Betsy Kaufman and ‘Eggies’ Featured in the New York Times!

As our excitement around the launch of ‘Eggies’ continues, so does the excitement across the country! If you haven’t heard the news or seen the article for yourself, Betsy Kaufman and Eggies were featured in the Sunday, June 12 edition of the New York Times! The article appears in the paper’s “Prototype” column and gives an inside look into Betsy’s “eureka moment,” leading to the conception of Eggies as well as her partnership with us to develop the product! Congratulations, Betsy!

To read the online edition of the article, click here.

Want to hear firsthand how Eggies got their start? Watch as Betsy shares her story below!

8 Comments Betsy Kaufman and ‘Eggies’ Featured in the New York Times!

  1. Gigi

    I was initially going to say, how silly the idea was until I actually saw the finished product and infomercial. Great job to Betsy for having the vision and the Edison Nation team for seeing it too! Congrats!

  2. Amy

    Love this idea, I need to buy some Eggies!!! If you have backyard hens for eggs like I do, you know fresh eggs are impossible to hard boil. I actually have to buy ‘old’ eggs to make hardboiled eggs when I have plenty of eggs at home! Thank you for following through on your great idea πŸ™‚

  3. nancy berard

    None of these infomercials say how long to boil the eggs or how long to let them cool off. Can you please tell us your secrets, the suspense is killing me to use my new toys!
    No yolk intended

  4. Helen

    I read that it’s hard to get large yolks into it without them breaking up. Are you planning a tweak? I so want this product. The first time I saw the ad on tv I knew I had to have them. But we use very large eggs.

    Please let me know if you have a good way to get those big yolks into it. I need Eggies! πŸ™‚

  5. Andrea

    For larger eggs, it is recommended to crack your egg into a cup and pour the egg into the Eggies from there. This way you are able to avoid over-filling. As far as avoiding breaking the yolk, Eggies have been recently re-designed and the newer versions contain a larger opening with a diameter of 1.29.” If you find that you still have trouble, you may also consider pouring the yolk into the Eggies prior to screwing on the top half. Hope this helps!

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