InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with Chris Cooper

Edison Nation inventor

For our May Inventor Spotlight Q&A we talked to Christopher Cooper, a relatively new Edison Nation community member and inventor who joined in January of 2014. While he hasn’t had any of his product ideas selected for licensing or As Seen on TV commercialization just yet, his dedication and approach to ideation and product development tells us

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15 Websites to Help You Stay Tuned-In to Industry Trends

packaging industry trends

As if inventors didn’t have enough to stew over, today’s consumers are faced with a record number of options in most product categories. The competition for shelf space and brand loyalty is fierce. In today’s society, it isn’t a matter of whether or not a consumer needs your invention—after all, they’ve somehow survived this long without it—but

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protoTYPING: Ideation Methods for Everyone

product development

You cannot bring a product to market without first having an idea as to what you are going to create. While many invention ideas originate from a eureka or “BING!” moment, sometimes the process needs to move forward more quickly. The way the Edison Nation design team likes to get ideas is through an exercise

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Edison Nation ASOTV is Looking for Interactive Pet Toys and Egg Products


First, Everyday Edison and Edison Nation member Michael Diep invented the Emery Cat. Then, Edison Nation member, Betsy Kaufman, invented Eggies. Now, we’re tasking you to come up with the next interactive pet toy and egg hit As Seen on TV products. From time to time the Edison Nation ASOTV team will identify certain trends in the As

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Inventing 101: The Basics of Priority Claims

patent claims

Welcome back! This month we are discussing the basics of a very important, but often misunderstood, aspect of United States patent law: Priority Claims. Priority claims are integral to the patent process. A priority claim on a patent application provides an applicant with an earlier date from which an invention is protected. This is important

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From G1-G8: Mastering Stages 4 and 5 of the Invention Submission Process

Green check button

Whether you are new to Edison Nation or a seasoned inventor, submitting your idea into our system is the first step in being considered for a licensing deal. As you may know, every invention idea submitted to one of our searches is reviewed through a complex, eight-stage process to determine its likelihood of licensing success.

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Bill Oates’ Invention Selected from Pony Tools Innovation Search


Please join us in congratulating Edison Nation member, Bill Oates, whose invention idea has been selected by Pony Tools! Pony Tools, who is in the business of manufacturing, selling and merchandising quality workbench and handheld tools, sponsored an Innovation Search held in December in hopes of finding and licensing handheld tools, specifically clamps, from the Edison Nation community. Bill, who

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InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with Eric Huber

Eric Huber

For our April Inventor Q&A, we had a talk with Edison Nation member and an “Everyday Edison”, Eric Huber! Eric has been a member of EN since 2008, has submitted over 100 ideas and received FOUR G8s, most notably for his Germ Master product, which was selected for development and testing by the Edison Nation As

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ProtoTYPING: Six Things You Didn’t Know You Can 3D Print

3D babies

3D printers are crucial to most successful product development projects. They can make strong parts in just hours, and can build parts over night while designers and engineers rest. While it is obvious that 3D prints are well suited to making prototype parts for consumer products made of plastic, there are a few other applications and

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