The Kobalt Mortar Hoe is Mixing it up for Success

thumb-kobalt-mixerLet’s face it; experts may say the recession is over, but things are still a far cry from the economic boom of the early 90’s. When the economy hit the crapper in 2007, jobs, personal finances and savings accounts soon dried up. And while economists are hopeful, most Americans are still looking for a way to save money around the house.

With free time to spare and the imminent need to save money, many people began taking classes at their local colleges, high schools and home improvement stores to learn more about executing do-it-yourself projects.  A new product has emerged that makes the arduous task of mixing mortar a little more feasible for all those DIYer’s out there.

The Kobalt Mortar Hoe is designed with one thing in mind: getting the most out of every mixing stroke.

The Kobalt Mortar Hoe is Mixing it up for Success

Charlotte, N.C. (September 29th, 2010) – Edison Nation announces the national launch of the Kobalt Mortar Hoe, a patented mortar mixing tool for commercial and at-home use, at Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores.

The Kobalt Mortar Hoe eases the strenuous work of mixing cement, grout and mortar. Each Kobalt Mortar Hoe features a pentagonal head shape with two directional flow ports. The flow ports allow for easier mixing, while the pentagonal head shape and rounded edges help access mortar in the corners of the wheelbarrow without scraping the cart. The hoe boasts a 66-inch handle that makes it easier to leverage the product and allows the user to gain more torque when mixing.

“The moment we saw the product, we were blown away by the simplicity of it,” says Louis Foreman co-founder of Edison Nation ( and producer of Everyday Edisons. “It takes a problem that needed to be solved, and solves it without any bells or whistles. It’s ingenious.”

The late inventor John Murtagh, a retired Amy master sergeant and Vietnam veteran, developed the idea for the hoe and received a patent in 2002, but lost his battle with cancer in 2004. His surviving family took over the efforts to bring his product to market. His wife, Mary, and children, Bill Murtagh and Sonnette Garner, of Hickory, N.C., presented the idea at an Everyday Edisons casting call and were selected for the series’ first season, which features up-and-coming product innovations. Murtagh’s original prototype was engineered into a fully comprehensive tool and brought to market under the Kobalt brand at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.

“The most satisfaction I could have would be to take my father into a Lowe’s store and have him see his invention on a store shelf,” says Bill Murtagh, son of late inventor John Murtagh. “It’s all I ever wanted.”

The Kobalt Mortar Hoe retails for $23.97 and is available at nationwide Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores. For more information, please visit or

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  2. Marvin Blaine

    Congratulations Bill. It’s one of those ideas where one says why didn’t I think of that. This will do extremely well for you guys. Most of all sorry for your loss.

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