” said Paul Adler, Senior Vice President, Original Programming and Development, Pop. “Our television special with Mel B will give viewers a fascinating first-hand look at how celebrity endorsed products are created from their inception to launch.”

If Celebrity Inc. is picked up for a full season, we’ll soon be working with more celebrities to pair innovative products for their brands, which means more opportunities for YOU at Edison Nation!

Be sure to tune in and check it out on Monday, 11/30, and we’ll continue to keep you posted on next steps for this and other opportunities!

Visit and use the channel finder at the bottom of the page. 

The Patents Matter Hangout

Congress is considering sweeping changes to the U.S. patent laws.

#PatentsMatter Hangout to discuss patent reform

The Innovation Alliance and Save the Inventor are hosting a Google Hangout on Wednesday, October 7, at 3PM EST to discuss pending patent legislation and the dangers they pose for American inventors. Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) and Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) will participate in this bipartisan online hangout to discuss their concerns with patent legislation (S. 1137 and H.R. 9) currently under consideration in Congress. The members will take questions from online viewers via Twitter.

Gene Quinn, patent attorney and the founder of IP Watchdog, will moderate the following panel of patent experts:

  • The Honorable Chris Coons, U.S. Senator (D-Delaware)
  • The Honorable Thomas Massie, U.S. House Representative (R-Kentucky)
  • Louis Foreman, Inventor and founder of Edison Nation

The panel will discuss pending patent legislation that threatens to undermine the U.S. patent system and the inventors it was designed to protect.

Screen shot 2015-10-06 at 10.03.40 AM

Join the #PatentsMatter conversation on Twitter by sharing:

#HappeningNow: #PatentsMatter Hangout w/ Sen. @ChrisCoons @RepThomasMassie @louisforeman @ipwatchdog! Watch:

Join the #patents convo #happeningnow! Submit your questions using #PatentsMatter. Watch: 

#MustRead: Sen.@ChrisCoons – #patents are about American Dream via @ipwatchdog #ICYMI #PatentsMatte

.@RepThomasMassie pens open letter to protect American small inventors: #ICYMI #PatentsMatter #IPmatters

VIDEO: @RepThomasMassie  #Patents are Currency of Invention #PatentsMatter #ICYMI

#ICYMI @edisonnation @louisforeman in @theHill: #patents legislation will hurt inventor #PatentsMatter

Louis Foreman Files Amicus Brief in Continued Effort to Protect Inventors’ Rights

Edison Nation Medical’s CEO, founder and inventor, Louis Foreman continues his work to protect the rights of independent inventors at the highest levels.  Foreman’s recent Amicus Brief (“friend of the court”) was filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Court in the case Halo v. Pulse, where he urges the court to allow judges to award enhanced (punitive) damages in favor of the patent owner.

In the case of Halo v. Pulse, the plaintiff, a patent owner, had offered the defendant a license for the patent, but the defendant not only declined the offer but continued to knowingly infringe the plaintiff’s patent.  When the plaintiff brought the case to court and won, the defendant was only ordered to pay a “reasonable royalty” which is no more than the original license that the plaintiff offered.  In cases where the infringer has “not acted in good faith,” or has caused “unnecessary expense and injury” to the patent owner, the judge should have the power to increase the damages owed to the patent owner beyond those that would have been obtained in a license agreement that the defendant refused in the first place

Indeed, infringers should not be able to knowingly and willingly violate patents for years but ultimately pay only the same amount they would have paid the patent owner for a license in the first place.  Currently, however, that is the situation that now exists, because an infringer can avoid being stuck with enhanced damages if the infringer’s attorneys, for the first time in the litigation, raise a newly-devised (but ultimately incorrect) argument that the patent is invalid or not infringed, even if this was not the actual reason why the infringer refused to take a license years earlier.

This brief points out the dire economic consequences to inventors and the U.S. economy if the patent rights of individual inventors and small businesses are not respected and protected against predatory infringers who will not respect their rights.

The brief also argues that judges should have the flexibility to increase damages based on “aggravated circumstances,” “unnecessary expense and trouble” and “any special inconvenience” suffered by the patent owner—terms that come straight from opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court in early patent cases that properly respected the rights of patent owners.

To read the entire Amicus Brief, click here.



About Louis Foreman

Louis Foreman and Edison Nation have a long history of protecting the rights of individual inventors.  Since 2008, Foreman has served on the nine person Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC) of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  In 2013, he was asked to serve as Chairman of PPAC until the end of his term in December 2014.  The PPAC was created by Congress in 1999 to advise the Undersecretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO on matters relating to the policies, goals, performance, budget and user fees of the patent operation.

