A sample of an ideal Edison Nation submission

A sample of an ideal Edison Nation submission

Many of you have asked what an “ideal” submission looks like. While each idea is different, we’ve created an example of what we want to see in your next Edison Nation submission.

Disclaimer – yes, this is a submission for an airplane, we know they exist 😉 We’ve crafted the submission as if submitted by Wilbur Wright of the Wright Brothers.

Let’s start at the top:

We hope that this has provided some insight into what the Edison Nation Review Team is looking for when we evaluate your submissions.

Final tips?

  • Be as thorough as possible.
  • Don’t submit your idea until it is completed – remember, we start evaluating within 24-48 business hours of submission and when we open your idea, we are assuming you’ve provided completed details about the concept.
  • Research, research, research.
  • If you mention that you have images and/or a video, attach them to the submission.

Happy Inventing!

Have you ever thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”?

We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelvesall at no risk to you.

10 Comments A sample of an ideal Edison Nation submission

  1. Thom

    It could just be me… But when I read “what does…” I immediately though they wanted to see a promo/sell sheet. There are several in the forum per Roger, Frank and others, but you would have to do a search, and most peeps won’t take the time to do so.
    Anyway… I did get a few “best method” pointers from this blog!
    I guess will see how far off my assumption is…

  2. Joseph Draper

    I put all my bank info in and vlivked submit. Then I was loged off. I had to log back in and is now telling me I don’t have any submissions. I will find out if I’m being charged for a submission that is not on my dash board ?

  3. Samuel Earl Craig

    What is the correct website to submit my invention to.
    I have already paid the $25 For submission.

  4. Michelle

    Hi Samuel! Nothing additional for you to do. I am showing that you have an active account and the submission is live. Best of luck!

  5. Jeffery Peters

    I have innovation product that everyone loves for the last 17 years but we as business people are reluctant to think if it’s enough nice people out here but we will never know until the Courtesy Light take market. It’s a product out that haven’t been seen by anyone I know or yourself and the technology is here to build one of the world’s best inventions.

  6. Michelle

    Hi James,

    I’ve reviewed your account and am showing no active submissions on our end. It could be that your idea is still in draft form.

    Ideas remain drafts and are not visible to the EN team until they are submitted to one of our innovation searches.

    Here are instructions on how to opt your idea into a search:

    Go to http://www.edisonnation.com.

    Enter your email and password.

    Submitting an idea to an innovation search:

    On the Navigation bar at the top of the screen, click “Submit an Idea” – this will open a list of available searches to submit to.

    Scroll down on the searches page and click “Learn More” on the search you’d like to submit to.

    Click “Submit Your Idea”

    Click on the idea you’d like to submit – this will open the submission form for the idea.

    Click the fourth section (billing and payment).

    Submission Form:

    In this section, you are going to be asked to fill out your payment information.

    This is just like shopping online – fill in your name, billing address and credit card information.

    Check the boxes indicating you are 18 or older and that you understand the terms of the innovator agreement.

    You will then provide an electronic signature for your name – it will look like this: /first name last name/

    Click “Submit”

    You will know you will have successfully submitted your idea when you receive an email confirmation with the receipt for your submission fee.
    Hope this helps to clarify and send us an email to questions@edisonnation.com.

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