Inventing 101: Terminology Inventors Should Know

Invent word cloud

The inventing process can be a daunting one, for veterans and newbies alike. All the industry jargon, legal vocabulary and technical terms can be confusing and detract you from understanding important inventing processes and guidelines and leave you feeling overwhelmed. At Edison Nation, we try to remove as many barriers as possible that stand between inventors

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InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with John Vilardi

John Vilardi

The Edison Nation community currently has over 130,000 members. Our members come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe, from innovative moms and craft DIY-ers to rocket scientists and industrial designers. You name it, we’ve got ‘em all, and they all have one thing in common—they have turned to Edison Nation help

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Q&A: Innovation Search for Microsoft HoloLens Applications

Microsoft holograms

Edison Nation has teamed up with a Microsoft-certified investor that is actively seeking to invest and develop Microsoft HoloLens application ideas and have turned to the Edison Nation community for ideas. Ideas can be submitted for consideration and review to our Microsoft HoloLens Innovation Search. Inventors of chosen ideas will split all royalties with Edison

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Ben Chambers Signs Licensing Deal with Leading Wire and Cable Manufacturer

Invention licensing

As a commercial graphic arts and photography agent by day and a DIY-er/home remodeler by night, Ben Chambers is certainly creative by nature. It may come as no surprise that Ben conceived the idea for his invention during a kitchen renovation project. Ben evolved his conceptual idea from a sketch on a napkin, to a full working

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Rite Aid and Edison Nation Medical have Partnered to License Your Health and Wellness Ideas

Rite Aid Edison Nation Medical

Rite Aid and Edison Nation’s sister company, Edison Nation Medical have partnered to bring your bright invention idea to life! Whereas Edison Nation is an innovation marketplace and online community for consumer product licensing, Edison Nation Medical’s focus is on commercializing inventions to improve healthcare. Through Edison Nation Medical’s confidential and secure online platform, you

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Microsoft-Certified Investor is Looking for HoloLens Application Ideas

Ready to step into augmented holographic reality? Microsoft is ready to transform your world with holograms. How? Microsoft recently debuted their plans to introduce Microsoft HoloLens, an advanced holographic computing platform, to Windows 10. Microsoft promises that HoloLens will improve the way you do things everyday and enable you do things never before possible.   We’re excited

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15 Kitchen Gadgets to Prep and Eat the Perfect Meal (Or Not)

Oven rack protectors

Face it, not everyone can be a chef. Or even a good cook. Or even make it through prepping a meal without some sort of catastrophe. Luckily, inventive humans just like you have created handy little gadgets, innovative appliances and improved utensils to make meal prep and consumption that much easier. Here’s a round up

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Meet the EN Team: Katie Foss

Katie Foss

Meet one of our newest team members who is part of our licensing team and is responsible for all legal affairs, including conducting those pesky Stage 6 IP reviews :). Q1. What is your position and what does it entail? A. My position is General Counsel, which basically means I am Edison Nation’s attorney. I do everything

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Peter Lavelle’s Hose Handle Debuts in Retail


Remember back in November, 2012 when we announced that Peter Lavelle landed a licensing deal with Liberty Garden? Well, we’re excited to finally announce what his invention is and that it has officially debuted in retail! Drum roll please… Peter’s idea, the Hose Handle, was licensed to Liberty Garden after they selected it from their

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