The Revolutionary New Dryer Ball, Mister Steamy, Enters the Marketplace

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Season 3 “Everyday Edisons,” Will Howe and Ric Payne, see the national launch of their invention “Mister Steamy.”

The Mister Steamy dryer ball is a solution to those low on both time and space or just those who simply despise ironing. Thanks to the revolutionary dryer ball, say goodbye to the bulky ironing board, and say hello to wrinkle-free clothes. Mister Steamy releases wrinkles fast by using innovative steaming power inside a dryer ball that leaves fabric fresh and fluffy without dryer sheets. Providing you with an effortless, clean look, it’s certainly the demise of the old iron and ironing board.

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10 thoughts on “The Revolutionary New Dryer Ball, Mister Steamy, Enters the Marketplace

  1. Ric Payne

    I am the co-inventor of Mister Steamy,Yahoo brought us out to the Makers Faire in San Fransico for there ” Make IT Green” program where our product was showcased as a product for saving water & energy.So Carol you are right on the mark! Thanks for buying Mister Steamy !

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  3. abh

    I would like to know the paths they followed from the idea to prototype to patent to final product to market .
    How did you created first prototype,who designed it,is there any company helped you,how much they cahrged ..these are the information I am looking for

  4. Andrea Simon

    Hi there,

    Mister Steamy was brought to market by our company Edison Nation, and the development was documented on our TV show “Everyday Edisons.” We handle prototypes, patents (if the inventor does not already have one), and fully develop products for our inventors. Through our Edison Nation Live Product searches, we partner with major retailers and manufacturers and post searches based on their innovation needs. To have your product idea considered, please visit to create a free account if you haven’t already, then browse our current product searches to see if your idea might be a fit. We also hold an open search to cast for “Everyday Edisons” each season (which is the route the Mister Steamy inventors took), but that casting call has already closed for our upcoming season.

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