Mark Stark’s Prosthetic Hand lands on the cover of Popular Science!

Today on newsstands – and in the homes of 1.3+ million subscribers – Mark Stark’s Prosthetic Hand invention graces the cover of Popular Science. Not only is it a true stand out on the cover, but Mark’s innovation leads the annual coverage of the “2011 Inventions of the Year.”

Back in February, a PopSci editor asked our team if we had exceptional innovations that met three prerequisites: featured a technological innovation, would impact lives and hasn’t hit the market yet. EN Member, Mark Stark and his “Natural Dexterous Hand” immediately came to mind.

Mark has been a true sport throughout his first media whirlwind of phone interviews and photographers – and I’m sure it won’t be his last.

From all us at Edison Nation, congratulations Mark!

To view Mark’s story in Popular Science, click here.









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9 Comments Mark Stark’s Prosthetic Hand lands on the cover of Popular Science!

  1. PatrickLA

    those are lobster/crab gloves. I had a pair of those when I was a commercial fisherman!

  2. Mauricio

    Congratulations for the great invention!!
    Anyone can help me to contact with the inventor o manufacturers of the Mark Stark’s Prosthetic Hand? My father in a accident lost his left hand, i was finding somthing like this. I’m from Argentina.

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  4. realism

    Mauricio – the Stark Hand is not yet available for sale. To keep up with when it will be, go to

  5. Ron Landon

    A minor modification to Mark Stark’s mechanical hand, the same principal except with between existing finger mechanism’s instead of artifical fingers, would be a tremendous help for some 10,000 new quadraplegic’s per year in the US and Canada who still have hands and fingers but need a an affordable, low tech mechanical devise similar to this to use them. How about it Mark?

  6. Mary Kisko

    Congratulations Mark, your invention is certainly an inspiration to all of us who work in the medical field. So many people will truly benefit from your invention and that is really something to feel good about. Congratulations again!

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