Around the World with Gyro Bowl

Our very own Gyro Bowl has taken the U.S. by storm.

From the ever present As Seen on TV spot – “Oops! Uh oh! Watch out!” anyone? – to the viral Think Geek video that marveled the bowl’s pudding potential, most people I talk with are well-aware of the signature blue and orange orb of this notable children’s bowl.

Gyro Bowl is now taking over Australia as the hot go-to kid’s product. Check out this email from Target Australia. Gyro Bowl is not only making its official international retail introduction, but it’s also Target’s “Feature Product” of the week.

Congratulations to Edison Nation members, parents and inventors, Brad and Melinda Shepard! I can safely say that everyone at Edison Nation is excited to see the Gyro Bowl take over Australian households, saving parents from cracker clean up and giving children a new way to snack.

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