PRODUCT NEWS! Ken Joyner’s OxiClean Splot on the TODAY Show!

PRODUCT NEWS! Ken Joyner’s OxiClean Splot on the TODAY Show!

We announced the product launch of Ken Joyner’s idea, the OxiClean Splot! back in September of last year.

OxiClean Splot from Casabella

Since its launch, OxiClean Splot! has been promoted on various platforms and seen growing interest from the media and bloggers. But we’re very excited to share that it just had one of the best marketing opportunities to date, a feature on NBC’s TODAY!

splot 1

“Gadgets for Getting Organized” segment on the Today show – February 21, 2017

The segment features Steve Greenberg, author of “Gadget Nation,” highlighting different gadgets for getting organized and keeping clean at home.

splot 3

Steve demonstrates the OxiClean Splot to Kathie Lee Gifford and Jenna Bush.

See the entire segment here (the OxiClean Splot is featured around 2:19):

Congratulations to Ken!

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