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New Inventions from Independent Inventors

Every month, Inventors Digest celebrates emerging inventions and innovations in its Under the Radar section. If you’d like to have your product or technology featured, send a description and high-resolution image to Note: Having your invention published starts the clock ticking on when you can file for a U.S. patent and kills the chance to file […]

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Gyro Bowl Debuts in Japan!

Remember Gyro Bowl’s international debut just last month? Well, it seems the “little orange sphere that could” continues to make a splash across the globe, most recently with its Japanese television debut. Check out the clip below to see the Japanese-language version of our Gyro Bowl infomercial, currently making its way into living rooms, children’s hands, and parents’ hearts throughout Japan… Only further proof that a “no-cleanup snack time” is a universal language!

Lemelson Gives $4M for Social Innovation

The Lemelson Foundation, an organization that believes invention is critical to solving the world’s most challenging problems, is pledging more than $4 million across six partners that create and advance social innovations for people who need it most in both the U.S. and developing countries. The spring 2011 Lemelson grantees include Ashoka, East Meets West, […]

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Mark Stark’s Prosthetic Hand lands on the cover of Popular Science!

Today on newsstands – and in the homes of 1.3+ million subscribers – Mark Stark’s Prosthetic Hand invention graces the cover of Popular Science. Not only is it a true stand out on the cover, but Mark’s innovation leads the annual coverage of the “2011 Inventions of the Year.”

Back in February, a PopSci editor asked our team if we had exceptional innovations that met three prerequisites: featured a technological innovation, would impact lives and hasn’t hit the market yet. EN Member, Mark Stark and his “Natural Dexterous Hand” immediately came to mind.

Mark has been a true sport throughout his first media whirlwind of phone interviews and photographers – and I’m sure it won’t be his last.

From all us at Edison Nation, congratulations Mark!

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Edison Nation Announces 4th ASOTV Win!

We have some egg-citing news about one of our beloved members within our community!

Here’s what you may or may not know quite yet about our friend, Betsy Kaufman.

For the record, Betsy is not your traditional inventor. Rather, she’s a mother in Texas, a wife and a television producer. If you were to ask her yourself, she’d tell you as much.

She’s just someone who had a “kooky idea.”

Kooky is being far too modest. Let us count the ways.

On a chance day in a Bed Bath & Beyond store, Betsy came across “Edison Nation” on the back of a store receipt. Lucky for us, this sparked an interest. She made her first foray into the Live Product Search world with Bed Bath’s Students of Invention search. We all know submitting an idea is half the battle. The real fun enters the picture as you keep an anxious eye on your dashboard for movement. Will it go green or will it go red? Inventing is a marathon, after all.

As Betsy kept watch on her dorm room ideas, she came across an As Seen On TV search for new camera-ready concepts.

And so, it was while standing in her kitchen one early morning, watching the water boil a few eggs, that she came across her “kooky” concept. What about a heat-resistant, egg-shaped container that prevented hairline fractures? One that kept you from laboring over the peeling of egg shells, the notorious bane of garbage disposals around the country?

While anxiously waiting to hear back on her “Student of Invention” ideas, Betsy decided to submit her then-named “Egg Toss” for ASOTV consideration. She did not have a single CAD drawing or a minute of video; rather, she had a well-explained, well-written description of her egg-making concept, which was soon selected for testing.

Betsy told me recently that “Edison Nation levels the playing field between idea people and real inventors.”

We’re all happy to be a part of the leveling. But it’s Betsy and our ASOTV partner that’s going to crush the DRTV space this year, giving Edison Nation our fourth ASOTV win!

Beginning today – Monday, May 16 – Eggies is going national, folks.You’ll also soon be able to find Eggies in select retailers this summer, and in stores everywhere across the country this fall.

According to our partner, early indications show that Eggies will sell in the millions and is on track to becoming one of the best DRTV products of the year.

How about that for a “kooky” idea? It’s going to be huge. And we’re all so excited to be a part of Betsy’s exciting journey as mother and TV producer-turned-inventor of mega-selling infomercial product.

Visit and be sure to give Betsy a virtual high five in the forums!

And from the Edison Nation team,

congratulations Betsy!

Lemelson-MIT Names $100K Winner

The Lemelson-MIT Program named Dr. Elizabeth Hausler winner of this year’s $100,000 Lemelson-MIT Award for Sustainability for engineering earthquake-resistant housing in the developing world. Hausler, CEO and founder of the nonprofit Build Change, designed a reconstruction solution to combat building collapses during natural disasters, potentially saving thousands of lives. A lack of building standards in many developing countries can […]

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Smart Mention in ‘Stupid Inventor’

We’ll take this as a compliment – Inventors Digest gets a star turn in the online comic strip “Stupid Inventor” this week. The magazine appears in Comic #139, titled “The Husband” in artist/inventor Zachary Snyder’s  online, off-beat look at inventing and inventors. Zachary fell into our readership orbit by way of our ongoing Facebook trivia […]

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