Everyday Edisons Season 5 Casting Call FAQs

You provided us with your questions about our online casting calls for Season 5 of Everyday Edisons — and now we have answers. We hope this assists you in successfully submitting your ideas! Good luck and happy inventing!

Q.  When do casting calls begin?

A. The first online casting call will run Tuesday, Feb 21 – Monday, April 2.
The second online casting call will run Tuesday, April 3 – Monday, April 30.

Q. Can I submit ideas that have already been submitted to an Edison Nation Live Product Search (LPS) or do they have to be totally new ideas?

A. Ideas that have already been submitted in the past or are currently submitted to a LPS can certainly be submitted to the casting call! In fact, this could be helpful in the event your idea doesn’t move forward within a Live Product Search or Innovation Challenge; you still have a shot at the show!  Just remember that whoever you submit the product to first has the right of first refusal.

Q. What happens if I apply to Everyday Edisons and Edison Nation finds a licensing deal for the idea during that time?

A. Since the company that sees the idea first has the first right of refusal, the idea would move forward with the licensing opportunity. However, there could still be a possibility that a product that we find a home for is incorporated into the show. Particularly in the event that the product/idea is in the infancy stage and we have the opportunity to fully develop it.

Q. Do I have to have a prototype? What if I have a patent, but no prototype?

A. The Everyday Edisons team is looking for great ideas. A prototype or a patent is a plus, but  not necessary. We’re looking for you to explain and demonstrate your idea: What’s patentable about it? What makes it unique? What problem does it solve? Why is it the best thing since sliced bread? Make a case for your idea – whether that’s with prototypes, patents or a great video, the Everyday Edisons team will review all.

Q. What will casting calls consist of? Do I deliver a pitch via Skype or is it a blind submission process?

A. The submission process will work much like a traditional Live Product Search through Edison Nation.  All submissions will undergo the eight-step online review process, and we’ll select up to fifty finalists to be flown to Charlotte, N.C. to pitch their ideas to the judges’ panel, along with an exciting weekend full of activities at our headquarters. Everything involving your submission, prior to becoming a finalist, will be done online through EdisonNation.com.

If you’d like an “inside look” into the casting call and audition process, check out this guest blog post from Season 4 inventor, Eric Huber!

Q. Should I be working on something graphical to show for the audition?

A. For your online submission into the casting calls, you’ll be able to upload all supporting media assets to accompany your idea. This can include pictures, video and text to explain your concept. If you have a prototype, you should upload photos and/or videos of it with your submission — even if it’s a very rough prototype. If you are invited to Charlotte, you will be asked to bring your prototype (if you have one) with you.

Q. Does it make sense to submit an idea to the casting call if it already received an “R4” in a prior Edison Nation Innovation Fund Search?

A. Casting for Season 5 is open to all great ideas – whether you have a new consumer product concept, technology, medical device or beyond. The criteria are pretty limitless. What might not have been a fit for one search could be a fit for the show. We encourage you to take a look at where your idea received an “R” and understand what might have prompted that fate. Perhaps you can improve, revamp and try again! Thomas Edison always said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. “

Q. Is there a product category, market segment, or demographic our ideas should be geared towards based on EN’s feedback from current clients and marketing relationships?

A. This is a completely open call for new ideas – whether they are for consumer products, new technologies, new medical inventions, or beyond. We are looking for the best product ideas spanning every category. If it’s a good idea, a vast improvement on a current idea, or doesn’t exist elsewhere, we want to see it.

Q. Can foreigners apply?

A. Absolutely!

Q. Any idea what the Charlotte dates will be yet?

A. The Charlotte weekend will take place late summer/early fall. Specific dates have not yet been determined.

Q. Can more than one idea be submitted to the casting call?

A. You may submit as many ideas as you would like. Opt-ins are allowed.

Q. Is it fine to bring a spouse to the Charlotte Weekend from start to finish?

A. Guests are welcome to accompany you to Charlotte; however, we will pay for the travel of only one inventor. There will be an option to share a room and a dinner option available for a co-inventor or a spouse should they want to attend the final event. Please note that guests will not be permitted to accompany you during the audition. Further details will be provided to those who are selected to attend the Charlotte Weekend events.

