Inventor creates jetpack

JetpackGlenn Martin use to dream about flying around in a jetpack as most young children do. Now the New Zealand inventor has signed a multi million pound deal with an unnamed international aircraft company for the world’s first commercial jetpack.

“It is driven by two 200 horsepower propellers and can travel at 60mph for up to 30 miles on a full tank of fuel. And users should have no problem scaling over traffic black spots, with the jetpacks reaching heights of 7,800ft in test flights. Unbelievably, buyers will not even need a pilots license because aviation laws state the jetpacks are not heavy enough to require one.”

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  1. PatrickLA

    What happens when it fails? You drop straight down! No time for a parachute or ejection? I think that is what worries me the most about jet-packs.

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