Larson-Juhl is Seeking Multi-functional Innovations for the Wall

Larson Juhl

Edison Nation has teamed up with custom framing company, Larson-Juhl, to find new invention ideas to help set them apart from competitors and expand their product line to include other areas of wall decor. We need YOUR genius ideas to help them grow! Larson-Juhl is a division of Berkshire Hathaway and has been making beautiful custom framing

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Dyson Names Smart Cart the Year’s Best American Invention

Dyson Invention of the Year

Dyson is renowned as much for its inventions as the way it makes them—a process The New Yorker once described as “a second industrial revolution.” That’s why the James Dyson Foundation was created: To foster and promote young inventors. Today, the organization announced the national winner of its annual Dyson Award, and Gizmodo chatted with the inventor to find

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ProtoTYPING: A ‘Perfect’ Product Idea

product idea

Some inventors strive to come up with good ideas, while others strive to find the perfect idea. Inventor Brandon Dierker has a perfect idea, and it is called the “Collar Perfect”. The Charlotte, NC resident has come up with a small format ironing device to help men and women do spot ironing of shirts, pants

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Another Licensing Deal! Congratulations, Elizabeth Crouch!

Invention Idea

  Another Edison Nation licensing deal! Ellery Homestyles has selected a throw blanket concept invented by Edison Nation member, Elizabeth Crouch. This deal came just a month after the EN licensing team presented an impressive lineup of finalists at the Ellery Homestyles headquarters in New York. Elizabeth was born and raised in sunny Sacramento County,

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Ten Obsolete Inventions that were Once Mainstays

Obsolete inventions

In celebration of #TBT (throwback Thursday), we’re celebrating all those inventions that were once considered high-tech, but are now obsolete or on their way out. With the brilliant minds of our Edison Nation community, we can only imagine that some day not too far away we’ll be laughing at the thought of MP3 players and

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Dave Beane Scores Licensing Deal with J&H International!

Edison Nation

Exciting news from the Edison Nation HQ! Two weeks ago we announced to our Insiders in Room 5 that Edison Nation community inventor, Dave Beane, scored a licensing deal with J&H International, the leading manufacturing and distribution partner for one of the country’s largest retailers. After weeks of anticipation, we’re excited to finally announce it

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College Students Invent Nail Polish that May Detect Date Rape Drugs

Undercover Colors

Four college students from North Carolina State University have put their training in Materials Science & Engineering to good use and are experimenting with a nail polish that may help women detect rape drugs in their cocktails. Women can tell if a drink contains date rape drugs such as Rohypnol, GHB, and Xanax simply by swirling their

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Let’s Get Edison Nation CEO, Louis Foreman, to SXSW 2015!

SXSW PanelPicker 2015

Louis Foreman has devoted himself to helping independent inventors bring their ideas to market. He formed Edison Nation after realizing how many ideas existed locked up in people’s heads that didn’t have resources to bring it to market itself. To date, Louis has helped hundreds of people like you bring those ‘aha’ moments to store

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ProtoTYPING: Giving Products a Paint Finish

invention ideas

Prototyping a product is an iterative process, and the result of most prototyping activities is rarely an aesthetically pleasing model. However, once the product is ready to be revealed to the world, whether through a crowd funding campaign, to an investor, your product idea submission, or photo shoot, the prototype needs to look like the

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Tips to Improve Your Product Idea Submissions

Submit product idea

So you have a an idea for a product and want to know how to get your best foot forward with Edison Nation? Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve spent anytime lurking our forums, you’ve probably come across some helpful members providing tips on how to improve your invention idea submissions and

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