Dave Beane Scores Licensing Deal with J&H International!

Edison Nation

Exciting news from the Edison Nation HQ! Two weeks ago we announced to our Insiders in Room 5 that Edison Nation community inventor, Dave Beane, scored a licensing deal with J&H International, the leading manufacturing and distribution partner for one of the country’s largest retailers. After weeks of anticipation, we’re excited to finally announce it

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College Students Invent Nail Polish that May Detect Date Rape Drugs

Undercover Colors

Four college students from North Carolina State University have put their training in Materials Science & Engineering to good use and are experimenting with a nail polish that may help women detect rape drugs in their cocktails. Women can tell if a drink contains date rape drugs such as Rohypnol, GHB, and Xanax simply by swirling their

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Let’s Get Edison Nation CEO, Louis Foreman, to SXSW 2015!

SXSW PanelPicker 2015

SXSW (South By Southwest Interactive Festival) is an annual music, film, and interactive conference that is held in Austin, TX. In 2007, SXSW launched PanelPicker, an innovative online tool developed to enhance community participation in the SXSW Interactive Festival, and allow the community to have a voice in the conference activities. Edison Nation’s own Louis

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ProtoTYPING: Giving Products a Paint Finish

invention ideas

Prototyping a product is an iterative process, and the result of most prototyping activities is rarely an aesthetically pleasing model. However, once the product is ready to be revealed to the world, whether through a crowd funding campaign, to an investor, your product idea submission, or photo shoot, the prototype needs to look like the

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Tips to Improve Your Product Idea Submissions

Submit product idea

If you’ve spent anytime lurking our forums, you’ve probably come across some helpful members providing tips on how to improve your invention idea submissions and increase your likelihood of having your product idea selected. While ultimately your product ideas will be evaluated using our 8-stage review process and are dependent on the quality of your

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ASOTV Winning Categories: Toys

Pillow Pets As Seen on TV

This is the eighth and last post in a series where we will explore what we believe to be the 10 chief categories that comprise the As Seen On TV (ASOTV) industry. It is important to note that while most ASOTV products fall into one of these categories, it is not all encompassing. The ten categories

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Visit NASA Google+ Hangout with Edison Nation for a MindShift


NASA Langley Research Center will host a Google+ Hangout on Wednesday, August 6, at 3pm EST to discuss MindShift, a training and entertainment technology that mimics reality. Have you submitted an idea to the NASA Challenge? Are you hoping to learn more about how the technology works? Here’s how it will work: When: Wednesday, August 6 at 3pm (EST) How

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#DidYouKnow : Everyday uses of NASA Technologies

#DidYouKnow that some of the jobs that you do every day are made light and easy because of NASA technology? Originally designed to enable the Apollo missions to retrieve samples of rocks and soil on the moon, NASA created, alongside Black and Decker, a battery-powered, magnet-motor drill. This drill was small, effective, and easy to

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#DidYouKnow: Everyday Uses of NASA Technologies

#DidYouKnow that NASA, in an effort to protect space equipment from harmful dirt and particles found in the space environment, developed a special plastics coating that is now used to create scratch resistant lenses? NASA’s plastics coating technology has led to durable glasses with lenses that are ten times more scratch resistant than traditional uncoated

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