New product search with Swiss+Tech

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You never know when you’ll need a pair of scissors, a sharp edge, serated knife, wire cutter or a bottle opener. Things break and repairs are needed on the go all the time. It’s in these moments when having a multitool product is extremely useful, because let’s face it… we’re not all like MacGyver. Swiss+Tech® produces

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Introducing the Amazon Inventions Tour!


Do you have an invention idea that would be perfect for Edison Nation and Amazon want to hear it at the Amazon Inventions Tour! Amazon and Edison Nation are teaming up to host the “Amazon Inventions Tour” in Atlanta, GA on September 25-26 ( At the Amazon Inventions Tour, startups and innovators are invited to privately pitch

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InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with Brian McLoughlin

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For our Inventor Spotlight, we’re highlighting Brian McLoughlin! Brian is a long-time inventor and has been an active Edison Nation member and Insider since 2012! We wanted to get to know Brian a bit better to learn about his background and his EN experiences so far… Where is your home town? I was born in

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protoTYPING: Teaching my daughter to prototype, solder, build and create

Harper painting a car model

My original plan for this column was the foundation for dad of the year dreams. I was going to prove that it was possible to build a custom-designed RC car with my 4 year old daughter, Harper. And I was going to do it in about 10 days. Before talking it over with my daughter,

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10 Benefits of Composting


America is changing. Our increasing awareness and education regarding our environmental health is causing us to alter our individual lives. Hummers are being replaced with hybrids. Many of us have begun to add grass-fed beef, reclaimed wood, recycled materials and other green products to our shopping carts. However, few of us are aware of the

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Inventing 101 – Making your idea cost effective to a potential licensing partner


In the Edison Nation eight-stage evaluation process, one of the factors taken under consideration in Stage 5 is the cost of your product. Cost includes: research, development, testing, manufacturing and materials. During this stage, the Edison Nation Review Team conducts extensive market research in order to determine that the cost to manufacture, ship and sell

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Ten Aha! Moments We are Lucky Were Not Forgotten


Modern technology has simplified our lives drastically. Over the last decade, we’ve seen remarkable changes. You can now open your laptop and access Facebook on the Internet in a matter of seconds. Just a few years ago you would have endured the twenty minutes of dial-up beeping that resembled a hungover alarm clock just to

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10 Innovative Composting Ideas


As environmental awareness progresses to the forefront of our moral and political priorities, reducing your environmental footprint is not only cementing itself into our personal lives but into the blueprints of a successful business. People are making a conscious effort to use these principles while spending their money. We are no longer as willing to

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Why There is No Better Time Than Now to be an Inventor

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Anyone in any place can become a successful inventor. As Alfred Nobel will tell you, all it takes is a dynamite idea. Because of innovation in the field of invention it is easier than ever to take a clever concept from its creator’s mind, fabricate a prototype, fund its creation, construct a product, and to

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Toter is Looking for New Innovations for Organic Waste Disposal Products and Systems

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Toter is the premier manufacturer of two-wheeled carts and receptacles for curbside automated waste, recycling and organics collection by cities, private waste haulers and recyclers. After introducing the automated curbside cart system to America, Toter has been on a mission to perfect their manufacturing process. Today Toter is widely considered the producer of the world’s

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