Now Hiring! Edison Nation is seeking Design/Senior Design Engineers

Edison Nation is seeking Design Engineers to work within our multidisciplinary product development team. These team members could be described as an inventor’s best friend.

They must possess the skills and knowledge necessary to facilitate invention, but have the insight, focus, and vision to move forward into truly innovative solutions. Ideal candidates will demonstrate a history of creative problem solving, and will have hands on experience taking products from concept through to commercialization.

These individuals need to have sound knowledge of engineering principles, and manufacturing processes. Working together with our industrial designers, marketers, brand strategists, and vendors; Design Engineers will participate in benchmarking research, propose manufacturing techniques, inspire unique function possibilities, select production materials, manage all levels of prototyping, and produce production CAD data and documentation.

Ideal candidates will thrive in a fast paced product development consultancy. Attitude is extremely important. Ambition, desire to grow, willingness to build a team, and a relentless work ethic are essential attributes.

Design Engineer candidates will have the opportunity to be featured on our Emmy award-winning television series, Everyday Edisons, and be a part of helping inventors of Edison Nation products.

The Job:

  • Be part of creating exceptional, innovative, and commercially successful products.
  • Add technical insight, creative mechanical problem solving and inspiration to early product development activities, brainstorming, ideation and benchmarking research.
  • Bring an exceptional understanding of mechanisms, mechanical systems, and ideally electromechanical systems.
  • Very effectively communicate ideas, research findings, budgets, and regulatory considerations.
  • Play well with others! Enhance professional and respectful collaboration with the whole development team.
  • Give direction to and mentor Junior Level Staff (Senior Engineers)

Specific Skills

  • Hands-on, real world experience in product development (1 or more years)
  • Strong understanding of accepted product development process (ISO 13485 a plus)
  • Broad knowledge and experience with manufacturing processes
  • Strong working knowledge of Solidworks (ideally with complex surfacing experience)
  • Knowledge of standard GD&T practice and the ability to output technical documentation
  • Ability to manage and participate in the construction of prototypes
  • BSME/MSME or equivalent
  • *Bonus abilities: Shop/Making skills, fabrication, machining, molding and painting abilities, experience with micro-controller integration (arduino, stamp, freescale, etc.)

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3 Comments Now Hiring! Edison Nation is seeking Design/Senior Design Engineers

  1. ralf chlipalski

    I’d like to apply as I have the more important qualifications you require. I have produced engineering products through to commercialization within a multidisciplinary development team as a senior electrical engineer. I have 20 years experience in product development. I have much experience in circuit design CAD but not Solidworks. I have worked in a metal shop in various positions. I am also a regular contributor to the Edison Nation forums and have played nice quite often. I have also appeared 4 times on the Canadian invention TV show Dragons’ Den.

  2. Anthony Costa

    I am very interested in this exciting job offer. A couple quick questions where would this be located? and what would be the starting wages?

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