On Monday, April 28, we’ll join Save the Inventor for a live Tweet Chat about the currently proposed patent legislation that could impact small business owners and independent inventors. We hope you’ll join as our own Louis Foreman and Trident Design’s Chris Hawker lead a discussion about this issue.Topics include: what this legislation could mean for

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Free, User-friendly CAD Applications to Improve your Submissions

Perfect Bacon™ Bowl CAD drawing

Although Edison Nation does not require submissions to include CAD drawings, professional sketches, and orthographics or even require submitted product ideas to be progressed to a point where these types of drawings are applicable, they oftentimes can be a great asset and help during product selection. If you have been following our room5 posts than you

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Patent Reform Inventor Coalition


Edison Nation’s CEO, Louis Foreman, wanted to make sure the Senate took time to hear from the inventors who may be affected by the proposed patent legislation, and I had the pleasure of being invited as one of those inventors. What an experience it was being part of this inventor coalition with Louis!

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Coleman Kao & Jennie Hanaoka selected in ASOTV


Edison Nation member Coleman Kao and his wife, Jennie Hanaoka, are the newest community members selected in our ASOTV search! Originally from Taiwan and currently California residents, Coleman and Jennie both work in the real estate industry. It was Jennie’s love for fashion, however, that prompted their ASOTV product idea. Jennie noticed an emerging fashion

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