Shark Tank’s Daymond John & Edison Nation Partner to Invest in Independent Inventors

We’re only four weeks into 2012 and can already say it’s off to an exciting start here at Edison Nation. We’ve turned things up a notch with several unique, new searches and have many more on the horizon that we can’t wait to reveal! One such search is our newest Innovation Challenge with sought-after speaker; founder of the iconic apparel brand, FUBU; and one of the “Sharks” on ABC’s hit series, Shark Tank, Daymond John!

The Daymond John $1 Million Innovation Challenge has been a particularly exciting collaboration for us, not only because of the opportunities it presents for our members, but also because of its similar roots to birth of Edison Nation. As many may know, Edison Nation was established because of the great ideas of many of those who are now our members. Our team came in contact with so many inventors with fantastic ideas during each season’s casting calls for our partner TV show, Everyday Edisons. However, with the ability to choose only ten ideas for the show, that left out many others with great market potential — not to mention those inventors never making it to a casting call at all, due to travel restrictions and other circumstances. That’s where the idea for Edison Nation came in. We decided to create a platform where inventors from all over the world could, not only submit ideas right from the comfort of their homes, but connect with opportunities from major retailers and manufacturers seeking specific innovations.

As a judge on Shark Tank, Daymond has shared a similar experience. He and the rest of the show’s team of “Sharks” encounter several ideas, with only a small percentage able to be brought to primetime television. That’s why Daymond has joined forces with Edison Nation to create an avenue that will allow those additional innovative product ideas to have a shot at licensing and success in the market.

“I’m excited to work with an innovative community such as Edison Nation to share a critical path for everyday people’s ideas that can be brought to market and find commercial success,” says Daymond John.

This search is an open innovation challenge, meaning any product category is eligible and there is no limit to the number of ideas that could be selected. For those ideas that are chosen, Daymond and Edison Nation will invest up to $1 Million to develop and bring them to market.

To learn more about this search, watch the message below from Daymond, then head over to to submit an idea.

13 Comments Shark Tank’s Daymond John & Edison Nation Partner to Invest in Independent Inventors

  1. Beatrice

    Dear Daymond John I have one of the best idea’s that I think will benefit Ladies that shop which is most ladies but I think they will feel more secure in the stores etc. Thank You

  2. Beatrice

    Dear Daymond my grandaughter also has a great idea that she thinks will make girls feel special about themselves thank so much!

  3. funfam4

    Aside from the Everyday Edisons’ Casting Calls, this has to be the most exciting LPS EVER…Edison Nation you are the best!!!!! WooooHoooooo!!!

    Can’t even imagine what you have in store for us next here at EN!! Simply amazing!!!

  4. Toni

    Congratulations to Edison Nation and Daymond John for joining forces to make it possible for
    ordinary people to present their ideas/products
    to this wonderful company and giving us more
    opportunities to get our products to market.

  5. Catherine Jones

    So excited for the potential opportunity to present my fashionvention to Daymond!!!!!!!!! =D Daymond mentions that he would like to see prototypes, where do we send them?

  6. Thelma Harcum

    I’m reposting this from the Forum
    I’ve just entered my idea for review.
    As a composer, I’m wondering if Mr. Daymond would be interested in supporting my next musical project. I am working on a Jazz Musical.
    Perhaps I could put him in the Musical, becasuse the Musical will be of all the great things African-Americans have done in this century and the last. We in Americal is always focusing on the pass history which is important but we are forgetting to record the “Now” history of African-American Life. The Positive that is.

    I have one of the best producer for the great songs I write, which can be heard at CD baby.
    Both albums are listed there. “Lets Dance” and my recent, “Love Songs Explosion”. Mix of Dance, Jazz, R&B, Ballads, Musical, Holiday Songs

    I love his inspirational video and I am proud of all of his success. What I got from this vedio is that he took a chance.

    What a brilliant person is all I can say.

    Music is my strongest talent. As far as inventions and idea, I have a book of them! Everytime I thing something is a good idea, I just write it down, draw a light bulb with rays so that I can go back and see if I should go foreward. I’m behind schedule on doing this but at least, I’m starting.

    Good luck to everyone with their inventions and ideas.

  7. Justo Vega

    Dear Daymond

    Iam praying for your review team to see the advantages and results in my innovation :The Gym Suit”.-It is the ultimate new way to exersice the whole body at once,not only on Earth,but also in “out-of-space”.It is also Universal,portable,light, and benefits such as (Health), Physical Therapy,
    and several sports,will benefit from it.Hope the World see’s the innovation with good eyes,and concentrate in the many uses it can be given to such an innovation.Thank you,and Iam praying to hear from you.

    Here is to the World Of Innovation;Justo Vega-Jamestown,New York

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  9. Susani Sacca

    Dear Mr.John,

    My daily mantra as a leveliii REIKIMASTER, Concieve, Believe, ACHIEVE sir.

    My idea Keep your chicken clean has been submitted and awaiting your approval.

    This outstanding opp/is so very kind of you and Edison Nation which does allow the everyday person who walks around in creative thoughts and a dreamers mind a white luminated flash of hope and whoever you choose a valadation of creative development and ultimate awesome experience and the privledge of you and International Famous Award winning Worldwide Edison Nation!

    I am just learning this computer stuff but if one day you will permit me a meeting, This former Jersey girl now Ohio lady would love to share how in the mid 90 S FUBU sweatshirts effected and empowered middle school students 23miles out of NYC in NJ Burbs which led to another clothing line GOD/GODDESS Warrior to those who are on the road of SPIRTUAL EMPOWERMENT/Englightment to see GOD IN ALL. Remain EGO FREE/Humble and be brought into a place of serving Humanity and a place to better our world! xoxo S

  10. Dear Mr. John,

    I have watched you on Shark Tank and am so impressed with your story and your finesse as a shark. I see what a ‘win, win’ it is for you to partner with Edison Nation and congratulate you on another winning idea! I hope my invention reaches the stage where I can get your opinion on it – maybe even selected for investment. 🙂

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