An Inside Look at our Apothecary Products Searches!

An Inside Look at our Apothecary Products Searches!

With a few weeks left to submit your ideas to the Apothecary Products innovation searches, we wanted to highlight each search category and share some tips to inspire your creativity.

Apothecary: Simple Solutions that Support Inner Health

For this search, the focus is on inner health. Inner health can be anything from medicine organizers to supplements and vitamins that support your health by being proactive. If there are things you do to help support your inner health, create a product idea that extends the same benefits to others. Other inner health products could include smart bracelets and sleep/stress solutions.

Apothecary: Simple Sensory Wellness Solutions (Ezy Dose Self-Care)

This is a search for concepts to improve sensory wellness. Here we want to think of products or accessories that aid around any of the five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. Think of hygiene and simple solutions to problems that one could face in their day to day lives. An example could be nose products that help you breathe better at night or when fighting that winter cold.

Apothecary: Simple Inner Health and Sensory Solutions for Families (Ezy Dose Kids)

The focus of this innovation search is on inner health and sensory solutions for kids and families. While the inner health focus will still be similar to the adult search we’ve already reviewed, please keep in mind that all ideas should work to aid children and adults. Some examples could be products to help with feeding, remedies for sicknesses, hygiene and skin health. And again, sensory solutions would be any idea that involves the five senses; taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. Innovation ideas could be for one specific sense or could combine these senses.

Apothecary: Mobility and Agility Solutions (Ezy Dose Self-Care)

This search is for concepts that will help aid in mobility and agility solutions to make recovery faster or painful joints and muscles ache less. We’ll also accept and review preventative solutions in the form of vitamins and supplements designed to benefit bone or joint health for adults.



Apothecary: Simple Solutions for Acute Self-Care/First Aid (Ezy Dose Self-Care)

The focus of this innovation search  is on acute self care and first aid. Innovation ideas can range from over-the-counter medications and remedies to wound care and treatments. Some solutions to this could even be temperature-based remedies or products to relieve pain. 

Apothecary is looking for anything you may find in or add to a first aid kit but “kicked up a notch” for better use.

We hope that this blog was helpful to get those creative ideas flowing and we look forward to reviewing your ideas!

Happy inventing!

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