Q. How long is the pitch/audition?

A. During our last Charlotte casting call weekend event, our finalists were allowed 10 minutes for their final judges’ pitch. This accounted for the time in the studio, set up, pitch and exit. Depending on the number of finalists we bring to Charlotte this year, this time frame is subject to change. More detailed information will be provided to those who are selected to attend the Charlotte Weekend events.

Q. How many products can be pitched in the audition?

A. You may submit as many ideas as you would like to the online casting call. Our team will then select the ideas we would like to see in person, which in some cases could be more than one idea from a single inventor.

Q. Is Everyday Edisons only looking for products that can be developed within a year?

A.  Marrying a television production schedule with your traditional product development cycle is not an easy feat. In the end, we’re looking for great ideas. So whether it’s a turnkey consumer product or a complex device, we’d like to consider it. If we can’t complete product development in one season, we can always check back in during the next season.

Q. Will Everyday Edisons pick products that they like from all of an inventor’s submitted ideas and ask them to come, or do we have to submit them into the casting call and pay for them to be considered?

A. Only ideas that are submitted to the online casting calls will be eligible to be a finalist for the Charlotte casting call weekend and for Season 5 of the show.

Q. I have been trying to check out these forms everyone is talking about for the casting call. Can I fill these forms out prior to the casting call and where can I go online to get these forms?

A. We no longer require the registration forms that participants once filled out at the in-person casting calls. One of the perks of the online casting process is that it allows doing everything from the comfort of your home. Simply complete the online submission process to the best of your ability, review and sign our Season 5 Innovator Agreement, and you and your idea are all set. No lines, no red tape, no traveling required… yet.

Q. Can clothing/apparel brands be submitted to the casting call?

A. Yes, but only if it is something that is protectable (Ex., eligible for a design patent, etc.).

Q. Why will there be two separate casting calls? Is there a difference between the two?

A. The casting call was divided into two separate searches to help manage our internal process. This will allow our team to begin reviewing the first set of ideas as the second search is running. There is no difference between the two casting calls; however, those who submit their ideas to the first search (ending April 2) will automatically receive the first opportunity for review.

Q. Can new retail concepts be submitted, or only physical products?

A. You are welcome to submit new retail concepts, however, be sure to keep cost in mind. If your retail concept comes at a much higher cost than a single product, this could potentially work against you.

Q. Can ideas be submitted by mail?

A. Unfortunately, we are only able to accept ideas submitted to the search through our website.

Q. I understand that inventions can be changed slightly and not infringe on a patent. How do I know my invention will be safe from theft?

A. Protecting your idea is a very valid concern and extremely important to us. A great starting place would be to read through our Season 5 Casting Call Innovator Agreement to understand the terms you enter into when submitting your idea(s) to this search. Submitted ideas are only reviewed by the Edison Nation/Everyday Edisons team, and are not shared with any outside parties during the review process. Should the idea be chosen as a finalist and developed for commercialization, we will ensure that the appropriate level of intellectual property protection has been filed prior to the airing of the television show, and prior to showing the product to outside parties to explore prospective licensing opportunities.

When it comes to the integrity of our organization, an important factor to note is that with every Edison Nation/Everyday Edisons product, there is always an inventor associated with that product. We never take ideas from our inventors; we partner with our inventors to bring their great ideas to market and together share in the success.

Q. Will ideas submitted to the Casting Call go into a database for future Live Product Searches (LPS) — Or will they need to be resubmitted to other LPS’s as they come up?

A. All submitted ideas remain in our database until they are deleted by the inventor, however, these ideas must be resubmitted to each individual Live Product Search of interest to be considered. Edison Nation Insider members receive the benefit to “opt-in” these ideas to other searches free of charge. Click here to learn more about Insider Membership.

