Patents 101: When to File for Foreign Patent Protection

foreign patent protection

While preparing to file for patent protection, it may be difficult to determine which countries, if any, may be important for an invention’s patent portfolio. While applying for a U.S. patent may be standard, what about Canada, China, or the European Union? There are many considerations to keep in mind when making this decision, and it’s wise

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From G1-G8: Mastering Stage 6 of the Invention Submission Process

Green check button

Whether you are new to Edison Nation or a seasoned inventor, submitting your idea into our secure system is the first step in bring your idea to market. As you may know, every invention idea submitted is reviewed through a complex, eight-stage process to determine its likelihood of licensing or As Seen on TV success.

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15 Most Iconic Board Games of All Time

iconic board games

  For thousands of years, board games have brought families together and have been a source of entertainment for people of all ages. Even in today’s digitized world, iconic board games like Monopoly and Chess have survived the test of time and can still be found in cupboards across the world. As game consoles such as XBOX and

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protoTYPING: Working with Metals

working with metals

The conveniences of our modern world would not exist without metals. They have properties that are useful to engineers and are the building blocks of many of our most important products. They are tough and hard, conduct heat and electricity, and have a high melting point. Because of these great properties, they have found a place

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InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with Colleen Noonan

EN inventor

For our June Inventor Spotlight, we’re highlighting one of the ladies of Edison Nation, Colleen Noonan! A social worker and mother of three, Colleen has been an active Edison Nation member since 2013 and is an active participant on our community forums. We had the opportunity to talk to Colleen and learn how she started inventing, how she comes up

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New ASOTV Selections! Congratulations, Norma and Rachel

Edison Nation inventor

More good news from the As Seen on TV (ASOTV) team! Two invention ideas have been selected from our ASOTV Open Search. Meet the inventors below and leave them a comment to congratulate them as their ideas undergo ideation, product design and development, commercial production and market testing. Stay tuned for updates! Follow us on

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10 Curtain Innovations Designed to Conserve Energy

curtain innovations

Energy conservation and sustainability are unavoidable themes in the modern marketplace. More than ever, consumers are opting to purchase, and in many cases, spend extra for products from companies they perceive as being green. In fact, Nielsen’s 2014 Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility shows that 55 percent of global online consumers across 60 countries are willing to

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Ellery Homestyles is Looking for Window Treatment Innovations for their Eclipse Curtain Brand.

curtain innovations

Ellery Homestyles is a leading supplier of branded and private label home-fashion products to major retailers – offering curtains, bedding, throws and specialty products. They have already licensed 2 products from the Edison Nation community and have returned to find and license curtain innovations for their Eclipse curtain brand.    The Eclipse curtain brand features energy-saving,

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10 Creative Packaging Designs for Candy

creative package design

When it comes to candy, packaging and presentation are key to profitability. In fact, the taste and contents inside are almost irrelevant if the packaging does not entice consumers and evoke that “gotta have it” impulsivity. Over the years, candy has evolved from simple paper-based packages to artistic and creative packaging designs and dispensers that often incorporate batteries,

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Boston America is Looking for Innovative Candy Packaging Ideas

PacMan candy

Since, 1996, Boston America has been manufacturing high quality impulsive buy items including original and licensed lines of candies, healthy products, energy drinks, and bandages that are sold in the United States and internationally. Boston America is dedicated to delivering innovative products and has come to Edison Nation to find and license ideas for candy packaging. They are

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