Louis Foreman is a prolific inventor, product developer, innovation enthusiast and small business entrepreneur. Over the past 20 years Louis has created 9 successful start-ups and has been directly responsible for the creation of over 20 others. A prolific inventor, he is the inventor on 10 registered US patents, and his firm is responsible for the development and filing of well over 600 more. In recent years, he’s been called upon by Congress to share his point of view on patent reform, by USA Today for commentary on entrepreneurship and often to address schools and universities to propel the advancement of innovation for all ages.


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Thomas A. Edison Papers Now Available in ProQuest® History Vault

ProquestEveryday, Edison Nation takes inspiration from Thomas Edison’s work ethic, perseverance, and passion for inventing. It is our belief that sometimes the best ideas don’t come from well-known inventors or corporations, but the minds of everyday people. We are committed to providing our community the resources they need to bring their invention ideas to life.

So, it is with great excitement to learn that ProQuest and Rutgers University are teaming to make the University’s acclaimed Thomas A. Edison Papers more accessible to scholars and students around the world.

More than 175,000 of Edison’s laboratory notebooks, diaries, business records, correspondence, and other documents will now be available in ProQuest® History Vault, boosting access, precision search and cross-referencing of these documents with other digital archives from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The Thomas A. Edison Papers Collection provides an intimate look at the life, work, and vision of the inventor credited with integrating the worlds of science, technology, movies, business, and finance.

An inventor, businessman, scientist, industrialist, entrepreneur and engineer, Edison laid the foundation for the age of electricity, recorded sound, motion pictures, and the introduction of modern industrial research. This extraordinary project has carefully gathered the materials from the Edison National Historical Park that document his life and work. With more than 150,000 pages of materials that have never been available online, it encompasses six parts:

Proquest—  Five collections that span Edison’s life and work from 1850 through 1919

—  A sixth collection encompasses Motion Picture Catalogs – a source for studying America in transition as filmmakers reflected industrialization, technological innovation, the changing role of women, race relations, and the birth of new communication and mass entertainment.

“This is a very unique resource,” said Susan Bokern, ProQuest vice-president, Information Solutions. “The Edison Papers are a firsthand insight into the mind and the work of the inventor, as well as a stunning look at how technological innovation and cultural change are interrelated. His inventions both reflected and disrupted the cultural practices of his time. Incorporating these papers in ProQuest’s History Vault Program increases their research utility to scholars and broadens their access.”

ProQuest’s History Vault Program encompasses 11 million pages of digitized primary source content that documents and improves research of the American experience.


Click here to learn more about ProQuest’s History Vault Program.


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The Edison Nation / NASA Challenge on NPR’s Tell Me More

npr edison nation

NASA Explores a New World: Crowdsourcing Ideas

NASA’s David Lockney joined NPR’s Tell Me More this morning to tell listeners what kind of ideas NASA is hoping to find that are inspired by the MindShift technology.

In case you missed it, listen to the story here!

What creative ideas and products come to mind as you consider Alan Pope and Chad Stephens’ MindShift technology?

Be sure to submit your ideas before August 4 at

Edison Nation’s Louis Foreman Visits Fox & Friends

For all the early-birds, you may have seen a familiar face while taking in your morning news. Our CEO Louis Foreman made his second appearance on Fox & Friends this morning showcasing some of our inventor’s products!

During the segment, Louis discussed and demoed some of Edison Nation member’s most popular products, including Gyro Bowl, Eggies, and of course Perfect Bacon Bowl.

Watch the clip here.

Louis on set2

Louis and hosts

Louis on set



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Patent Reform Inventor Coalition

Guest Post by Eric Huber


As innovators, you’ve likely heard about a new bill the Senate is considering aimed at fighting against patent trolls. If you’re not familiar with what a patent troll is, this is a common term for companies who purchase patents with no plans to produce actual products. Instead, they purchase them with the goal of gaining license fees and royalties from other companies. The effort to end this problem at its root is a noble one, but the issue with this particular bill is that it may have adverse consequences for true inventors — especially independent inventors like us.

Edison Nation’s CEO, Louis Foreman, wanted to make sure the Senate took time to hear from the inventors who may be affected, and I had the pleasure of being invited as one of those inventors, along with Christopher Hawker (owner of Trident Designs and a friend of EN). What an experience it was being part of this inventor coalition with Louis!

We spent April 2 and 3 in Washington, DC and met with the staff of about 25 Senators over the two days. Our objective was to both put a face on those millions of inventor/innovators and to “educate” them on the unintended consequences of components of the pending patent legislation.