Q. If my idea is selected, do I have to participate in Everyday Edisons?

A. This casting call is for inventors who are interested in having their idea developed on Season 5 of Everyday Edisons. If you are interested in the opportunity to have your idea developed, but would not like to be on the show, our Edison Nation Live Product Searches and Innovation Fund searches offer this opportunity! A current listing of searches can be viewed here.

Q. What benefit does the innovator gain from participating in this process that is not received from participation in other searches?

A. Through both Edison Nation and Everyday Edisons we hope to find “happy endings” for our inventors, but the road to get there differs slightly between our Live Product Searches and the television series. Edison Nation’s traditional Live Product Search (LPS) pairs the innovation needs of a specific company with the innovative solutions provided by our inventor community. If an idea moves to “G8” status, the inventor will see their idea licensed by that LPS partner. As an educational television show, Everyday Edisons strives to show the entire product development process from idea to fully-furnished product. Because of this, all products selected by the Edison Nation/Everyday Edisons team will have their idea developed and documented. Additionally, not only does the show provide exposure for the products (which promotes increased sales and increased royalties for the inventor), but because Everyday Edisons must work within a TV production schedule, this often expedites the development process of chosen ideas.

Q. Does any of the revenue generated by your participation get passed to the innovator? What of rerun royalties, etc.?

A. All payment information can be found in Section 2 of our Season 5 Casting Call Innovator Agreement.

Q. Do you accept ideas or inventions which are of a military character and should not be televised (or otherwise publicized) because their existence should be classified?

A. While we are certainly open to ideas with potential military uses, ideas that cannot be televised would not be a fit for this particular opportunity.

Q. What happens if I land a licensing deal elsewhere while waiting for my idea to be reviewed?

If an inventor accepts a licensing deal outside of Edison Nation while the idea is undergoing our review, it is recommended that the inventor withdraw their submission from our search.

**Important Note: As with all Edison Nation searches, once submissions reach Stage 7 (aka “G7”) on the member dashboard, the inventor no longer has exclusive rights to the idea and is prohibited from exploring prospective licensing opportunities with other parties.**

Q. I don’t have a credit card. Can I still submit my idea?

A. Unfortunately, a credit or debit card is required to complete our online submission process.

Q. I have submitted to Edison Nation before, will it cost me to submit to the Everyday Edisons casting call?

A. Each Edison Nation search submission, including the Everyday Edisons online casting call, requires a separate submission fee. If an idea has already been submitted previously, Edison Nation Insiders may “opt-in” the idea to any of our other searches free of charge.

Q. Is there an age requirement for auditions?

A. There is no age requirement to participate. However, all Edison Nation searches require that participants under the age of 18 have parent/guardian approval to submit ideas, and this applies to our Everyday Edisons casting calls, as well.

Q. Is the review team for the casting call the same as the review team for other Edison Nation Live Product Searches?

A. Yes, the Edison Nation review team also reviews ideas for Everyday Edisons.

Q. If I submit my idea to the casting call first, then submit it to another search that closes prior to April 30, will Everyday Edisons have the first right of refusal?

A. First right of refusal does not apply to any of our in-house searches, such as the Everyday Edisons Casting Calls. The objective of our team is discovering innovations that can be commercialized on behalf of our community members. As we move through the Everyday Edisons process, we are reviewing all submissions in regards to their ability to be licensed and commercialized and the goal for ALL items that are on Everyday Edisons is to have a commercialization plan in place with a partner – so if we can do that through one of our other search opportunities and develop the product on the show, that is a bonus!

Q. Will game concepts be considered for Season 5?

A. Our casting call is an open search for innovation, so all concepts will be considered.

Have a question about Season 5 Casting Calls that you don’t see answered above? Leave it below in the comments, and we’ll continually update this blog post with answers!

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