Inventing 101: A lesson in usability and functionality

ironic inventions

While many inventions we see each day cause us to ask “Why didn’t I think of that?,” there are some product ideas, like the ones listed below (courtesy of that just beg the question, “Why?” A submarine with a screen door. A water-proof towel. Solar powered flashlight. Inflatable dart board. Dictionary Index. Waterproof tea-bag.

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Video Shorts from the Amazon Inventions Tour


Did you miss the Amazon Inventions Tour in Atlanta? You’re not out of luck. For one thing, Amazon was so pleased with the success of the Amazon Inventions Tour — held September 25–26 in Atlanta — that they’re considering future tour stops. And for another, Amazon has some video shorts from the speaker series to share with

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Tune in to Watch the Pilot Episode of Celebrity Inc.!


Introducing Celebrity Inc. with Mel B Edison Nation’s promise to our community is to provide your ideas with the most opportunities to reach their greatest potential. As many of you are aware, Edison Nation was born from the television series Everyday Edisons. About a year ago, we announced that we were working on a new

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InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with David Pope


For our November Inventor Spotlight, we’re highlighting David Pope! David has been an active Edison Nation member and Insider since 2013! We wanted to get to know David a bit better to learn about his background and his EN experiences so far… Where is your hometown? Dunn, North Carolina. Interstate I-95 runs right beside it. Where do you

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protoTYPING: Jeremy’s First Maker Faire Experience

Charlotte's Mini Maker Faire

Charlotte’s Mini Maker Faire: The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth comes to the Queen City I used to be addicted to the magazine section of Barnes and Noble. I loved the way the racks were angled just enough so that you were not quite sure how to walk through them. I loved how when

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Licensing Deal for Anthony Lytle with United Sales & Marketing!

Tony Lytle #2

Anthony “Tony” Lytle is a self-proclaimed family man with a wife, three children and four grandchildren. He’d do anything for his family. So when his daughter came to him after her dog almost died from dehydration after knocking his water bowl over, he immediately started brainstorming to find a solution so this would never happen

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Inventing 101: An Inside Look at the World of Brand Licensing


Before my days of updating forums, answering questions and working to improve the time you spend as members of the Edison Nation community, my professional life revolved around licensing. I handled everything from music and footage used within MTV programming to branded slot machines and most everything in between! I know what you’re thinking…  “We

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Don’t break the mold! A behind-the-scenes look into turning a mold into a TV-ready product

Don't break the mold

While 3D printing is great, when we need to make MANY duplicates of a product it makes more sense to create a mold and pour casts of the product instead. This way, we can make as many as we like! Edison Nation’s “As Seen on TV” product designers have been busy beavers in the workshop

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InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with Kim Lavalle

WP_20150328_008 (3)

  For our October Inventor Spotlight, we’re highlighting Kim Lavalle! Kim has been an active Edison Nation member and Insider since 2012! We wanted to get to know Kim a bit better to learn about her background and her EN experiences so far… Where is your hometown? Houston, Texas. It was a much smaller and friendlier

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