Anne Daniels’ Wheelchair Cover Launches on Sure Fit Website

In March 2011, we launched a Live Product Search with slipcover & home solutions providers, Sure Fit. In September, we shared with you the exciting news that as a result of that search, Edison Nation member Anne Daniels’ wheelchair cover was selected for licensing.

Now we are even more pleased to announce that as of this week, Sure Fit has launched Anne’s Wheelchair Cover on its website! The Wheelchair Cover can be viewed and purchased by clicking the image below!

We couldn’t be more happy for Anne! Congratulations on this success!



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6 Comments Anne Daniels’ Wheelchair Cover Launches on Sure Fit Website

  1. bruce mott

    after nineteen years with my Dad in a wheel chair, who has passed on, I now have my Mother-in-law and a stair lift. take a shot at that…the stair lift I mean. they are neat but they are ugly.

  2. Michael Davis

    This brings a bit of dignity back to people who need it most! Great concept and implimentation! I love the color choices and the quilting pattern. Great job Anne!

  3. Richard Ismert

    Just want to say congrats to you and I love the design. It makes the wheel chair look so much nicer. A friend of mine is going to get one(he is in a wheel chair – 5 years now)

  4. Anne Daniels

    Thanks so much for your kind words and advertising support! Surefit picked the fabric and colors, so kudos to them on their selections. I am really psyched to start seeing the covers out-and-about!

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