Louis Foreman and a couple of us heading to Senator Reid’s office in the Capitol

In addition, our goal was to slow down the turbo pace the legislation is moving through the Senate after passing the House in only 5 weeks. We hope for at least a delay that would afford more time for all affected parties to coalesce and be heard. The issues in the legislation that are of concern include…

  • Fee Shifting (loser pays other’s costs)
  • Customer Stay (limiting which infringers can be targeted)
  • Demand Letters (regulating demand letters of infringers)
  • Post Grant review Estoppel change (leading to ability of infringers to prolong the legal process)
  • …and others that are well articulated in a variety of letters and position papers such as this one and this one.

Louis hosted a panel discussion luncheon where we, again, wanted to put a face to the inventor community and bring attention to how this legislation, in its current form, will weaken intellectual property rights and curb innovation.


Me with Warren Tuttle (President of UIA) at our panel discussion luncheon

In attendance at the luncheon was the Congressman from California, Dana Rohrabacher. He has been a huge champion of a strong patent system. He had a lot of passion (and frustration) for what is being pushed through. Upon his leaving he invited all of us out to dinner.


At the dinner with my congressman Dana Rohrabacher

The inventors, Louis and Charlie Sauer were joined by the senior Republican congressman from California and his press secretary; a sophomore Republican congressman from Alabama and his wife; and a senior Democrat congresswoman from Ohio. At this dinner we discussed the issues and used the opportunity to discuss ways of moving forward. At the end of the night, Congressman Rohrabacher invited us to his office the following morning.


Invention and politics at the local Chinese food restaurant 

Thursday morning, we all met at the Congressman’s office to talk more about the subject. In addition, we chatted about his time as a Reagan speech writer, his time with the Afghan freedom fighters and surfing.

Louis and Congressman Rohrabacher

As a Californian, he is my Representative and lives near me, so I invited him to my garage workshop and “man cave”… he accepted.

In addition to all the meetings and events, Chris and I were interviewed by the media. We were approached by a writer with Bloomberg’s Washington Bureau who has been on the patent beat for 13 years. She wanted to chat with us for background on the patent legislation and to better understand the effects of this legislation from our perspective. It was a very interesting and frank 2-hour conversation.

As you can see, it was definitely an exciting and eventful two days that we hope will prove to be beneficial. If you’d like to get involved or stay informed about this legislation, visit this forum thread I’ve created to find out what you can do!

The Story Behind the Gyro Bowl

If you’ve been around this community long enough, you’re likely very familiar with EN inventors Brad and Melinda Shepard, and their top-selling product, the Gyro Bowl – but do you know the entire story?

Brad and Melinda

Brad and Melinda were recently featured in the Huffington Post, where they shared their journey of inventing the Gyro Bowl, from messy crackers to millions of sales. Read the full Huffington Post article.


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New DRTV Product Ventures from Edison Nation

Innovation isn’t just our business, it’s our passion. It’s the mission of our in-house team to do exceptional work that takes your invention ideas from concepts to market-ready products. Occasionally that same work is noticed by companies who want to collaborate with us and/or members of our team.

As a result, over the past several months, we’ve been working on a few new products (and taking on some new product categories!) and we’re excited to share two of them with you today. We hope you’ll not only head over and show us some social media love, but possibly give these products a try!

When we saw the science behind Stemage, we knew this was a venture we couldn’t pass up. We’ve partnered with world-renowned surgeon and cellular biologist, Dr. David Scharp, on his remarkable formula, as well as an amazing team at kathy ireland World Wide to bring this new skincare line to market. Stemage will be launching through DRTV as an informercial product. We hope you’ll come like us on the Stemage Facebook page.


Hot Huez
Our team is always tracking the latest consumer product trends. One of the most recent fashion trends amongst teens and young adults is the application of temporary colored hair chalk. It might be the fastest way to achieve a high fashion makeover but everybody had the same complaint: “it’s too messy to put on.” We knew if we could make the application process cleaner and easier, we’d have a hit on our hands. Our industrial designers dove right into the problem and created an ingenious solution that takes hair chalking to the next level. Edison Nation produced the As Seen on TV spot which launched nationwide.

Hot Huez is now available at Rite Aid, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart, and Walgreens. Please support Hot Huez with a like on the Hot Huez Facebook page.




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Small Business Breakthrough: Help your favorite business grow!


During the month of May, Edison Nation is proud to participate in The Small Business Breakthrough, a national movement to promote small businesses so they can amplify their word of mouth marketing and grow.

We’re participating in this movement with other like-minded businesses because we know that small business is the lifeblood of the American economy. When small businesses grow, we all win.

Please join us in promoting small businesses by visiting The Small Business Breakthrough website and nominating your favorite small businesses to win some fantastic prizes (including a free Edison Nation Insider membership), and then by sharing that nomination with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email. Be sure to use hashtag #SBBreakthru.

Thank you for helping us support small businesses!