Your Live Product Search Questions Answered: Q&A with Sure Fit

A few weeks ago, we gave you the opportunity to submit questions for Sure Fit about their Live Product Search for covering innovations. Earlier this week, we touched base with a representative from Sure Fit for an insightful Q & A session, learning more about their business and gaining helpful pointers for submitting to their search.

Q1. What made you decide to partner with Edison Nation?

A1. We want to be a leader in innovative product design as it relates to the slipcover business.   We want to expand our current product line to include new categories and markets while maintaining our reputation as a solution-oriented, “covering” business.

Q2. One of our inventors noted that his idea is still very conceptual; are you willing to consider ideas that are in the very primary stages of ideation?

A2. Yes… It is our job to finalize quality, spec/fit, workmanship, technical testing, etc.  to ensure that product is compliant.  Since our strength is engineering, a conceptual idea is acceptable.

Q3. About “technical improvements to slipcovers (e.g. fit, look or maintenance enhancements).” Could you elaborate more about the “look” aspect? Are you looking for a particular trend in design, materials or colors?

A3. We are not looking for a particular trend in design or materials.  We are open in this arena.

  • We do want easy care.
  • We do want product that will fit in our price structure.  ($59.99- $159.99)
  • We do not want product that needs to be customized (e.g. monogramming).

Q4. Are you open to edgy new prints and designs in fabric to appeal to the ‘hip and fashion conscious’ consumer?

A4. We are not interested in new designs or patterns for our existing product.  That is the function of our design and product development team.  We are instead looking for product innovation.

Q5. Would you accept an item that possibly uses new and traditional fabrics?

A5. Yes.

Q6. Who is your target consumer? Are you looking to increase your consumer base with products that are attractive to teens and college students?

A6. Current target consumer:
  • 33-55 yr old woman
  • Married
  • Employed full-time
  • Household size of 2-3
  • $30k-$90k income
  • Yes, we  are looking to increase our reach to younger customers, either college students or first-time home buyers.

Q7. Do you have a specific price point in mind?

A7. Yes and No.
  • We would like to adhere to our current price structure for similar types of product e.g. slipcovers, etc. If the product opens up a new category, then we would have to evaluate the product and price to see if it is worth pursuing.  A camping tent that uses a Burberry print with design royalties would not be of interest.

Q8. Would the potentially selected products be featured in your online store, or debut in one of your retailers’ locations?

A8. Either, but likely both.

Q9. Can you customize the stretch fabric for different thicknesses and stretch margins?  Is it an indoor and outdoor fabric? Can it be printed upon?

A9. Yes, different weights can be achieved in both wovens and knits but there are limitations—it depends on the fabric/cost.  Additional spandex can be added but there are technical limitations as well as functionality limitations. The fabric can be printed and can be used both indoor and outdoor depending on what it’s being designed to cover.

Q10. Are the inventors required to use your fabric for the idea (360-degree stretch fabric) or can they come up with innovations in that area?

A10. They are not required.  Applying a fabric typically used in another industry to our product could actually be a “new concept” e.g. laminated paper folding chair covers in bright colors that are disposable (used for parties) would be an example of a non woven fabric being applied to our industry.

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  1. Don Francis

    Thanks that what very helpful to know my question was answered. Now I feel much beeter about my submission.

  2. Evonne Wilks


    I have had this idea that my Mom made in the 60’s for washer/dryers covers & I have come up with & even more modern concept…To my knowledge this idea has never been on the market for sale..I’m sure that my concept/idea, would fit this “Sure Fit” company perfectly..Do I have to have & exact prototype for you to consider my idea?
    What exactly do I need to submit my idea for it to be worth my $20..fee..

    Thx You for your time :))

    Evonne Wilks

  3. Rachel Tillinghast

    Thanks. The Sure-Fit feedback was very helpful. Now I know that my conceptual idea will be considered.

  4. mary

    What a cute idea, I wish I would of had that for my dad when he was alive. He would of loved it. You go girl!

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